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  1. What are all the titles in this bunch and how much are they? Also for Monkey Wrench II. http://i.imgur.com/0sFUpfE.jpg
  2. Thanks Lumi, this is a fun little game, Thanks for your contribution to keeping the 2600 alive.
  3. Love how they say it is in the top 5 quality wise, When did trash start getting a rating? It's still trash.
  4. Guess I should go check you guys out seeing I'm not too far from you guys, In Nampa ID
  5. I always enjoy seeing the code, It helps me understand what is going on and how things work.
  6. I too have not received mine in the mail yet. Guess I will wait till end of the week before I PM him. Hope it didn't get lost in the mail.
  7. Hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow as well. The anticipation is killing me.
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