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  1. What's a classic game you love that seems to be lesser known?

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    2. Keatah


      Assault by Namco - licensed to Atari. A top-down tank shooter. Lots of levels. The strategy is different for each and evolves as the game progresses.

    3. GoldLeader


      @BydoEmpire  So you're the other person who likes it! Haha!  If this world goes to Hell in a handbasket,  BydoEmpire will be my tailgunner,  no question!

    4. GoldLeader


      Oh,..just thought of one more!  Ultimate Qix for Sega Genesis!  (LOVE that game!  Could play it over & over & over again)    I know I should have stopped at one...Just seems like I like a lot of stuff that's "lesser known".

  2. Never thought this day would come. Thinking of parting with my rare Colecovision CIB collection. Might be time to let others appreciate these items.

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    2. WispFollower


      One led to the other, so maybe a bit of both. I don't have the tools or experience to replace the controller chip in my rgb modded colecovision, so I haven't been able to play in a while. Kinda bums me out. I also have almost all the original releases CIB except a couple in the top ten.. realized I'm not sure if I want to chase them down, so maybe I can help someone else complete their collection.

    3. WispFollower


      My other hobbies involve some investment as well, so some extra money would help me enjoy those things (synthesizers and pinball). The pandemic killed my income, so I might shift some stuff around to things I can enjoy like recording music and playing my pinball machines, without having to dip into savings.

    4. Keatah


      I'm starting to spec out the last retro-vintage PC I'll likely build. It's purpose is to bolster up my Windows XP stuff and keep it all viable for years to come. Like the last Hubble servicing mission.

  3. About to go play in my first pinball tournament.. I only found out about it yesterday. I wish I was more prepared.

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    2. GoldLeader
    3. WispFollower


      Just got home. It was a lot of fun. I got 7th place. I'll probably go next month.

    4. DZ-Jay


      P-I-N-G! P-O-N-G!


  4. Anyone live around Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Detroit? I have a favor to ask.

    1. Bryan


      I live a couple hours from there.

    2. Ransom


      I dunno...where does she live?

    3. adam242


      I live in NE Detroit suburbs.. PM me.

  5. Status update canceled. Weight of the world limit reached.

  6. One more week until No Man's Sky!

    1. Flojomojo
    2. Iwantgames:)


      Wahoo!!! Can't wait!

  7. Do you have any games you keep going back to over the years?

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    2. Keatah


      Yes. You should make a forum topic.


    3. GoldLeader


      Deadly Towers for NES! It's often hated but I Love it! Also Midnight Magic on 2600...

    4. 7800fan


      AD&D Cloudy Mountain for Intellivision and Adventure for 2600

  8. Life is short, play more video games!

  9. At which game can you not be beaten?

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    2. roland p

      roland p

      IK+ (amiga) and Yie ar Kungfu (msx). Bonks Adventure 3. Shadow Of The Beast (Lynx). Sure that's all a while ago and I'm old and rusty now.

    3. Rick Dangerous
    4. DeputyMoniker


      None but I usually with at Mario Kart.

  10. I actually don't work on Christmas this year! Instead of hearing people exclaim they are happy someone is open on Christmas, I'll be relaxing alone with some video games.

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    2. Unbeliever



    3. WispFollower
    4. WispFollower


      The passive aggressiveness is strong with this one.

  11. I think today wil be a PS4 day. So many games, so little time..

  12. I'm getting the urge to acquire something for Colecovision.. original release, home brew, or other? Any suggestions? Offers?

    1. TheGameCollector


      Donkey Kong. lol you probably already have that.

    2. BigO


      If it's a partially functioning console you're a hankerin' fer, I've got ya covered.

    3. shadow460
  13. Colecovision is amazing. That is all.

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    2. Master Phruby
    3. retroillucid
    4. Keatah


      I remember when I got my ColecoVision it felt like I was indeed bringing the arcade home!

  14. I'm getting the urge to acquire some retro goodies.. the only question is which platform? Colecovision, Intellivision, NES, or something else?

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    2. Prosystemsearch


      Intellivision, then Lynx, then Colecovision.

    3. Bixler


      Game & Watch!:o

    4. simbalion


      How about a Vectrex? That's a neat system. :)

  15. I am in a crisis. Any collectors live around Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio? I've got rare Colecovision and 2600 cib stuff, and I could really use some cash.

    1. nanochess


      Yurkie is in Ohio. I hope he can help.

    2. cvga


      I'm in Ohio. What do you have?

  16. Last one outside is a Clavin!

    1. Grig


      Last one to Heaven is a Calvin!

  17. Just got home from Vegas, now it's time to go out for birthday sushi and drinks!

    1. Grig


      in that order?

    2. DoctorTom


      Um...why wouldn't it be in that order?

    3. DoctorTom


      Happy birthday, Wispy!

  18. NIN concert tonight!!

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    2. 55five66six
    3. WispFollower


      Damn, it was awesome! I got a cool shirt and hoodie as well.

    4. retroillucid


      Right where it belongs

  19. I am one huge step closer to having a CIB Colecovision collection! I still have some tough finds left though..

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    2. nanochess


      Wow! 90 is a great effort!

    3. WispFollower


      @AtariBrian be careful, you will probably fill your inbox saying something like that.

    4. WispFollower


      @nanochess Thank you! I have seven of the "rare ten," so I mostly just need the easy ones.

  20. I'm so fed up with the local usps. They can't deliver a package correctly to save their lives! What a bunch of Clavins!

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    2. SoulBlazer


      I'm 37 and wondering what a Calvin is. :)

    3. ilovethevectrex


      i feel your pain man!

    4. frankodragon


      I always thought the USPS were a bunch of Newmans.

  21. I'm going to see Nine Inch Nails in October!

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    2. 20ohm20


      Saw them open for Jesus and the Mary Chain in 1990. Good times.

    3. bomberpunk


      they're playing Voodoo Fest here in late October, but i'll be busy with a newborn at that time.

    4. Amstari


      Seen them twice, amazing both times. There is a rumour they will be coming to Australia as part of the Soundwave festival.

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