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  1. I love Asteroids so much. There aren't many arcade games I get as much of a thrill from aside from maybe Bank Panic. I would like to get an original cabinet with leaf switch buttons in my house some day, but I feel I should try a deluxe first. I have never seen one before, so I'm not sure I can make it happen (locally, at least). The screen interacting with a black light sounds cool.
  2. If it's possible to plug this thing into a pc and use with mame, it would be a super attractive product for me. I love asteroids and have been thinking about building a control panel with leaf switches to play it at home.
  3. Soundtrack sounds cool, features are experimental and interesting, the shots seem a bit uninteresting, especially the big fancy demigorgon shot (isn't much to it- one shot down its gullet takes it down). The art misses for me for the most part. The very stylized use of bright, over saturated colors and fuzzy halo effects are a bit cheesy and contrast with what I recall about the show, which presents a more realistic or even gritty color palette. I haven't examined it too closely, but the playfield is extremely busy and full of inserts- perhaps deep gameplay and numerous modes could be inferred from it. The projector is an interesting concept with the main concern expressed being how it will look under varying lighting conditions. I read the upside down world can randomly activate at any time, changing shots or modes perhaps. I'm not sure I would enjoy a feature like that. This one could be really fun- I will have to see more game play or find one nearby to flip. It doesn't strike me with any wow factor so far, but you can't tell everything about a pin from pictures and videos.
  4. Galaxian wins for me. Galaga is boring for me with the memorization involved. I enjoy relying more on reaction time and on the fly strategizing.
  5. Spooky had a historic day in the pinball world by selling out all 750 of their limited edition Rick and Morty machines in a matter of a few hours. Perhaps a combination of the rabid fan base, unique layout, and great designer (who also made TNA) caused a bit of a frenzy. I don't have a ton of experience with Spooky's games, but TNA is a blast with great sound and a fantastic light show. I'm definitely looking forward to flipping this one and seeing that sweet purple powder coat in person. We don't have much to go on yet, as no extended game play videos are currently up, but what do you guys think about this one?
  6. I got the chance to dig into this game last night after work, and all I can say is it is the best pin I have played! It has a great level of challenge and very satisfying modes and shots. I put it in the arcade bar in which I work to share it with my friends and the community, but damn I would love to just take it home!! The limited edition extra featurea look great in pictures, but in person, the aesthetics really are fantastic- especially the real mirrored back glass and green powder coating on the armor. I was a bit nervous ordering this without playing it first, but I went with my gut and it paid off! It was being played every single moment during my shift at the bar last night. People were laughing and shouting all night while enjoying it. I'll be going into work early and staying late to play the hell out of this game!!
  7. I ordered the limited edition, and I think it will be delivered tomorrow. I'm super hyped for this game. It has great shots from a top designer, fun and unique playfield toys, a theme I love, and awesome aesthetics. I can't wait to put hundreds of plays on this one!
  8. Definitely some good points to consider. I was anxious to order parts and get going, but perhaps some brainstorming is in order first. Thank you for all the thoughtful input.
  9. I'm attempting to make decisions on building a massive, end all, be all arcade control panel. Among the many features, I'm thinking of putting 15 buttons on it. I love the way leaf switches feel over microswitches (although I don't think I've comprehensively tried the new fancy microswitches touted by modern companies as smooth and quiet). I was trying to find out if convex leaf switch style buttons exist. If they don't, I either have to get concave leaf switches or some microswitches. If anyone has any thoughts or experiences to share, I would appreciate it.
  10. There are so many good Colecovision homebrews, trying to name the best ones is a tough task without creating an enormous list. Some which come to mind right away would be: Steamroller - Out of thousands of games I have played, across all platforms this is one of the best. Steamroller definitively kicked off my passion for Colecovision homebrews. I want to thank the creator of this game for enriching my life, truly. It's well balanced, has excellent controls, good degrees of difficulty, engaging level design, fun sound effects, smooth animations, and a very satisfying scoring system. Survive enough levels and the enemy steamroller gets smarter, but you get more powerful items to help you. This game is a gem and I hope more people discover what it has to offer. I could go on for quite a while about Steamroller, but there are other games which need mentioning. Lock'N Chase - A worthy update to a tried and true classic. With any maze based game, the controls need to be absolutely on point to keep the player coming back to chase that elusive high score. This iteration of Lock'N Chase does not disappoint, as the motion of the character on screen is as fluid and snappy as your hands are nimble. This game is one of very few I have played where I feel so into the game as to achieve a momentary "oneness" with the character on screen and achieve a state of gaming bliss which can't fully be described with words. The classic four stages of difficulty selection is a nice touch to allow any skill level to enjoy the game. It really shines when playing on skill level three as the enemies become devilishly smart, but they are still out maneuverable given enough forethought. The classic maze is included and it is as addictive as ever. Creating strategies to time those precious object bonus pickups is still one of the most satisfying payoffs in arcade style gaming. For a different experience, there exists another mode consisting of new mazes to conquer, sure to challenge even the most crafty and sure-footed thieves. I grew up playing the intellivision version of Lock'N Chase, fell in love with it, and the Colecovision version stole my heart all over again. It amazes me I don't see more talk about this underrated, must-play game. King & Balloon - Everyone who enjoys two-gate shooters probably has a favorite, and King & Balloon is mine. The controls are simple- move left, right, and shoot the balloons. Master your movement and shot speeds to begin your high score journey. Learn how to keep that blundering king out of the enemy's clutches and watch your score skyrocket. The unorthodox play style of being able to have your cannon destroyed without losing a life sets this apart from other games in the genre. You only lose a life if your king is carried off the screen by a balloon. When you get a last second king save by flying across the screen and making a miraculous shot to that fleeting balloon, you will know true exhilaration. Also worth mentioning is the hilarious "thank you" sound effect the king makes when you save him. My girlfriend does a great impression of it.. always makes me laugh. Bank Panic - Stop the bank robbers with quick reflexes and your shooting iron. I love a nice, visceral reflex test sometimes, and Bank Panic delivers exactly that with progressive complexities as the levels go on. This is another game I have lost countless hours to. I'm sort of at a loss for words on this one, so I will simply say the challenge in later levels becomes exquisite. I can't say I have played many games like this, so if anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. Cix - If I were to describe Cix in one word, it would be mesmerizing. The fluid controls require absolutely accurate execution, which is the incredibly addictive attribute to this game. The choice to play super safe and progress smoothly or to play aggressive and clear levels lightning fast keeps this game on my consistent playlist. Master the controls and ascend to levels of play not thought possible by mere mortals. Be warned, this game may consume you. It has come for me. I do not wish to be saved. Girl's Garden - A delightful romp of flower picking, bear dodging madness. Risk life and limb to collect flowers and prove your love. I feel like I haven't mastered the art of getting away from bears, but it's fun trying anyway. Cye - When you want a more relaxing, thinker of a game. Well designed and fun with co-op. Joust - This is a home run and scratches the itch to play real Joust on your Colecovision perfectly. Jeepers Creepers - Gameplay becomes frantic. If you emerge victorious, it will be through heart pounding tribulations. Play the higher difficulty for a descent into madness. Golgo 13 - Shoot the windows out on the train and watch out for those pesky helicopters! Fantastic game and satisfies the need to shoot the hell out of some windows if the urge ever arises. Jet Pack! - This game may seem simple upon first impression, but make no mistake. The decisions necessary in keeping pace with the flying rocks become complex quickly. Snagging the powerups and bonuses while zooming around the rocks can be so fluid, you will feel otherworldly if you can get in the zone. I have seen the sun come up playing this game more times than I can count. Just one more quick round! Wizard of Wor - Pacman meets The Thing. Get out there and shoot some monsters! Watch the radar for invisible dudes and seek out safe areas to defend. Great rendition of the arcade hit. Booming Boy - I just got this game recently and I am definitely enjoying it. I need more time with it and look forward to every minute. Blow stuff up with boomboxes to collect powerups and bonuses. There's more to tell, but now I just want to go play some games.
  11. Got my Munsters pin set up today and played the hell out of it. Great fun, nice challenge, smooth shots. I am excited to put hundreds of plays on this game.
  12. I've been playing some Retro City Rampage again lately.. very engaging and funny game. It's filled with jokes and references. They went all out on this game. The killing sprees and other mini games are so addictive, it's hard to stop playing them- so much so I climbed the leaderboards on many and got 2nd in the world on one. I have almost hit 100% on this game and will probably keep playing after I do.
  13. I've been playing Asteroids a few times per week on the actual arcade cabinet at work. It has become one of my all time favorite games. We have revision 2, so it's the harder one. I have been getting better scores each week and got my top score yesterday of 55,480. Few games are as exhilarating as this one for me. Once the ufos start coming one after another, it becomes as action packed as any game could be. It's different every time you play, so no tedious memorization required, just good reaction time and startegic tidbits you pick up after many, many games. Asteroids revision 2 is a timeless masterpiece and a game I hope to have in my home some day. I also played the Donkey Kong and Centipede cabinets yesterday and got my best Centipede score- 63,333. I am fairly new to Centipede and hope to do much better.
  14. I've been trying to decide lately if I'm going to finish my cib collection.. I've got pretty much all the rares and most of the super hard to find ones. On the other hand, for the first time, I'm strongly considering selling some super rare cib stuff, just really depends on the values of ones like Wiz Math, Super Sketch (still NIB), Xonox titles, etc.
  15. I ordered one of these. I am extremely excited.
  16. I have never had an overheating issue. Just make sure to not keep it cooped up in an entertainment center or other small, boxed in place. Give it space on all sides and nothing over the top. The slim models will feel hotter to the touch than others since the guts are right up against the outer case. As for the dust, use compressed air to blow out the vents when the system is off.
  17. All paid up. Looking for forward to the games- 2019 is going to be a fun year! I have a couple questions. What will be on the membership cards and when will we start enjoying access to the rom vault?
  18. I will get the new Last of Us installment, probably day one since I still have an active gamers club unlocked at Best Buy, which gets me 20% off new games. I heard there will be a sequel to Bloodborne, so that's also on my list. I'm thinking about getting that new Tetris game on ps4, as it has gotten great reviews. My backlog is getting really long, but I'm just going to keep taking advantage of sale prices stacking with the 20% off..
  19. That is going to have to be a seriously high powered ventilation system to not completely destroy the ps4 with overheating. I don't think I could trust it.
  20. Is the multiplayer decently populated? I'm tempted to get this. I played it constantly when it originally came out.
  21. I would like to join, please. Thank you.
  22. Oh man, I love this game so much. It has been so long since I have played. Perhaps it's time to dust off the old skates.
  23. No worries, just wanted to make sure I didn't lose my special edition. Thank you!
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