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  1. Have you perhaps forgotten? The Atari is indeed restricted military technology! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087065/ Furthermore, and perhaps not by coincidence, the friend and the father who once owned this system do actually work for a defense company on classified technology! Perhaps they once hid secret plans on one of these cartridges! Maybe this explanation, along with my sincerest apologies, will be some consolation to those outside the continental U.S. who live in locations to which I will not ship.
  2. My old college buddy has offloaded his old 7800 to me, telling me to use it or dispose of it as I see fit. Thus have I scribed this notice upon eBay to advertise and dispose of it. Some sort of modified cartridge that accepts 24-pin chips (I believe they're EEPROM chips?) with burned games is included. FEAST THINE EYES UPON IT, AND THAT WITHOUT DELAY! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 290816717400
  3. I wondered the same thing. In the absence of this information, I took the liberty of scanning these in myself and putting them in PDF format. I uploaded these to my personal site and linked to them in this thread: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/199685-how-to-contribute-a-manual-scan/ They'll be there for a few months, at the very least. The illustrious Albert, reputed to run this show, is free to download them and post them whenever he has the time to do so. Please PM / email me if there's a problem with the PDFs. Thanks!
  4. Several more...this should be all the ones that I have that are not presently up on AtariAge. Armor Ambush http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_ArmorAmbush.pdf Asteroids http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_Asteroids.pdf Berzerk http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_Berzerk.pdf Defender http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_Defender.pdf Frogs & Flies http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_FrogsFlies.pdf Moon Patrol http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_MoonPatrol.pdf Pole Position http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_PolePosition.pdf Real Sports Football http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_RealSportsFootball.pdf Warlords http://www.calthaer.com/images/Atari2600_Warlords.pdf
  5. I am not sure who "Albert" is, and I've emailed at least 2-3 people who have started threads like this soliciting manual scans, and gotten no response. I have an Atari 5200 that a college friend gave me, knowing that I like classic games. His wife wanted him to get it out of the house, and my wife now wants me to get it out...but he has several manuals in great shape that (unless I'm mistaken) it looks like Atari Age doesn't have PDF scans for. Since nobody's responded re: where I should send these, I'm putting these scans up on my own site and putting links to them here. Whenever whoever does manual scans here wants to take them and add them to Atari Age, feel free to do so. They're all scanned in 200dpi; each one is around 1-2 Mb, one might be 2.5 Mb. Dodger Cars http://www.calthaer...._DodgerCars.pdf Fire Fighter http://www.calthaer....FireFighter.pdf Missile Command http://www.calthaer....sileCommand.pdf Star Voyager http://www.calthaer....StarVoyager.pdf Target Fun http://www.calthaer....0_TargetFun.pdf Vanguard (a few pages look a little crooked...I checked this twice - they're PRINTED crooked in the actual manual) http://www.calthaer....00_Vanguard.pdf Zaxxon http://www.calthaer....2600_Zaxxon.pdf I have about eight or nine more; two of them are large fold-out things that I'm going to take to work and scan on the large photocopier. Will post as I get them done.
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