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  1. Thanks! I was hoping this would be the case, but I hadn't had a chance to open it up yet.
  2. I've been buying up a lot of Atari games lately and in doing so, I've picked up a few extra consoles since the owners just wanted to get rid of them with the games (two juniors, a light 6 switch tele-games, and a light 6 switch woodgrain). The 6 swictch wood grain console is missing the RF cable that is supposed to be attached. Does anybody have any information for how to attach a new one or where to get one? I can solder, so I assume it's not too difficult to replace. I also need to get a couple of power adapters for cheap as well. Since I don't actually need these consoles, I'm thinking about just holding on to them and not fixing them up if the replacement parts are too much. Any links or anything would be helpful. I tried to search but didn't see much about the RF cables, just the ones for the Junior.
  3. What makes this game so special? Is it just rarity? What makes some of these games so rare, why would a company pay to develop a game and then only manufacture or sell very few of them? I don't know how I ended up with a Q*Berts Qubes, when I was around 15 I got really into playing my parents old atari, so I went around to garage sales buying up boxes of games for cheap since nobody really wanted them. I got all sorts of duplicates but I think buying that way was more fun anyway, since neither the seller nor the buyer (me) knew exactly the value of the games. What are some more valuable games that I might run into at garage sales and things like that? I know the chances of me seeing an air raid or something like that at a garage sale are pretty much non-existent, so I mainly just look out for games that I've never seen and that look a little different. I guess there's no specific question here, I've just been browsing through this website and soaking it all up. If anybody has any more information to help fill in some of the gaps I've mentioned, let me know! Thanks!
  4. Wow! I just got my atari, and I already see where this is headed... I'm not going to be able to stop collecting until I have so many that I need to build an underground fortress to store my games.
  5. It seems like kind of a dumb question, but I'm looking for a good way to store and display my atari games. I'd probably play them more if I didn't have to dig through boxes to find them. Plus my kids are starting to play atari with me, which is great, and I think they'd be more apt to putting stuff away and taking care of the games better if I weren't just throwing them in a box. I'd love something older, like a case for atari games or something but everything I've seen only holds around ten. Do you guys have any good suggestions? Thanks!
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