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  1. I don't think the developer can give a hard date for the release yet because it has to be approved by Atari. He mentioned in a previous post he was almost ready to submit it to Atari and after that it was up to them...
  2. It does not mean it has been done yet just that it could be done. The 7800 version of Petscii Robots is almost done I think Atari has a 7800 emulator wrapped into the VCS Operating system now as well as Stella. They are the only ones I believe that can wrapper the games to work though. Once the 7800 version is done it would be nothing for Atari to be able to release it in the emulator.
  3. They do not have the Atari VCS on any of the promotional materials. This was done as an afterthought, imho since Unity can build a VCS version. Kudos for Atari for keeping Flashback Friday alive kind of.
  4. They are talking about this in the Jaguar forum now Atari should really look into this for the VCS because it would put there name up there in the 8-bit guy world and really introduce the VCS to a bunch of people I think. Probably the least amount of money they would have to spend to reach the most people actually. A NUON version too
  5. If someone ports it over to the ST it sure would be alot easier to get going on the Jag just saying...
  6. Man I wish I was qualified for this I would totally do it!
  7. Someone is always going to prey on people with not enough information. IMHO, the only way to fight that is with information. If something is not for sale anywhere except for eBay it looks rare so someone should start an Ebay store that sells all the stuff out there so it shows up in searches. People search eBay more than they do Google before they buy stuff. If they can buy it legit on the eBay that has always been selling the bad stuff they will buy it there first I think or at least not pay outrageous prices. I have no idea how that would work out in actual reality but if Elon Musk could come in and draw it up that would really help
  8. I think they are just being economical on sticking to the Friday release promise they made. I fully expect to see a new Cartridge coming from Atari XP for every one of these 2600 Roms they are releasing independently since there is a free VCS version of the game included with each cartridge. Killing 2 birds with one stone.
  9. I really liked Ruiner too. I think High Voltage did a great job on this game and I spent alot of time on it.
  10. Ultra Vortek for me. I read people dogging it all the time as a bad MK clone but I loved it! The developers even used the characters in other games they did on other systems after that but really I think Ultra Vortek is super underrated fighter! It even had modem support that was never used
  11. Not a problem my friend I understand. It is on NUON time - I get that I just hope that you can get it done I have total faith in you though.
  12. 6.99 is pretty high for Fast Break for Dos just saying...
  13. Good stuff! Loving to see Golden Axe on the Jag!
  14. New controllers are being worked on but I do not know the status and doubt they will be coming anytime in the very near future. I have two NUON controllers, a Stealth and a Logitech but unfortunately they are both out on loan to the guy doing the new controllers. You should definitely post your video in the NUON Forum that Stephen linked you too, and you better hurry because if you wait too long I am going to post it there Thanks for doing the NUON video it is great to see something new out there on youtube about it!
  15. Too bad this April Fools stuff I would have so bought these.
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