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  1. I think it would be around the $240 range. You always lose when you sell in bulk because not as many people have enough money to bid up to 300 bucks. You would get the more money I think by selling Atari Karts and Alien Vs. Predator seperate from the rest.
  2. I voted re-release of Battlesphere. This 500 buck stuff on eBay has got to stop.
  3. Time Warner did Primal Rage and Power Drive Rally. They also did the co-jag thing with Area 51 and the other games. My question is why in the world would Telegames be doing stuff for Tiny Toons and not Time Warner which owned the license anyway? Tiny Toons was an early release planned game and after some reading on some Tiny Toons project management notes the game was killed basically because Warner would not approve the art. The only reason I bring this up is because Warner did games for the Jag (both CD and cart), plus they helped out with licenses on Vid Grid and the Jag CD promo rollout. I would like to hear something, somewhere about how the relationship with Atari and Warner was back in the day. This Tiny Toons thing is killing me.
  4. I tried to post these Overlay Scans here but it just froze up on me. I promised someone a long time ago that I would post these Overlays up and I just got a scanner that was convenient so better late than never. Sorry for the link to another forum, I would have posted them here but I guess I am not hip with the attachment space. http://jaysmith2000.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11332 (for the preview) Here are direct links to the BMPs though if you don't need a preview http://www.affordableit.com/odp/overlay1.bmp http://www.affordableit.com/odp/overlay2.bmp http://www.affordableit.com/odp/overlay3.bmp I got them from here http://web.archive.org/web/20010515144258/...guar/jaguar.htm Back in the day.
  5. That design is perfect for that application.
  6. I could go on Wikipedia and edit that page to whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. It has recently been edited to remove the reference to the 64 bit object processor and blitter. Someone has raped the Wikipedia Jaguar entry once again and you are using it as evidence for your claims. The article will soon go under contention and revert back to the old way soon. Please explain in great detail how the Jaguar is not Phonedork. Please refrain from rhetoric meant to mask your technological schematic ignorance. Go reread the posts from Gorf concerning your declaritive statements that you believe to be fact. Dude... this is not my information. I obtained it from the wilkepedia! Not from a jag site who declares the systems power more than it is. Just go to the wilkepidia site and look it up. This information was never hard to obtain! They also declare that the information was from the Jaguar Software Reference manual! Now what exactly do I need to learn from a Gorf forum? Is this the answer to Jaguar's power? Like I said earlier.... Lets hypothetically say the Jag was the most powerful system ever!!!!! No games = SUCK A$$! Atari vs NES and SEGa http://screwattack.com/archive/AVGN/WiiSalute.html
  7. According to what I know that stuff was all lost.
  8. I am sorry but I have never heard of or seen before Jungle Jag or Martian Attack How could someone release 2 new Jag games without any word of it showing up on Atari Age or JSII? I know that those 2 forums do not constitute all the Jaguar fans but damn man, there are a heckuv alot of them there. Did I miss something? Jungle Jag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEetAx78chk Martian Attack OK after some research I have found out about these games but I still cannot fathom how I missed word of them.
  9. Make sure you add Battlemorph to your list. That is one of the better CD games.
  10. Hmm... I totally forgot BuddyBuddies. I'll have to rework my sales figures as he would undoubtedly sell his house, buy like 30,000 units and build a Jaguar hovel out of them to live in. LOL!
  11. New Jags and games were sold at KayBee toys for a while after Atari merged with JTS. But this was a long time ago.
  12. I think, that´s a great idea. However, I don´t think that´s possible at reasonable cost. Compared to "VCS technology" the Jaguar is more complicated to redesign it as a "Flashback" console, not to mention the size of most of the games. Nevertheless, it´s a great idea and I like it very much. It would be cool if they included Wolfenstein, Doom, Iron Soldier, Alien vs. Predator, Ultra Vortek, NBA Jam, Ruiner Pinball, Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Super Burnout, Rayman, Cybermorph, Missle Command 3D, Tempest 2k, and Defender 2K. I would buy that.
  13. From what I understand they are more easily found in the "Wild" in Europe. Very rare in the US.
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