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  1. Got it working somehow , I think it's a short in the power supply cable , just jiggled it around. Ever hear such a thing, how common is that ?
  2. Mine just stopped working heard the clicking sound but no red light , do I need a new switch box or is it something else ?
  3. rushguy

    Millipede 5200

    There two versions 1-5-84 nearly complete version and 1/31/84 final version . Which one is Atari age store selling?
  4. rushguy

    Millipede 5200

    Read the review on video game critic saying it was sloppy , choppy and way too easy , not sure if this is same version. How does this game compare to the 5200 cenipede in terms of gameplay and graphics?
  5. rushguy

    Millipede 5200

    Does it work with the trackball and may I have the price please?
  6. Does anyone know if this game is available to purshase , I've seen a couple of YouTube videos on it and I don't see it on the Atariage store ? Also is it compatable with the 5200 trackball?
  7. I ordered Tempest atari 5200 almost a week ago and it says pending . Is this normal , and the screen looks like this , is their a way I can contact someone by phone if this is a problem ?
  8. Ok thanks so much hyperboy
  9. How much is a standard shipping on one 5200 game minus the box?
  10. Are there any taxes or shipping charges when buying a game from the atari age store and can you use PayPal?
  11. Just received mine today , excellent product , excellent work . Highly recommend . Plugged in my epyx 500j controller on one ene and the other a regular controller , it's the way the games were meant to be played .
  12. Any chance of Someine bringing back the Redemption controller adapter , it looked like all the problems for the 5200 controller are solved.
  13. Is there a way to fully use the atari 2600 on a ps3 with a stella dapter? I am able to nativate the menu with the stick, just wondering if the joystick button can be assigned for the x button on a ps3 so i can play activisions greatest hits. Thanks
  14. rushguy

    super circus

    Please forgive me but I haven’t been on this forum in a very long time but has Super Circus Atari been released, if so, any idea where I can purchase it and what requirements does it need snd if not Any idea of when it will be released. Thanks so much
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