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  1. Arrived in Czech Republic today, cant wait to start reading!
  2. Now I can confirm this. The problem seems to be with level 2 only. Movements are real slow on real hardware compared to gameplay in Altirra. Higher levels look and feel ok.
  3. Okay, I was playing on real hardware only, will try emulator tomorrow.
  4. Money Hungry 824 Money Bags 3010 Dollars from Heaven 1340
  5. It is hard to decide. Millipede and Gyruss are one of my favourites. Both played zillion times, especially Millepede...so these are nice but not enough challenging. I remember the round when Drol was played but I completely missed that round. So maybe Drol or Spelunker, both games basicly unknown for me...will see:-)
  6. 221770 made it to level 6, but more faster you complete the level, less points you earn
  7. The second level is far more difficult, will need some strategy..
  8. Mountain King - Level 4, 77850 Only had couple of goes today, not a bad game, made it to 4th level using hints and instructions from previous posts, thank you!
  9. Great! Will order my copy this weekend for sure!
  10. I see my name on the list already, so just to confirm I am in for 2 units please, thank you.
  11. Sorry, not any fancy stuff used here. I have no idea how I got this score, I was just playing the game:)
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