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  1. Been having a lot of trouble getting some action/western/horror movies on VHS lately.

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    2. Video_Invader


      I'm having the same problem with horrer vhs. Especially Friday the 13th 1 through 8

    3. copper20


      Well, it's kind of strange with me - I prefer the older releases of a movie on VHS for some idiotic reason, and some of the alfred hitchcock movies released in the mid 80s I can't seem to find.


      Few years ago I managed to find a copy of War of the Worlds pretty easily, and that was a horror movie!


      Most of the available movies that are found in bookstores are just comedies, dramas, and musicals.

    4. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Now that you mention it, I couldn't even find a single movie on Betamax lately.

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