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  1. Manager forced me to give my boss's number because he claimed I was being "disrespectful" toward customers. Since when does "I don't work here" become disrespectful you POS? Seriously next manager to call me out on that's going to get a lawsuit.

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    2. pacman000


      Customers will complain to him, even if you're only a contractor.

    3. Flojomojo


      Don't know why you're posting it here, If it's just to vent, yeah, customers can suck sometimes. If it's for help, there's probably a lesson in human relations buried here somewhere, assuming your employer knows your strengths and limitations and is willing to work with you.

    4. John Stamos Mullet

      John Stamos Mullet

      weird flex, but ok.

  2. Doomsday clock - a gimmick to scare the public.

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    2. RJ


      They only moved it up to celebrate the 65th anniversary of it being this close in 1953

    3. Eltigro


      More like doomsday crock... amirite?

    4. GoldLeader


      Did anyone else see this update and begin singing the Misfit's song, "Don't Open Til Doomsday! Destruction's not far away!" ? ...I kinda figured it was just me :)

  3. I almost got a manager at a cinemark to kick this jerk out of a theater because she wouldn't stop f*cking coughing all the time.

    1. save2600


      I happened to have cough drops on me one time at a theater when a woman wouldn't stop coughing. I got up, handed her one and that was the end of that. :-)

    2. TheTIGuy


      Most people can't help coughing.

      He shouldn't be at the movies if he was sick, but...

  4. Paddles fixed, they had a lot of black grease that needed cleaning.

  5. VCR almost got killed thanks to a dirty tape - glad I have my VCR head cleaning tape still.

    1. Buttons



    2. Corby


      Dirty tape? Perv.

    3. copper20


      No it wasn't a pornographic movie - it had dirt on it or something and I couldn't get the picture to appear until I ran the VCR cleaner multiple times.

  6. BP was 150/89 after getting the magazines on the shelf at CVS. Then it went down to 128/82 about 2 minutes later. I'm sure it's even lower than that - I had readings of 117/75 at one point.

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    2. copper20


      Yeah but still does it mean I'm in trouble?

    3. copper20


      I don't have any symptoms of high blood pressure and I think it only went up because of physical activity.

    4. GoldLeader


      Next time you're at the doctor, just mention it to be safe.

  7. Emojis are the most idiotic things I've ever seen. I hate them.

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    2. CPUWIZ
    3. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      @doctorclu: If by "better" you mean "insufferably annoying looking" then sure. =P

    4. frankodragon


      If you have Chrome, you could use "Word Replacer."

  8. If anyone's got a Hitachi F391 VCR let me know. I'll pay the shipping price.

  9. Okay my mom called me a hoarder. Seriously? Just cause I collect VHS and games doesn't make me a friggin hoarder. For god's sake that's different - hoarding is where you keep trash and unsanitary crap. God if I wasn't autistic I'd move out immediately after hearing that come out of her mouth.

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    2. save2600


      if you do that, make sure you can afford to get a big enough place for your hoard and be able to grow it! Seen too many people stunt their hoarding ability and everything ends up in boxes in some dark/dank basement, which end up all moldy before long. lol

    3. Tickled_Pink


      When they find your corpse buried under half a ton of junk, then she can call you a hoarder. Hell - that's the way I want to go.

    4. cjameslv


      Probably a good idea to move out. It must be awkward when you mom busts in your room while your having hand to gland combat...

  10. Why can't I find standard jewel cases for my PS1 games anymore at Target or other stores?

    1. GoldLeader


      If you're lucky enough to still have a local CD/Record store, I'd check there. Mine hooks me up pretty well :)

    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      As European PS1 games often came in specially molded cases (due to the need to cope with multi-language manuals), the situation ehre is even worse. I bought several bundles of NOS crap titles (by Phoenix Gam,es mostly), but now I am also running out of new cases.


    3. zetastrike


      I bought a pack of blank jewel cases from office depot and they were so thin and flimsy they felt like they were 1/8th as thick. Terrible. I can't find the real, sturdy ones anywhere.

  11. Sega CD purchased and I ordered Sonic CD on eBay. Going to take a break from purchasing any games for a few weeks.

  12. Fort Worth goodwills - Test your damn VCRs. I'm sick of getting VCRs that won't eject certain cassettes and it doesn't happen on my VCR/DVD combo.

  13. Found me a temp VCR/DVD Combo for 10$. Rather have a VCR instead of a combo but this one gets the job done.

    1. BurritoBeans


      Eh, as long as it works and looks fine, that's good enough I guess.

  14. Sega Saturn games are getting too expensive to the point where I'm likely just going to buy the discs only.

  15. Thinking about snapping photos of my VHS library, definitely not the biggest in the world but it's a decent size.

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    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Just have to adjust that tracking and they look pretty sharp :) I'm a laser disc man myself.

    3. Buttons


      We like VCD and VHS!! They last a loooong time!!

    4. retrorussell


      You've got to have movie posters and bubblegum machines near them, just like in a mom and pop video store. Hmm, I could use some movie posters on my walls..

  16. Stoneagegamer needs to do away with shipping charges - they're ridiculous!

    1. Emehr


      It costs money to ship things.

    2. VectorGamer


      I just bought something from them recently and didn't think the shipping charges were much. It seems like you guys think people can haggle with USPS and FedEx over shipping costs. They are what they are.

    3. copper20


      Was going to buy 25 cases for my SNES games but 70$ shipping is really steep, let alone having to seperately pay for prints and more shipping.


      Had to cancel the order and getting refund from paypal, though the "GENIUSES" there are holding the funds as I speak.


      Going to have to buy a paper cutter and legal sized paper then.

  17. Christmas doesn't begin until after Thanksgiving, people. Do I need to bang people on the head with a slegehammer or a ball n' chain for them to get the hint?!

    1. BydoEmpire


      That's the Christmas spirit! ;-)

    2. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      I can at least forgive Canadians, because they had their turkey on Columbus Day. My fellow Americans otoh...

    3. MobiusAqua


      How long before Thanksgiving is renamed, to either "Blacksgiving", "Black Friday Eve", or "Black Thursday"?

  18. Going back to firefox - chrome got rid of java and that's bs

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    2. tremoloman2006


      Mozilla all the way!

    3. copper20


      Eh I went back to chrome, has a better interface

    4. xucaen


      o_O You tried the newest version of Firefox? it's almost identical to Chrome.

  19. eBay is the worst for looking for Sega Saturn games. WHY in the world would anyone price Astal for 75 dollars? I could understand maybe 30-40 dollars, but 75? NO way!

  20. Found Pit and the Pendulum on VHS! But WHY in the holy mother of ass does it have something from ABC for the first few seconds and has the movie itself spliced in? Kind of frustrating, but it works.

  21. Ugh, why can't I find any horror movies on VHS? Every goodwill I've checked and other places that sell VHS have NONE! Can't keep wasting gas and going a wild goose chase for 'em!

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    2. copper20


      'Bout to just buy them on eBay or Amazon, screw having to drive to thrifts and being bummed out and frustrated.

    3. BassGuitari


      Why do you still use VHS?

    4. copper20


      1. It's cheaper

      2. The movies don't look as washed out as they did on DVD (War of the Worlds is a good example - you can see wires on the DVD version)

      3. I like the packaging artworks better.

  22. Frustration! I bought a copy of Pac Man World 2 for my PS2, it goes to the splash screen and cuts off early. The disc is dead. I can not go back to the store I bought it from because it's not in an easy to get to location. Seriously, why don't people test their games before selling?

    1. CPUWIZ


      Bummer :( Hate it when I hear that one of my games died.

  23. Been having a lot of trouble getting some action/western/horror movies on VHS lately.

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    2. Video_Invader


      I'm having the same problem with horrer vhs. Especially Friday the 13th 1 through 8

    3. copper20


      Well, it's kind of strange with me - I prefer the older releases of a movie on VHS for some idiotic reason, and some of the alfred hitchcock movies released in the mid 80s I can't seem to find.


      Few years ago I managed to find a copy of War of the Worlds pretty easily, and that was a horror movie!


      Most of the available movies that are found in bookstores are just comedies, dramas, and musicals.

    4. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Now that you mention it, I couldn't even find a single movie on Betamax lately.

  24. I need a new manual (Not for resale) for Virtua Cop on the Sega Saturn. If anyone has one please PM me.

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