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  1. I'd like to reserve one copy of the limited edition, and one copy of the standard edition.
  2. Just do what I do... send your "problems" to Rev, and have him do all the work for you.
  3. Your boxes have arrived. I see you used slightly different packaging this time. As always, they look great. Thank you.
  4. Sometimes, real life gets in the way of saving up, you know?
  5. With David's two games, this makes six new games that I purchased this weekend. I wish I hadn't bought so many CIB games recently. Sadly, I had to turn down IntellivisionDude's offer to sell me Dig Dug and Super Pro Decathlon.
  6. Paid for #25 with PayPal transaction ID ending with: 6802R. Added an extra defarter and the button set.
  7. These people did a horrible job of coordinating with each other, in order to space these games out more.
  8. Sorry... at the time, I was just learning how to wipe my own butt.
  9. Give the man a chance to breathe... and shower!
  10. Thanks to a special "friend" and a great "deal" right here on AtariAge, I was able to obtain CIB copies of Lady Bug and Mouse Trap.
  11. Try getting a root canal done with no novocaine sometime.
  12. Salt's surgery was a success. 14 lumps, cysts, and skin tags were removed.
  13. I know that I made this thread about Lassie, but prayers to Salt (my 15-year-old dog), who is undergoing surgery today to remove several cysts on her body and eyelids.
  14. I just did what Rev told me to do. He had virtually every word scripted.
  15. Here's a copy-paste from your very own PM, Rev: Sent Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:34 PM "And ill give you a free copy when it releases."
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