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  1. Have you tried cleaning the cart? I have a Centipede cart for the Atari 8-bit that refused to work for a long time, even with basic cleaning. I then decided to dismantle the whole cart, ran an alcohol-covered Q-tip across all the pins, let it dry, and then used a pencil eraser on the pins. Needless to say, the cart hasn't given me a single problem since.
  2. I'll pick one up for the heck of it if there's a holiday season discount to be found. Too cute to pass up! Hopefully someone will make a mod so that it can run more games, or do something in the same vein as The Ultimate Intellivision/Colecovision Flashback.
  3. Bump. Added a copy of Mike Tyson's Puch Out!
  4. I'll try and get some pictures up soon! No I didn't. Wasn't even aware that there was a bonus sticker pack! Maybe it's because I ordered my stuff from Tillys.
  5. NES has been traded off. Price has been dropped on the Sears Video Arcade II, and I'm asking just $100 shipped for the 3DS XL!
  6. My Donkey Kong shoes and T-shirt arrived a few days ago. They're just as awesome as I thought they would be!
  7. If anyone wants to get some of the Nintendo/Vans items, there's an online code for Tilly's that gives 20% off one item. It can easily be found with a Google search, and it expires at the end of June. I just used it to pick up the Donkey Kong shoes for $51.99 instead of $65!
  8. Sold a Speak n Math and some Wico controllers to Iwantgames. Smooth transaction and nice communication!
  9. You are very correct Keatah. The survival rate for modern games is looking to be abysmal. I should have specified my statement, as I was thinking more in the sense of old cartridge-based games rather than games found on discs or even online platforms as you mention. I would even argue that there's a good possibility of cartridge-based games surviving longer than other forms of video game media because of their simplicity. Carts don't get ruined by slight scratches, there's no need to connect to an online server or get updates, etc. The only concern would be needing the capability to replicate the hardware that the cart's ROM needs to play on (through original hardware, emulation, FPGA, or some other means.) Those are impressive efforts you've made in working to preserve your digital collection the best you can. We all truly still have yet to see what the future holds in regards to large-scale computer and video game archiving and preservation, especially when these items will be a century old, and we (along with the people behind these systems and software,) are all elderly or deceased.
  10. Just watched Häxan the other night! As someone who's greatly enthused and fascinated by the work of media historians and preservationists (especially in film,) these words ring very true. Those who collect and play these games are some of the upholders of their history. Even if the general public doesn't care for the old games or their history, they will hopefully at least be there for others to see, read about, and play in some form if they so wish in the future. Although I think the current survival rates for retro games have been greater than that of silent and early sound cinema (how many games that were released out to the public don't survive in any form at the moment?), we don't know how long these items will last for. Hopefully there will be proper digital preservation in the future, as there is currently no guaranteed long term solution for properly preserving these games. That's pretty much the same reason why I started collecting for Atari: it's (mostly) dirt cheap and pretty fun.
  11. The Wico joysticks and the Speak and Math have been sold.
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