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  1. After doing some searching myself I have found something called the "NewCeleco ColecoVision Dev kit 2010".
  2. Thank you for all of these tools, but I don't know which ones I would need, or what the tools do.
  3. Hello. I would like to get into Colecovision homebrewing, but I need to know some information first. For starters, I know that the programming can be done using assembly, but I would like to know of any tutorials and download links for it (and also if I need to set it up differently, as I know it can be used for other stuff as well). Secondly, if anyone knows of a good Coleco sprite editor, it would prove to be a great help. Lastly, any other information would be much appreciated.
  4. Just thought I might update this with my opinions from e3. In my opinion, Microsoft shot themselves, Sony shot Microsoft and Nintendo shot everyone
  5. In which that will be nothing.
  6. I will try and remember in the future.
  7. I meant it as though the auction belonged to Atari.
  8. Do you have any tutorials for the tools?
  9. Thank you for you support, but I am still going through college, and sending it though Kickstarter, getting a team together (which will need to happen), adding and implementing stretch goals while trying to get at distinction to go to Uni will be far too difficult.
  10. So the new console generation is just around the corner, and all 4 consoles have been announced. The question is, who will you be backing and why? Personally I am undecided between the ps4 and the Ouya. The wii u has no games and the Xbox one looks like it's going to go Xtinct.
  11. Well this was a post I didn't think I was going to make. After not being able to find a buyer for it's business, Atari has decided to auction off it's IP's including Test Drive, Roller Coster Tycoon, Total Annihilation and even the Atari brand itself. Now the reason I am making the post is that, although the source I have found mentioned minimum buds for some of it's games, it said nothing about the rights to it's hardware, which I think should be in the hands of Atari age, especially the 2600. I don't think that we should let such a big part of gaming history fall to deters, but how do you think we should save not just the 2600, but all other hardware Atari made as well? (Also, the 1st link is of my evidence, and my 2nd is of some awesome chiptune music, just to lift your spirits) http://www.gamasutra..._to_auction.php https://soundcloud.com/abortifacient
  12. Hows that Cameyo thing coming on?

    1. Gemintronic


      Not real sure what you're referring to. Cybearg had some royal mixup with his bB folder. I tried wrapping a fresh install of bB into Cameyo but it still wouldn't play nice with existing installs of bB..

    2. AVoltoro


      I was referring to a post that stated you would try and get bB on cameyo.

  13. Have you considered putting these games on cartridges, because they sound awesome.
  14. The thing is though this is measureing the tempreture of the cartridge, not the tempreture outside. This means that outside influence, such as the cartridge overheating, could affect it. Also, while I like the idea of a photocell in the crtridge, I feel it may become a bit to slimier to Boktai
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