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  1. Allow me to nip that in the bud: These Osborne Vixens are long gone, sold locally some time ago. Since I never received a response here when I posted this back in 2018, I completely forgot all about this thread and didn’t think to post an update. Any mods so inclined are free to lock. 👍🏼 🔒
  2. I can't even come close to getting that far into Subterranea. 😂 That's awesome, though! I love finding out new secrets about old games like this. 👍
  3. I don't "refuse" to collect anything, but I generally stick to U.S. consoles and computers from the 20th century. It feels weird to put it that way, but it's true; the PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube generation is the defacto cutoff for me since that was the last console generation I paid any attention to. 😅 I don't try to collect ultra-rare, big-ticket, or otherwise fringe stuff like NeoGeo, APF 1000, Nuon, and the like. For the most part I never had much interest in them in the first place (or at least not enough interest to justify the price of admission in my mind), even less nostalgia, and I'd rather use my resources on other platforms I'm more passionate about. So I have no real impetus to pursue them. I also usually skip hardware variations of consoles that aren't Atari 2600 or Intellivision. Which of course isn't to say I'd turn down a great deal on a CD-i, TurboGrafx, or Master System II if one fell into my lap! 😆
  4. Has anyone who bought any of the standard edition Atari XP carts received them yet? The FAQ indicates Atari intended to start shipping in "early 2022" but we're rapidly closing in on mid-2022 now.
  5. I have the Sears version. I haven't hooked it up in a while but I don't remember the paddles doing that. Though FWIW the Sears version uses a different power supply with a smaller plug than the standard Atari type--same type as an Odyssey system. On a related note, I got a(nother) Sears Super Pong Pro-Am system last week and first tested it out with the Atari 2600 power supply I already happened to have handy in my game room, and got the typical "breathing" paddles. Then I hooked it up with the Pong Battery Eliminator it came with, which actually has a lower power rating, and now the paddles mostly stay still. 🤨 I'll have to experiment more with other Atari/Sears systems and power supplies--I'm now wondering if 2600 supplies actually slightly "overdrive" Pong systems and cause the wiggling paddles. Have you tried using batteries with your Hockey Pong instead of an AC adapter?
  6. I had Haunted House set up in my game room over Halloween and it is an interesting experience. The glow of the player spot behind the overlay was an unexpectedly cool and unique effect (not just for Haunted House but all Odyssey games), and in a darkened room with a thunderstorm sound loop playing on my phone, remarkably effective. 😅 The game itself is perfunctory, as one would expect. Per the official game rules, IIRC it essentially consists of highlighting the items in the order indicated by the cards and hoping not to run into the ghost that another player has hidden in one of them (which appears when your spot gets too close and you lose half your cards or something) and trying to get to the end with the most cards. I had more fun making up "house rules" and variations. 😀
  7. Assuming the console is getting correct power, it's possible the paddles are actually supposed to do that; all of Atari's other Pong games behave similarly. It would be unusual in the case of Hockey Pong, though, since no other AY-3-8500 system has paddle behavior like that to my knowledge, including the Sears version. And without any additional circuitry, I don't know what would generate it. 🤨 The manual for the C-121 doesn't appear to mention or describe paddle wobble at all, although IIRC none of the manuals for any of Atari's other games do, either. (Interestingly, though, it does indicate that the Handicap game normally "hidden" in AY-3-8500 units replaces the customary 2-player Handball game as Game #3, making Atari Hockey Pong C-121 one of the only dedicated consoles to feature it!) In any case, while odd for an AY-3-8500 unit, it doesn't really look like a malfunction or a symptom of failing components. Seems like the paddles would be more erratic if that were the case. So for whatever it's worth, I'd call it a feature and not a bug! 👍
  8. This thread is older than Private Eye was when this thread was created. I need to lie down.
  9. Dunno. But what I want to know is, since light-up cartridges are apparently a thing now, does that mean we'll start seeing homebrew cartridges where the end label is actually a miniature arcade marquee? Because that would actually be awesome.
  10. Wasn't it established that Men-A-Vision was probably based in southern California?
  11. The copyright dates on labels (particularly picture labels for some reason) are not very reliable indicators of when the game actually came out. Space Invaders also shows 1978, for instance, while it’s well known that title didn’t come out until ‘80. Pac-Man and Defender show 1981, when they were ‘82 releases. The pic label for Pong Sports even says 1975, which is clearly wrong. The Astrocade is a big offender too; going by the cartridge labels, you’d think every Bally game came out either in 1977 or 1981.
  12. Which is also confusing since Adventure came out in 1980. 😉
  13. In addition to the others mentioned (+1 for Montezuma's Revenge), Panky Panda is a really good one, too!
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