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  1. This is a stellar game and surely homebrew of the year. I absolutely love what has been done here. I did notice the shots travel much faster in the X direction than Y direction, similar to the running speed. Not sure if that's something that could or should be balanced, but it might be nice. Also, I feel as though your character as a whole is able to run a bit too quickly, but that can also be a very good thing as the game gets more chaotic. I think the only item on my wish list would be a random maze generator, but I have no idea if that is at all possible, given space limitations. Again, major kudos and thanks!
  2. Easter IS Sunday and IS religion. lol
  3. Check out Moodorf's latest vid -- lots of good points

  4. I heard there's DLC for MK8 on 4/23. Does anyone know if Friendships or Babalities will be included?

  5. I'm not sure I want to support Walmart, so I'm looking at buying stuff at Sam's Club instead.

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    2. DoctorTom


      Guys -- Walmart owns Sam's Club. I was playing the (April) fool.

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Maybe them not getting the joke was part of the joke.

    4. DoctorTom
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  6. Finish the homebrew "Frantic", that Frenzy variant. Shouldn't take long, and that game completed would totally rock -- potentially a Top 10 CV title all time.
  7. Great article that summarizes precisely my feelings on this matter: http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/4/8147397/playstation-4-virtual-reality-morpheus

    1. moodorf


      "500 Error.

      Something went wrong. Sorry, Internet!" When I clicked that.

    2. ValkerieSilk


      Just keep hitten that F5


  8. Sonic always came across to me as trying too hard to be cool. I also found the Sonic games rather boring. Mario all the way.
  9. Opcode said: "Also liquidating all assets of the old Opcode. Prototype games going to eBay. Printed material for unsold games available for grab in large batches." Does this mean you are not finishing DKA? That's what it looks like.
  10. Q*bert Rebooted -- arcade perfect Q*b in classic mode makes it worth the $10 (although why no pause?). Rebooted mode itself is pretty bad. But an "A" for a home port that is finally arcade perfect!

  11. The namesh Forreshter. Aushtin Forreshter.

  12. This sale is officially closed. Thanks for your interest and support.
  13. Received two McBoot cards in good condition in a fairly timely fashion. Have yet to test them. Will add follow-up later once I do. Busterm was nice enough to follow-up with me to make sure I received them.
  14. BTW as follow-up... Gamestop did after all let me return it, even though it was opened -- I couldn't believe it. I guess being a loyal customer and doing a little begging can go a long way. lol
  15. One already sold. Please let me know by Wednesday if you want the remaining copy, otherwise it is going to someone else. Thanks.
  16. $40. Free shipping within the USA. Two copies available, equally mint.
  17. To those looking for me on chat... For the foreseeable future, most days I will not be on until midnight.

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    2. DoctorTom


      Click on my profile and see that I'm on the East Coast, smart alecks.

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      It has been known for quite some time that all profile pages contain cooties.

    4. SSG
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  18. If someone can AV mod my Sears model intelly, please PM me.
  19. Wishing the third Hobbit movie had been about 45 minutes shorter...

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I'm glad these movies are so long. I'm always kind of sad when it's over because I like the world they have created, so a 700 hour movie is fine with me. I watch at home instead of sitting in a theater, so I can do other things while I watch.

    3. DoctorTom


      True. Maybe it's just how long the battle scenes are. I can only take so much visual and auditory abuse.

    4. accousticguitar


      Come on Eddie, tell us what you think of Hobbit III.

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  20. Hoping to knock off Link to the Past today. Only started it 22 years ago. Solid B title -- A for dungeons, B for overworld game, and C for repetitive music that makes the mute button my best friend. (And yes, this is a second or third tier title for me, Dep. :) )

    1. AtariLynx Lover

      AtariLynx Lover

      I love the music myself, but I like the sound of the SNES soundfonts in general.

    2. DoctorTom


      It's not the sound, it's the repetitiveness.

    3. AtariLynx Lover

      AtariLynx Lover

      You have a very good point there on the repetitiveness.

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  21. While for certain games I refuse to use a guide, conservative use of walkthroughs can be great for getting through those second and third tier games on your backlog (CO) list, especially if your list is as long as mine is. Why wander for dozens of hours trying to figure out what to do next?

    1. DeputyMoniker


      Oh, no. I won't let you of the hook that easy. Tell everybody what this "second (or) third tier" game is.

      I feel like this statement of yours needs a little context. Lol. (Just giving you a hard time, brotha)

  22. PS Now subscription to cost $15-20 per month

  23. I love how Eduardo may be "fed up". Pretty sure most of us are fed up with him.
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