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  1. On the Wii emulator, the Star Force ROM freezes every time you fly over the very first small star fortress (or whatever you would call it :) ) -- so about two minutes into the game at most. The ROM is unplayable. Any chance on tweaking that one to get it working?


    The rest of the ROMs work just fine; several games are good to excellent. Thanks!

  2. Hey,to everyone involved with this game. This is a top notch game, packaging label . Very polished. Congratulations. This would have sold 50,000 copies in 1982. I finished it a couple of times on easy level so far. My daughter likes to watch the game.


    So the game ends? It doesn't loop back? Bummer...

  3. I'll buy a cart. I think everyone complaining about a developer's decision about how they will release and what they will price it at should lay off and develop their own games. Besides, you should own a 5200 -- it's a pretty cool machine.


    It's the developer's attitude about it and lack of any sensible justification that rubs people the wrong way.


    As for me, I have no interest in owning a machine that I cannot repair when the joysticks break down, if I can even find one that works in the first place. And other than Venture, Koffi (ROM available), and Adventure II (ROM also available), there is little if anything I cannot find done as well or better on another system.


    I'll be content without this 5200 or 8 bit Venture; it's largely a copycat of the CV version anyway.

  4. I just tested the gampad and it is much more difficult to control than the disc!


    I have possibly never disagreed more with a statement in my entire life than this one.


    The Wiimote, classic controller, and even the nunchuk is markedly preferable to the Intelly disc -- for ANY game.

  5. Bob, this is terrific! Can't wait to see the final version.


    I personally find Easy to be too easy, but I think it's good to have it as an option.


    I was wondering if you would consider a game variant that offered at least a mild challenge during the ship docking screen? Maybe having to dodge space debris, fight against gravity, and/or require you to be more precise to dock without losing a ship? Would be a neat addition...


    Also, the colors look dynamite on my plasma.

  6. Christmas Carol is oustanding, and I thank you for releasing the ROM to go along with the cart I already owned.


    I would love to see the full Space Patrol ROM released, as was promised; it is probably my favorite Intelly game. I did support the game on cart, as well, but I have a very quirky Intelly and am not very fond of the controllers, as everyone knows; I'd like to play it on the Wii emulator very much.

  7. Sal, you still haven't provided any good reason as to why you are unwilling to release a ROM version. Take a look at Bob's titles on the 7800 -- in every case, he releases full ROM versions, even BEFORE they are available on cart (and for free)! This is also typical of 2600 titles and Atari 8 bit titles, as well as several INTV and CV homebrews.


    In this case, I am not asking you to release a free ROM, but rather one for purchase, as I do not own a 5200 and am not interested in getting one. Regarding concerns of piracy, each purchaser's information could be easily encoded in the ROM to prevent it -- see D2K on Intellivision as an example of how it's done.

    It's obviously your product and your decision, but your stubborn and elitist attitude ("We will NEVER release a ROM version.") means I will in turn not support any of your work. And I know that I am not the only one. You are losing both money and goodwill. But clearly this matters little to you.

  8. Some things I see on this site scare the heck out of me ... who does this ? i would rather just have the board so I didnt have to look at that shell that is just waiting to pop all the way open at any moment !


    Another good argument for a ROM release for purchase.


    Regarding concerns of piracy, each purchaser's information could be easily encoded in the ROM to prevent it -- see D2K on Intellivision as an example of how it's done.


    I'm certainly not going to buy a 5200 just to get a cart that is as likely to fall apart as those 5200 controllers -- even if Venture is one of my favorite games all-time. :)


    Ahh... okay. We're talking about two totally different scenarios here. I assumed the PS4 was designed to lay flat and had 4 feet under it and that people were complaining about it wobbling. If there's only two feet on one side, then yes - chances of wobble increases exponentially. Duh! They should have included a couple extra feet for those not choosing to stand the thing vertically then. I'm seeing more and more audio components (speakers and DAC's mostly) that give you the two choices: a little rubber boot to stand things vertically AND some extra rubber feet that you apply yourself, if you want to lay the thing flat.


    Mine lies flat and does not wobble in the least; I've tried really hard to make it happen, but no. So I guess it's not an issue with all units.


    Also, I believe the PS4 graphics do in fact pretty much scream next gen -- there's a substantial difference to my eyes.

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