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  1. If anyone was curious of what was in the box .... Original Disks Antic St: Tom Hudson's CAD-3D Arena Artic Fox Atari Falcon Disk 2 Extra Programs Rev D (3) Atari Language Disk, Mega and ST Atari Power Basic Atari Power Pack Afterburner Atari Power Pack: Organizer Atari Power Pack: Space Harrier Atari SpeedoGDOS Disk 1 Atari SpeedoGDOS Disk 2 Rev A Atari St 1st Word (2) Atari ST Language Disk (2) Bloody Money Blow Up 3.0 'C' Compiler v2.0 Cal 6.3 (Desk Calendar) Calamus Clip Art Disk 1 Calamus Clip Art Disk 2 Calamus Clip Art Disk 3 Calamus Clip Art Disk 4 Calamus Clip Art Group 3 Disk 1 Calamus Clip Art Group 3 Disk 2 Calamus Clip Art Group 3 Disk 3 Chaos Strikes Back Chaos Strikes Back Utility Disk Clip Master Disk 1 Dbasic by Dtack Diskus 3.9 Dr T's Music Software Dungeon Master Easel ST EdHak 2.37 Emagic Support and Printer Disk Enchanter ExtenDOS 4.04 Final Whistle Gauntlet GDOS Distribution Disk GDOS Fonts Epson FX80 GDOS Fonts Micronis NB15 GEM-View Geneva Master Disk v1.06 Geneva Extras Disk v1.06 GFA Basic GFA Basic 3.07 GFA Basic fast 2 pass compiler GST Software: 1st Word Plus v2.02 HD Driver 8.1 (2) Hippo-C Image Cat Laser C 2.1 Laser C 2.1 Upgrade Laser C v1.1 Laser DB v1 Laser DB v1.1 Lum-Tech Public Domain Disk 2 Mark Williams C 2.1.7 Disk 1 Mark Williams C 2.1.7 Disk 2 Mark Williams C 2.1.7 Disk 3 Mark Williams C 2.1.7 Disk 4 Mark Williams C 3.0 Update Disk 1 Mark Williams C 3.0 Update Disk 2 Mark Williams C 3.0 Update Source Debugger Disk 3 Mark Williams C 3.0 Update 3 Disks in a sealed package. Mark Williams C 3.09 Disk 1 Mark Williams C 3.09 Disk 2 Mark Williams C 3.09 Disk 3 Mark Williams C 3.09 Disk 4 Mark Williams C 3.09 Disk 5 MichTron: Hisoft Basic Microsoft Write Modula-2 Compiler Disk 1 Modula-2 Compiler Disk 2 Music Studio 88 NeoDesk 3.01/3.02/3.03 to 3.04 Upgrade NeoDesk 4 NeoDesk 4 Icon Disk NVDI 2.5 NVDI 3 Upgrade NVDI 4 Upgrade Disk 1 NVDI 4 Upgrade Disk 2 Passport People Places and Things Disk 1 Personal Pascal Disk A v2 Personal Pascal Disk B v2 Pointing Device Drivers v7.1 Premier Soccer v1 Space Quest SpeedoDOS 5 Disk 2 ST Action Games Disk #6 ST Express Vol 2 No 1 ST Format Cover Disk 18 ST Format Cover Disk 72 ST Log #12 ST Log #13 ST Log #14 ST Log #36 Start Vol 2 No 1 Start Vol 2 No 2 Start Vol 3 No 8 Start Vol 3 No 9 Super Cycle Teenage Queen The American Civil War Scenario Disk 1 Word Writer 2.0 Word Writer Dictionary Xboot 2.59 Original Manuals Atari Audio Fun Machine Atari Multi TOS Blow Up 3.0 NVDI 2 NVDI 3 NVDI 4
  2. Tunnel Runner from the Atari 2600 and an attempt at a remake
  3. Updated to include Wizard of Wor and Cosmic Avenger. We reached 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! @MasterMotorola No plans to add any of those. Each computer that I will attach it too (there are many) has its own floppy. The TT and Falcons have 1.44. I believe my STE does too and 720k for the STs is just fine. I have 1 Original ComosEX and 2 of the 3.0s so I probably will never get a Gotek or similar.
  5. I/Elektronite had it up for a demo a couple years ago at PRGE.
  6. Just an FYI. You should be able to plug the tracking number into your home country postal service (if it was shipped by post office) and get tracking information, at least you can in the US.
  7. updated to include Shark, Shark 2 (I didn't Know I had it until today.)
  8. I did, but it threw me off when they came in an Inty 3 Box. That is great! I prefer alphabetical so I can see right away if I am missing something. Thanks
  9. If the SyQuest is your boot Hard drive, yes you will need to write to each disk for booting as you will not want to eject the boot drive with TOS running. The best setup for SyQuest drives is as a storage/backup device to another HD. Best has new 340 mb HD drives that drop into the Mega STE without mods for $75. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/hard-dri.htm You could also get a SCSItoSD and install it inside. https://store.inertialcomputing.com/category-s/100.htm
  10. The case looks alright, but needs the internal ribbon cable with the 50 pin IDC on the inside and two 50 pin Centronics on the outside. The ICD interface can be hard to find. I found these awhile back but have never used one before. With this unit you might be able to forgo the above cable and make one that works with this unit and that case. https://shop.inventronik.de/index.php?id_product=12&controller=product&id_lang=2
  11. 2 Happy 1050s, XF351, XF551, Indus GT with ramcard. On the left, Percom, The rest of the drives go to the ST Line. The ATR8000 is not connected in that picture. Been like that for years and I have had no problems with them.
  12. I made a 720K drive out of the original board on an XF551 and the Hyper-XF OS a few years ago. You can see it in this picture. I always called mine the XF351, not knowing there was actually a proto-type for it. They are nice
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