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  1. The same guy has another one on eBay, but it only has 4 MB ST ram and 16mb TT ram, no video card. Yeah, I am a bit late to the ST retro goodness. I did not want to spend $2,000 for it, but these are extremely hard find that are US versions. This one is even upgraded generously. So considering the upgrades, video card and how hard they are to find, I thought I had better go for it while I have the money.
  2. It is always fun to root around in what others have done. It is a beefy machine with 10mg ST ram and 32 mg TT Ram. I will report back with anything that is more than a curiosity.
  3. Just made this purchase: Atari TT030 Computer with Cyrel Sunrise M16-1280 Video Card and with memory upgrades with HD filled with software. It has an extremely rare Cybercube Research Sunrise M16-1280 Video Card installed. It also has been upgraded to 10mb of ST RAM and 32mb TT-Fast-RAM. The 32mb upgrade is a GE Soft Mighty Mic 32 B. The TT boots from its Conner 300mb hard drive. It is filled with tons of TT software. It also comes with a 16mb and 4mb TT-RAM working modules. A 2mb ST-RAM module is also included Also, included is an untested TOS 3.06 ROMs. The Atari TT030 will come with a power cord.
  4. Tommy has already stated this: There are several hundred million "GAMERS" in the world. Those that want the PS4, Xbox etc. and love the shooter and epic games with a lot of depth. That leaves approximately 6 Billion more people in the world, that do not like those types of games. This is the market Tommy is after. So E rated games that turn the "GAMERS" off looks to be just right for those that are not "GAMERS". I play Epic games on my PC, but I do still like to take on a game of Burger Time, because it is casual and I can play for 20 minutes before I go on an appointment or some other reason where time is short.
  5. This Agree, It may alter the price a bit, but I do not think it changes the collectability.
  6. For me, I am calling it a variation and in my opinion can complete a collection regardless if you have an original or not. Made by the IP holder makes the case for me. Now as far as the two other titles that are being released by BSR, personally, I am changing the 125 to 127, since they now will have an official release by the IP holder.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. I have all the wizi-go-faster stuff for the 8-bit and the ST lines also. But, in addition to that, I also have versions of both systems that are stock. I still use real HDs for both lines. I have a 400 MB+ Winchester HD/Adaptec tower for the 8-bit as well as SCSI HDs for the ST. I have 5 STs set up at all times and have Megafile 44s and SyQuest Drives to transfer data between them. On the other hand, I have CosomosEX, NetUSB, Lightning USB, Modern Monitor cables, SCSI to SD adapters. I even have a Drem to put in a Megafile 30. Best of both worlds, lotsa fun.
  8. This I did not know. It must all be done with software as I saw no mods on the inside. Seems to be a standard Falcon on the inside. I will have to look at the HD that came with it and see If I can find the software. I have another Falcon that has a working IDE interface I can hook it up to. I will do as you suggest and keep it this way.
  9. Turns out the IDE interface has a problem as I tried a known working drive and same thing happens (regarding Falcon in previous post). The SCSI interface works great. I was able to get a SCSI HD and a SyQuest 44 Drive up and booting with this machine. So not a terrible loss at $825. Ordered the following from Exxos 1. Diagnostic Cart 2. 2 Video Adapters that supports the Blow Up Software (now that I have two Falcon's). 3. FPU 4. 16 MB upgrade board 5. 16 MB simm
  10. Reviving this old thread as I like to hear what others have recently purchased. The 8-bit section has one that I post in every so often, just thought the 16/32 bit line needs one. So to begin the resurrection: I purchased this Falcon last week for an offer of $825 and free shipping. You may have seen it on eBay. The hard drive does not work, but other than that it appears to be in good shape, except I do not like the black top. Anyone have a top case for sale? I have the mechanical Hard Drive from my first Falcon that I will probably use for awhile, but may change it out for PATA SSD. Not interested in CF card adapter as I would require a slot to change out the CF card and I refuse to modify the case. So, the PATA SSD works for my purposes, my first Falcon has one in it.
  11. This is how I see the three games and how I will apply them to any kind of list. Spiker is just a variant. Counts as full Spiker. The other two will not be recorded on my list as Homebrews but rather will extend the 125 to 127. Reason: they are released by a company that released games before any homebrews were made or even thought of. 1 possible other change I might do is to remove those other two from the Homebrew list and count them as variants of the 127. I have not decided on this yet. This is my opinion and what I will list in my signature.
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