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  1. I got home yesterday and found that this idea will not work. The female power connector on the drive has 7 positions, not 5. Now to check into possibly changing out the connector on the drive to fit a 5 position Male connector. That is if I cannot find the power supply I need for it.
  2. I know nothing about these power supplies. Do the male and female versions of the power supplies deliver the same power over the same pins? In other words can I use a gender changer to make a female power supply a male and then would that work on a female Floppy Drive? Or are they not basically the same thing? Would something like this work? or a cable that is male on both ends?
  3. I would like to buy a working US floppy power supply for the SF354 or the SF314. There are two versions of this power supply. I am looking for one where the drive connector is male on the power supply (the pins on the power supply connector go into the holes on the drive connector). I am in California USA
  4. I bought a 520ST (external Power Supply), SF354 Single sided Floppy and SF314 Double sided Floppy. All for Parts, so not expecting them to work. The ST did not boot but did have power. I will look closer this weekend. The SF354 works like a champ. The SF314 has different power connection than my other SF314 and the SF354. I have a power supply with the male connector, I need one that has a female connector.
  5. Got a good start on the Tower case for SCSI devices. Need to add hard drives, but I am waiting for some 3.5 to 5.25 adapters. That is a Windows XP CD in the CD Drive. Over 600 megs. I guess I need the CD ROM suite to read it as a drive. It does show up though. You can see the full tower in my previous post.
  6. Tower Case to set up SyQuest 44 Drive, CD ROM and 5 Hard Drives. $75 4 1 Gig thoroughly tested Hard Drives (not for the Tower Case) I will use these in existing enclosures and move those drives to the Tower Case. $45 ea. 9 Syquest 44 Disks. approx. $6 each. I use these to transfer files between Ataris and for archiving storage (I have about 50 of them). And they are cheap.
  7. I use NetUSB to get files into my Atari. I own two. With the new UIPTool (new version this year) software transfer speed is good enough. Yesterday, I transferred a file that was nearly 1.7 megs with it. It took awhile, but only like 15-25 seconds, was not really counting. I keep a PC and my Falcon on the same desk. My desk has a keyboard drawer that pulls out for the PC keyboard and mouse. I set the Falcon on the top above that drawer. Two monitors. One for the falcon right in front and one to the side for the PC. This makes file transfer extremely easy. I usually do not setup megs and megs of stuff to transfer, just transfer what I need at the time. Seems to work well. BTW, my Falcon has a 32 GIG PATA SSD in it, no changing of cards necessary. You can find the UIPTool in the Pinned Links Thread. The NetUSB link is in the same thread at Lotharek's. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/264652-atari-st-tt-falcon-links/
  8. Check the Hardware links in this thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/264652-atari-st-tt-falcon-links/ Couple Direct Links https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/storenew/#0094 http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/power guide.htm
  9. Changed and added some things DIY Projects Tynemouth Software Blog - Atari upgrade instructions Arduino Interface Software - Converts Atari Keyboard to HID Atari Accessories Rhayader
  10. Added Arduino Interface Software - Converts Atari Keyboard to HID
  11. Added - Tynemouth Software Blog - Atari upgrade instructions
  12. I bought this MegaFile 30 because it has an after market switch install. I wanted to find out what it was as the owner was unwilling to open it to find out (one of the screws were sealed from a service record in 1993 and he did not want to break it). I was thinking it could be a power switch for a second HD installed in it (let the first one boot then power the second one as these power supplies are not strong enough for two drives to boot at the same time.). But alas, the switch is used to change the ID of the device from 0 to 1. It has an ST238R (33MB) Hard Drive divided into 3 partitions. It works good, but has nothing else special about it. I will review the files on it this weekend, reformat into 1 partition and attach it to a production machine.
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