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  1. I bought this unit. It does work well, but does not have the 48k upgrade. $50 was still a good deal for in the box.
  2. a misaligned drive is beyond my skills. I hope you find a way to recover the data.
  3. I would also do a file by file copy myself. And to answer your question regarding daisy chaining, yes you can hook up two megafiles in the manner you suggest. I currently have one set as the boot drive and a Mega File 44 connected on it afterwards. After that, on the same chain, is a CosmosEX. I have also connected a SyQuest EzFlyer 135 using a Link2 (ACSI to SCSI adapter) after a megafile in the past.
  4. Burger Time was another for me. Understanding how the badies move is key. When Super Chef came out with 69 levels, that threw me for a loop for a little while.
  5. I ran it through twice in one sitting. It only takes a couple hours to get through it once. Once you get the book that allows you to go through walls, you do not have to open any doors. Easy.
  6. Dungeons and Dragons Treasure of Tarmin. I have run the 256 levels through a few times. You do end up at the top again.
  7. @zzip Interested if it does, let me know what you want for it too.
  8. @H454 I thought about that too. I just wanted to see if there was anything immediately available here.
  9. @ijor The resistor packs were in place on the SCSI2SD itself for all the testing that I did. One thing I did not try, was to put an external resistor pack on the second port on the back of the case. I came up with this on the drive in to work today. I'll try it at home tonight.
  10. It does not work unless there is a second device. I changed settings in the config one at a time to see if any thing changed, nope. Even tried straight SCSI on my TT and Falcon, no go. Hooked up a second drive and everything works perfectly. Now remember, this is the nearly obsolete version. There may be another version they sell at Inertial computing that does have termination power. You'll need to ask them though. I do not have any other version. This version works for what I want it to and will always be with another drive. This is probably why it does not work well as an internal device. I think I remember someone trying it on a TT or MSTE as the internal drive and had problems.
  11. Joe has taken care that every original release ROM works with the LTO Flash.
  12. @ijor I do not pretend to know anything about it, but wouldn't the power come from the computer end, instead of the drive end? I would have thought the computer would hand power over to the Link2. I have both versions of the Link2. The clear case and the opaque case. I'll try both tonight.
  13. I would like about 10 of these. They can be half height or full height and the power supply needs to work. They do not need to have drives in them, but do need to have at least one slot open for a CD ROM or SyQuest drive. PM me or post here with anything you have and price you would like.
  14. @ijor No. I do not need a setup where it is the only device. I do have one that I have not mounted anywhere yet. I can give that a try and see what happens. I imagine it will work just fine as the SCSI2SD has its own terminating resistors.
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