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  1. The basic listing is available! an_unusual_dream_listing.txt
  2. The basic code here hard to explain - 9000-9010 is the list of actions, which uses A as a variable. 9100-9115 is the objects. 9100 datame,1,1,0,0 - this is object #1 or the player location first 1 is the room location, second number is 1=untakable 0=takable third number is the object it is inside or being carried by. if the player is carrying it the value will be 1 if it is 0, it is not carried or in container last number 0=not a container or surface 1=open container 2=closed 3=surface (can put things 'on' it.) 9200-9219 room titles and linkers for north,south,east,west,up, and down.
  3. A short text adventure, not too serious. It uses an advanced version of the one key system that was in Valley Of Treasures, with containers you can open,close and put things in. It's pretty good for 10k of basic. There's a few interesting "puzzles" in this one. an_unusual_dream.zip
  4. I played a few of the breakout clones on online at classicdosgames.com, and learning about a lot of these games at the Pixelmusement youtube channel.
  5. Test how fast your reaction time is in this TI Basic game. It also features a custom character set. PRESSIT.zip
  6. Forgot to add the game is "Valley Of Treasures" and information on the original game can be found here. http://www.gb64.com/game.php?id=23284
  7. Here's a new short text adventure (less then 5k) for the Apple II. Originally written in 2011 for the Commodore 64, it has been converted with a few minor improvements. Instead of typing commands, you use a key to cycle through a verb and object options. valleyoftreasures.zip
  8. A small game about 1.2k in size, in BASIC with some machine code for the fast part of the game. Stop the moving dot when it turns white but before it hits the wall with spacebar. The dots get increasingly faster. Score 30 to win. It runs in regular hi-res mode with custom graphics for the score and title. scoop.zip
  9. Screenshots: swarmed1.bmp swarmed2.bmp
  10. No GCHAR or RND used. The score is stored as single digits in an array so only the numbers that change are updated on screen. The squares advance from a left to right pattern using a number cycle which changes every 50 points with the screen color. If a certain number range is hit in the pattern, no squares advance giving a chance to clear some off the screen.
  11. Hello, I'm new here but have been writing games for other platforms. The TI994A was my first computer from 1983 and I have been learning TI BASIC and converting some of my small games over. I just finished a game called "Swarmed". It is a simple shooter with puzzle elements. Features include a high score entry and decent speed for regular TI BASIC. swarmed.zip
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