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  1. arquillos

    Merry Xmas!

    Thank you! and Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi! Here you´ve got the "2008" version I use on my Win 7. I don´t know if there exist a newer version floating around... https://mega.nz/#!tw5ESI6K!RHjUWUom0F-Rx7doJ50ZAaRVoHOLYZGbtCOaN9hYaos
  3. Hi! I´ve just received my 2013 patch and made a kind of celebration party installing the game on my bartop... I´ve got my little boys (6 and playing this nice game on this machine and they really like it!!
  4. Oh My! this is going to be Epic Keep on Der Luchs! It´s a fantastic job!
  5. Homming Missiles....nice difficult element. Keep it up!
  6. Hi Oscar! it´s a pleasure to play with so many nice players like you! It´s been a very nice competition and I hope to get some free time in this new year and participate in another AtariAge comp. PD: I don´t know Jesus personally but I´ve contacted him and it´s a very nice person and better player
  7. Looking nice Der Luchs! Will you let us download it for free?
  8. Hi everyone! thanks DZ for another incredible contest! there will be a 2014 version? Congrat everyone and specially Liduario and Fushek! Incredible players! I´ve had too much fun with this little game (again).
  9. Good morning! After 34535.435353.5353535 hours of playing , at last I got a nice score! This is getting very hard! Score: 8714
  10. I´ll try it but my laptop hasn´t got a great CPU to use a "FRAPs" like solution. I´ll have to take the "mobile camera" solution and see what I can get...
  11. Nice Fushek! my score didn´t last two hours! Well done!
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