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  1. hi I have Truckin, Mountain Madness, Sewer Sam, and Donkey Kong Junior all CIB and in nice shape let me know if your interested and I will get you some pics Thanks
  2. I only have the newer ones Sears Overlay Set Mrs Pac Man Ms Night Stalker Sydney Hunter Old School Christmas Carol Magic Carousel Space Cunt DK Arcade Lost Caves of Kroz Super Chef Burgertime Super Pro Tennis I have seen the prices on the ones I don't have and it definitely frightens me, I am hoping that David rereleases some of them as he did last year. keeping my fingers crossed
  3. I just started on the homebrews so I need a ton of them Please let me know what you have Thanks
  4. I am down to the tough ones to hit 124/125 CIB when I first started collecting I was just looking to relive some childhood memories. I had no idea they were so valuable or collectable. As a result of my lack of knowledge I walked by many of the games that I may never be able to find now to get as close to the original 125 as possible. with that being said I have decided to focus on just Atari / Intellivision / Colecovision. I was trying to collect for everything so I have a good bit of everything but no complete libraries for any system. Now that the hobby has been turned into a buy and resell money making greed fest I don't think I will ever be able to find the remaing games I need at a price I will be able to afford. So after debating over it I have decided to dump my other stuff in the hopes of getting closer to that 124 ( Spiker is just not possible for me probably ever). I have stuff for NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Genesis, and more everything from CIB systems and games to loose carts, empty boxes, and manuals. I am going to start listing the stuff next week in a sale or trade thread but wanted to list some of the better pieces and my want list in this forum first since the "Brotherhood" members have really helped me to get my collection as big as it is now. I can send pics and answer questions you may have for anything I have a lot more but I am listing items on here that are equal value or close to what I need My Needs: CIB (I do have a lot of the carts and manuals to what I am missing but these boxes don't come around to often) Fathom Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey Diner Triple Challenge Turbo Tutankham Super Cobra World Series Major League Baseball Jetsons Stadium Mud Buggies Super Series Baseball Melody Blaster Learning Fun I Learning Fun II Pac Man (Atarisoft) Sears Backgammon Sears Checkers Power Lords (I know its Odyssey 2 but its the last one I need for the US set) for trade: Duck Tales 2 (NES) Rescue Rangers 2 (NES) Gargoyles II (NES) Final Fantasy CIB (NES) Legend of Zelda CIB (NES) Donkey Kong CIB (Black Box NES) Double Dragon I, II, III CIB (NES) NES Control Deck CIB (mint with new 72 pin connector) Conkers Bad Fur Day (N64) Bomberman Second Attack (N64) Zelda Majoras Mask CIB (N64) Zelda Ocarina of Time CIB (N64) Banjo Kazooie and Tooie CIB (N64) Super Mario 64 CIB (N64) Sega CDX in box with manual (box is rough) Sega Saturn in box with about 7 games Sega Genesis Model 2 CIB Super Mario All Stars CIB (SNES) Super Mario World CIB (SNES) Zelda Link to the Past CIB (SNES) Earthbound (SNES) Super Mario RPG (SNES) I have probably over 200 other CIB between NES, SNES, N64 as well as a bunch of other stuff Thanks for looking
  5. I think this was a really great thing to do and I think it is only right for me in turn to try and keep it going I don't have anything extra for Intellivision that is as valuable as Sears Roulette but do have some French Canadian games that I don't collect That being said I will donate 2 of them to anyone in need and do my part to "Pay it Forward" please send me a list of what you have and what you need and I will do it the same way, of the first 10 responses pick a winner Thanks Andy
  6. I want everyone to know that it is going to a good home, you will not see it on Ebay or in a sales thread I am nowhere near the levels of most of the brotherhood with my collection, but hope to be some day
  7. I am down to Roulette , Checkers, Backgammon for the Sears set I am more than happy to pay any reasonable amount as I don't think any will ever turn up on EBay at a human price
  8. I am in Pittsburgh and this same ad has appeared in Craigslist here 2 times in the past year. I contacted him both times it showed up. the first time whatever I offered he had someone who offered $100 more, I even offered $5000 which is currently about $4999 more than I have to spend and still $100 more, the second time it was the same voice but a whole different story, he was demo a house he is in construction and there was a cedar chest left with all these games and no system of any kind. I asked for a pic of nice ideas and he said the flash would affect the boxes because of their age, then I made an offer and he said his girlfriend wanted him to sell them on EBay. not sure what the game is or better yet why you post it in multiple areas.
  9. Thanks for the kind words never had an Intellivision as a kid, so I never knew what to look for until it was already to expensive to buy I at least found a few of the good ones, and you guys have helped me out on some of the others so any idea on the value in trade, I have seen price ranges all over the place I obviously know the condition on the box makes it toward the lower end, but I hope it is still good trade bait I still have a Brown ESC unit that works but I cant find the plug and a bunch of the French-Canadian Variants left for trade as well
  10. I came across A Congo Bongo today. Both Cart and Manual are very nice, game plays great It has a box but it is rough at best I am down to the harder stuff to get to (124/125) I dont think I will ever own a Spiker so I am hoping to trade to fill in some holes on my Intellivision shelf I have no idea on what to price this at, I have seen prices all over the place on this here is what I need: Fathom (CIB) Jetsons Way With Words (CIB) Melody Blaster (CIB) Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling (CIB) Stadium Mud Buggies (CIB) Learning Fun I (CIB) Learning Fun II (CIB) Super Cobra (CIB) Tutankham (CIB) World Series Major League Baseball (CIB) Super Series Big League Baseball (CIB) Melody Blaster (CIB) Slap Shot Hockey (Box/Manual) Turbo (Box) Tower of Doom (Box) Diner (Box/Manual) Super Pro Decathlon (Box/Manual) Triple Challenge (Box/Manual) He Man (Mini Comic) Bump N Jump (Red Overlays) Backgammon (Sears) (CIB) Checkers (Sears) (CIB) Roulette (Sears) (CIB) if you need more pics I can get them to you Thanks for looking
  11. Added Atari 2600 Want List
  12. sold him a 2600 game very pleasant transaction, A+++++ will deal with again
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