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  1. They are both all-in-one mini arcade consoles from 1982... Nicely done.
  2. You do realize Becky created BT III and wasn't just "one of them". She was also a founding member of Interplay. Intentionally excluding her does not look very good, I'll just leave it at that.
  3. One just sold for almost $3,000 and no one has even mentioned it. Personally, it seems like a way cooler system and much more interesting technology.
  4. According to Burger Becky Heineman, one of the key programmers of the original series, "I offered to be involved, my offer was declined. Pity. However, Olde Skuul .is working on our own dungeon crawler called "Dragons of the Rip" and it's involving the actual team who did Bard's Tale III and Dragon Wars. So, do you want a game by someone who financed Bard's Tale, or by the people who actually MADE Bard's Tale III?" After reading that, I'm not sure how anyone can actually support this.
  5. Yeah, the seller mentioned the cover was a reprint, but I've seen other Akalabeths with hole punches on the left that were authentic, so I'm not sure about your conclusion...
  6. Looks like there's one for sale. Don't see these too often! Any guesses as to the final price?
  7. If the joystick is showing 127 X 255, then that would definitely be an issue. If you start the game without a joystick plugged in, does it still move right by itself? Do other games exhibit the same behavior?
  8. Why? That system already has plenty of space shooters including Galaga knock-offs. It's a system in need of new games, no doubt, but new original games please.
  9. Had this happen to me. Super annoying!
  10. I think I speak for most of the naysayers that we had several issues with the game and the price was one of them. If the game is free, then it doesn't matter how bad or simple it is, it's free, hard to complain about a free game... I come from a Commodore background where most homebrews are top quality and free so I guess I'm a bit spoiled. Off-topic, I love you avatar.
  11. This is excellent news! I'm surprised Gamester81 said nothing about that when it was asked a few days ago. What exactly is his role besides posting it on YouTube? Anyways, regardless that is very good of you to make it free!
  12. I did go directly to the source, your YouTube video, and you ignored me and most everyone else who questioned the pricing and quality of the game. Someone even made a great suggestion that you ignored: Release the ROM for free to show everyone you're about the gamers and not the money, but still sell the boxed game for those die-hard collectors wanting to pay the $72, and trust me there's no shortage of them.
  13. Fair enough. I thought the video spoke for itself, but I guess not. If you viewed the video you'd see it's a guy that runs through the same 4-5 screens over and over again with no change, just needing to occasionally jump over something and maybe avoid 1-2 flying things. It's unoriginal, not fun-looking at all, and offers little to no challenge. You mentioned that it does have a multicolored character, a soundtrack, and a box, but I sure hope your standards are higher than that!
  14. http://youtu.be/L_bulqAxkMc It's really making me lose faith in the homebrew scene which used to be a labor of love for the developers (and thankfully still is for many) but then we have guys like this, asking $72 (after shipping) for a half-assed, rushed game. Worst of all it looks like dozens of people have already pre-ordered it!
  15. I was curious what you all consider to be the best homebrew game from last year and perhaps this year so far for each system: Consoles: Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Vectrex NES Computers: Commodore 64 Apple 2 Mattel Aquarius Any other systems I'm missing, too.
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