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  1. I've trying to get a list of early Star Wars games. Most sources I've found say the first one was Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for the Atari 2600 in 1982, but I know for a fact there was a TRS-80 Star Wars game from 1980 and an Apple II one from 1978. Are there any other 70s Star Wars games?
  2. I'm specifically referring to the one published by California Pacific Computers and not the original one Richard sold directly from his computer store. Also, how much do these fetch for typically?
  3. How can simplicity be a reason against making games? The 2600 was just as simplistic and well, I won't even talk about the homebrew scene there. And didn't the Apple II use the 6502?? So assemly language knowledge should be pretty easy to apply. I agree the machine is far inferior to the likes of a c64, but damn, 0 new games in over a decade...
  4. Or if there has, where are they hiding? The computer was massively popular wasn't it?
  5. I posted an 8-bit version of this question a few months back which was extremely helpful for me to decide on a computer to get. I'm certain its helpful for others too. If you ask me, it's you who are coming off as quite a jerk. Just because you feel it's pointless and subjective (which aside from the cosmetic design aspects, it's not) doesn't mean others won't find it helpful and informative.
  6. While the 16-bit console wars were on the horizon, the 16 bit computer war waged on in the late 80s. Which was the best 80s computer in the following categories: Graphics Speed Sound Gaming Library Business Library Cosmetic Design Expandability Price and overall best computer
  7. Since this is an atari site, I thought you guys can be more objective than if posting this on a c64 or apple II site. Which computer is better overall and which one is better in the following categories? Graphics Sound Price Durability Expandability Performance BASIC Programming Gaming Library Business Library Keyboard Open-Archetecture Design / Appearance Thank you.
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