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  1. you remember BEFORE the internet ...... was a way to reward high score achievements https://www.atariage.com/2600/archives/activision_patches.html
  2. I think a Crane named "David" is rather clever. Perhaps a raven may be more historically accurate. Named as a gerneric "bird" should be ok as to let the imagination of individual game-player decide.
  3. chas10e

    Replay FX 2019

    This will be my first year going, pretty excited. I will be in the pinball competitions so I'll be wearing a pinball shirt @BurritoBeans ask around for Shawn of the New England Pinball Leauge looks like they got some Atari 2600 competitions as well: https://replayfx.org/schedule/
  4. *Bump* since forum upgrade it's be neat for an official release from the developer @Albert shot you a PM
  5. I'll have to try them again , they were the ones who sold me the "presidential dollars"
  6. I have a pinball machine with the "SBA" coin mechanism still installed. I couldn't find any "SBA" coins -but- discovered "presidential dollar" coins work in those coin mechs. I never saw one on an arcade cab though
  7. There is a tuning pot in that RF box. this video helped me: I don't have the expertise to figger-out a composite mod but there are some that hang out here that might
  8. Yeah glad he's doing alright, his wife & daughters are with him and I guess he gave them permission to release the video. I had the pleasure of meeting him & Frank at a pinball show. I was following along your Asteroids Deluxe thread when you were first waiting for it, received it & then got the great customer service that TNT gives. I'll shoot you a PM here as well
  9. underneath the battery tray (easly removed with Phillips screws) there is a slot for a channel selector switch (should be set up for channel 3. If on a modern TV , with power on, do an analog channel search there are some funky security screws to get into the unit itself
  10. Get an RCA to coax adapter http://atariage.com/howto/connect.html for a newer TV do an analogue channel search if you can't lock down a signal
  11. Hard to see but the power switch looks correct, I'd say the LED was a modification have you played it ?
  12. buy 'em where you can find 'em starting out, Ebay "lots" are good , figure in the shipping + total price divided by amount to see if your getting a fair price per unit record shops, pawn shops, comic book stores, flea markets "collectables" stores are good places. if their prices are fixed per game and seem kinda high, look for the more "rare titles" at the fixed price. If you think you want to be a "completioninst" start small , maybe one manufacturer at a time , is a decent way to make chunks out of the 400+ commercial titles allow some rough boxes, usually the cart & manual is still in really nice shape and can always "upgrade" enjoy the journey
  13. http://atariage.com/howto/clean_cartridges.html The write-up doesn't mention to use a high percentage rubbing alcohol, use 90% or higher ( at local grocery store or pharmacy ) Also try different carts Keep us posted & welcome to Atariage
  14. wow great pic , says it'll expire in a month or so .... Looks like "Star Fighter" was hand written on it. For awhile there was a question of what the title of the game was I recall. from reading some other posts here.
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