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  1. I chalk it up to "The thrill of the hunt". All the ones that got away I can still count on one hand though. also FWIW, I havn't seen YOUR particular style shelving unit here at Atari Age before. I did wind up affixing a decal to my unit.
  2. nice haul !!! a locksmith aught to be able to make you some extra keys I would look at the side wall that is still fitted together nicely to see how to fix the left side any shelves inside ? Man I thought I had a detail of JUST a shelf they are at a slight pitch backward I think. Anyways here's a pic of a unit I have ( different than yours but I'd imagine the shelving would be exactly similar.) I'm looking for the PCB & sheilding that belongs inside still.
  3. The best way is to hook up your system, there are a few way to hook up an old system to a new TV. https://atariage.com/howto/connect.html You may have to scan for analogue channels. If you get just a black screen on a game, try another til you get a picture, the black screen game may just need to be cleaned. https://atariage.com/howto/clean_cartridges.html It appears you want to determine that they work to sell them. list as "untested" and let the market determine the value (these games are pretty robust and probably still work)
  4. I play my Atari on the same TV, it is also seen in the movie "The Big Lebowski" early in the film. Cool find on the pong unit.
  5. Pretty cool; I imagine it'll work with a factory light pen & conversely the finger pen would work with other light-pen games.
  6. I re assembled it after the initial photos -BUT- thought it'd be a good idea to open it up again & snap a pic of the other side of the PCB , I saw a part number for the board but no date. getting even pressure around the disc with a wrench is a great idea kind of like an automotive window crank remover
  7. I went in the hard way I guess, putting back together was MUCH easier !!! I pried the button from the top but saw it was easier from the bottom , I imagine some heat from a hair dryer would help if needs be a c-clip around the pink directional actuator
  8. chas10e

    2600 Kiosk Find

    On the leading edge of my control panel I filled it in with Testors white model paint, I imagine it was originally baked on. the joysticks will accommodate an Atari cx-40 rubber boot, I think I applied a bit of silicone grease before I slipped it on with the though of "what if I wanna remove it at some point" Any favorite games so far ?
  9. chas10e

    2600 Kiosk Find

    this section in the manual might help, on each switch you need to find the common & the open contact
  10. chas10e

    2600 Kiosk Find

    nice haul !!! I'm looking for the circuit board setup you have with the buttons & sheilding and the placard on the control panel I have read this about the power supply before as well and can't find where .... but there was the part number included with the specific power supply that matched the 800 computers power supply.
  11. https://stella-emu.github.io/ Emulation on a PC is another alternative. but using a keyboard for controls is a downside , some adapters for Atari sticks are easy to come by but most all don't work for paddle controls (Arkyology uses a stick so that's good ) A Harmony cart is the way to go and still being produced https://harmony.atariage.com/Site/Order.html I have both the above options but still looking forward to a stand-alone fully packaged product.
  12. not trying to thread-jack: it was the physical potentiometer with the auto centering spring inside I was looking for. I did fix one with a broken spring using an atari cart spring and that worked pretty ok.
  13. I keep checking the Store to see if Arkyology is available. It's good to see the eyecandy and updates to the other areas of the hobby that keeps this place rolling along.
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