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  1. If weather is pretty ok, leave them on the curb with an obvious retro computer cover up & they will prolly all get snagged within a few hours
  2. Yeah could you provide a picture of the one you have ? if just the knob and the potetiometer is inside or a unit on a cord original Sears units were made by Atari
  3. chas10e


    I don't have a Telstar Alpha , so made a quick look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coleco_Telstar_series is the battery tray clean ? ( no signes of prior corrosion?) I suppose the reset button could have failed it's good that you have gotten a picture :)
  4. I think it's called a "Holt security screw" , I had make my own: https://imgur.com/a/ngmNH
  5. most likley the potentiometers inside need a cleaning, if your searching on e-bay look for "jitter free" (which really means ""for now"")
  6. Arkyology is similar to 5200 Tempest in the respect that it was a "lost prototype" discovered by the sleuthing of Atari hobbiests and those questions being discovered by the original programmers who pulled it out of a desk or a closet and finished the programming aspect of the game. From what I recall reading this thread the Arkyology game was finished but never packaged for sale to any consumers ...it would be interesting to discover some original art to accompany the game. be kinda neat to discover who Sparrow Records hired to do their Art
  7. Yes news of a proper release is my hopes. perhaps at a show or something. I know the *.Bin is available and I'm able to play it on my Harmony or in Stella but I like geeking out on the physical product. similar to the 5200 Tempest
  8. Bump I am aware a large batch of other games are being assembled and shipped and a well earned vacation is in order. any news on this Arkyology game would be welcomed. I still think it's a fantastic story
  9. I chalk it up to "The thrill of the hunt". All the ones that got away I can still count on one hand though. also FWIW, I havn't seen YOUR particular style shelving unit here at Atari Age before. I did wind up affixing a decal to my unit.
  10. nice haul !!! a locksmith aught to be able to make you some extra keys I would look at the side wall that is still fitted together nicely to see how to fix the left side any shelves inside ? Man I thought I had a detail of JUST a shelf they are at a slight pitch backward I think. Anyways here's a pic of a unit I have ( different than yours but I'd imagine the shelving would be exactly similar.) I'm looking for the PCB & sheilding that belongs inside still.
  11. The best way is to hook up your system, there are a few way to hook up an old system to a new TV. https://atariage.com/howto/connect.html You may have to scan for analogue channels. If you get just a black screen on a game, try another til you get a picture, the black screen game may just need to be cleaned. https://atariage.com/howto/clean_cartridges.html It appears you want to determine that they work to sell them. list as "untested" and let the market determine the value (these games are pretty robust and probably still work)
  12. I play my Atari on the same TV, it is also seen in the movie "The Big Lebowski" early in the film. Cool find on the pong unit.
  13. Pretty cool; I imagine it'll work with a factory light pen & conversely the finger pen would work with other light-pen games.
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