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  1. Hello Today I attended my first World of Commodore and met friendly people with similar coding interests. I also learned a bit about some of the new hardware for the C64. In preparation for the meeting, I updated my Slime game for the Commodore 64 with some additional features: - A loading picture - Bug fixed the level display - Bonus life at 10,000 points - Starts in single frame mode (F1 / F3) - Improved ship control code - Fixed a bug where the smart bomb would go off in error - Delete high score option - Cheat now offers infinite smart bombs (effectively becoming a level skip as you continue to use it) - Proper slime animation which was in the original game but not activated - An Asteroid style variation without borders and thrust control (with inertia). - Eight way firing in Asteroid mode (compared to 4-way in Slime) and of course the source code is included so you can modify the game or learn how it was made. Download it here: https://tinyurl.com/ycg8nmbb This will be the last version of this game, honest Coming January 2018 - Spyders II Slime World of Commodore Version by Mr Nop.zip
  2. I considered doing a SuperPET version but I don't know if you can even use upper case characters? I didn't look into it. There is software available to make your machine 40 characters wide.
  3. Hello A new Commodore PET game has been released. The game is a Space Invaders shoot 'em up with a few twists including disappearing barriers and a protective shield. Available for the PET 2001, 3008, 3016, 3032, 4016 and 4032 series. PET Download Link: http://cloud.cbm8bit.com/mr.nop/Spyders%20Commodore%20PET%20-%20Mr%20NOP.D64 (2001, 3008, 3016, 3032, 4016 and 4032 series PETs) Commodore 64 version C64 Download Link: http://tnd64.unikat.sk/f_s.html#SpydersC64 Spyders Commodore PET - Mr NOP.zip
  4. Based on an original game by Jim Summers on the Commodore PET, Mr. NOP is proud to present to you SLIME for the Commodore 64. Featuring 1 or 2 players, high score saver, joystick or keyboard controls, in-game music by Richard Bayliss and some pretty neat sound effects. Battle the growing slime before it takes over the screen, shoot the membranes and eradicate the slime. As the slime grows, cells begin to grow inside the membranes which then chase after you. Complete the level to advance to more complex stages with even more slime growth. Produced by a Canadian Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9749y1dsrioa84e/Slime%20C64.zip?dl=0 Slime C64.zip
  5. Mr. NOP (NOP Software) presents LadyBug - For the Commodore PET Navigate your ladybug throughout the maze while collecting food. Swing the doors to block the predators from reaching you. Some levels have faster enemy speeds, level 4 has an invisible maze. Comes with versions for the PET 30xx, 40xx and source code in PAL format. A version needing bug-fixing is available for the PET 2001. Released April 4, 2013 in Ontario, Canada LadyBug (Commodore PET).zip
  6. Oil's Well - a new PET game Ultra Invaders - Space Invaders adapted to work on older PETs as well as cheat menu Space Invaders MR NOP.zip Oils Well 2013 (Commodore PET).zip
  7. Thanks. I wanted to include it in the package but I just couldn't hammer down the proper location.
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