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  1. Sent me a Virtual boy, great communication, nice guy
  2. Selling my Atari jaguar and Games! Everything is tested and working! Includes System, 2 Controllers (one in box), RF Switch, and Official Power Supply and these 8 Games: Rayman (a listing for this game ended today ay $84, when did this game get so expensive?) Evolution Dino Dudes Cybermorph Defender 2000 (in box with manual) Alien vs Predator (in box with overlays, Top flap is half gone) Doom (in box with manual) Tempest 2000 (in box with manual) Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (in box with manual) So in coming up with a price for this, I took ebay completed listings for this year (Jan to April) and averaged the most recent 3 out and then rounded down (if it was 37 and change, I went to 35). Everything came to a whopping $541. Seriously, check yourself lol. I know this is not ebay, so I too in account the 10% selling fee. Which took it to $487, and then I took another $37 off. So I want $450 shipped.
  3. An I am not trying to threadcrap either, but DVDs in their cases sell for $1 new.
  4. Ok so about 2 years ago I bought this system at a yard sale looking to expand my 2600ness to 5200. But alas it came with no power cord/games and I put it away in storage. Well I am moving now, and I think it's to time to move on. I cannot test it, because as I said, no power cord or games haha. It has the door attached and 2 controllers, one controller joystick is a little wonky the other looks good. I am asking what I paid for it, $30 + the shipping.
  5. Hello! These are some extra manuals, some doubles, $25 shipped, which is 50 cents a piece + $5 shipping for all of them! (will probably cost me much more to ship due to this ridiculous post office hike). Pic below!
  6. I'm interested fa sho buy not for probably 75 shipped : (
  7. Guy has done the same thing to me 4 times. He always wants me to pay "overnight shipping" which equates to like $50 on some items, and I am like, umm no, the Mail is just fine. His Response: I will not sell to you.
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