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  1. Toy Shop Trouble and Blinky Goes Up.
  2. Favorite 2600 game? My favorite would have to be Circus Atari. Seeing the guy's head crack open is just priceless.
  3. Longest loading time for me is Sonic '06. Took 4 minutes to load. However, I got it at GameStop, so it wasn't in the best condition. Shortest is Simpsons: Hit & Run. 5 seconds.
  4. Shipping box for the Magnavox Odyssey. Bottom piece of styrofoam for the Magnavox Odyssey. Percepts shipping box. Magnavox Odyssey 1972 games with shipping box. AC adapter for the Magnavox Odyssey. If you are willing to sell any of these items please contact me.
  5. I remember watching AVGN back in '06. Just a drunk, pissed off gamer. And though James's popularity has grown over the years, I never thought it would go as far as a movie. As much as I love James, the only reason I could see anyone going to this movie is for the novelty of it. I don't think it's a movie worth watching. Just sayin'.
  6. It's great to have you here Mr. Bushnell. I have one question. Did you attend Magnavox's private demonstration of the Odyssey in Burlingame, CA? And if so, was this the inspiration for PONG? -Major Magnavox
  7. My original Magnavox Odyssey doesn't seem to be working properly. The player 2 dot doesn't up on the screen. I tested each controller in both ports, they both worked in the player 1 port, but neither worked in the player 2 port. I can still steer the ball, but player 2 doesn't show up on the screen. Has anyone else experienced this and can anyone fix this?
  8. 1. Tennis (Magnavox Odyssey) 2. Circus Atari (2600) 3. Pitfall (2600)
  9. Besides the old sixer... Odyssey NES Genesis Gameboy (3) PS1 (2) Saturn PS2 PS3 Wii N64 32X (broken) DS (3) 3DS Flashback 3
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