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  1. So knowing how to use a tool before you buy a tool should be a prerequisite to buying the tool? https://www.reddit.com/r/iamverysmart
  2. Nice! Do you know the outside dimensions of the case? I just ordered an Anycubic Photon with a maximum print volume of 115cm x 65 cm x 155cm. Thanks! (BTW, there's a great sale price on the printer right now if you order direct from Anycubic)
  3. I worked at Compucentre in London Ontario during University. We sold the full lines of Atari, Commodore, Apple and IBM computers. We also had Atari calculators for a while. They had an LCD calculator with a history that you could scroll back through and edit. It was pretty impressive at the time.
  4. I always enjoyed Aquatron as a Defender alternative. Going under water seemed like a cool feature at the time. Fun game!
  5. Thanks for all of the effort that the community puts into this! I'm downloading now and will seed for the foreseeable future.
  6. Amazing looking interface! I can't wait to try out my favorite games on it. Thanks for releasing this.
  7. Awch


    That's a pretty reasonable question that I don't have a particular compelling answer to. It's really just for sentimental reasons. That was my first computer system and I'd like to recreate that period. The 400 is mostly just a museum piece for me (unless I need to play four player games). And yet it's surprisingly important to me to get it "right". My daily driver is an Atari 800xl with an Ultimate 1MB, UNO Cart, SDrive 2 and a almost finished SDrive-Max.
  8. Awch


    Thanks for your help. I guess it's a lot to ask to find a chip that was made obsolete in 1981!
  9. Awch


    My first 400 was a CTIA version. I never realized there was an upgrade path to GTIA. I sold it decades ago but have since collected a few systems. I've been slowly accumulating components to recreate my original setup (400, 48k ram, original 410 recorder, Rana 1000 disk drive...) The remaining aspect that doesn't match my original system is that my 400s have the GTIA chip. I'm wondering if it's possible to simply swap the GTIA with a CTIA and, if it is, are they available anywhere? (I understand that this is ultimately a marketplace request, but I'd first like to assess the viability before I go looking for the chip.) Thanks for your help, Greg
  10. I'm just collecting the parts to assemble and I'm not particularly experienced with electronics. Do you know if this solution is specific to the 1088XEL, or a generalized approach for all Atari hardware? Thanks for your help!! Greg
  11. Lol. I've been a lurker way longer than that! I wished I could see why I finally created an account but the history doesn't seem to go back that far. Probably to buy something. I've still never set up a Mameworld account and I've been lurking there much longer. I'm just shy is all...
  12. I'd like 1 if there's another run of carts. Thanks so much! Greg
  13. 1 print head and 1 ink roller please.
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