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  1. The leaking green thing is a 4.433618 MHz crystal oscillator for the PAL colour signal. There's corrosion on the resistor next to it that should be fixed. Try replacing that crystal and trimming it. Gameplay crashing issues are usually logic board issues, most commonly the RA-3-9600 RAM chip. If only player 2 is having issues, it could be the AY-3-8914 sound chip. If you have a working unit, try swapping these chips. These chips are the same as the ones in the 2609 NTSC North American Intellivision, only the STIC chip is different of the logic chips (and the replacement of the NTSC color chip with the PAL daughter board). - James
  2. Faves: 1. AD&D Treasure of Tarmin and AD&D Cloudy Mountain (tied!) 2. Burgertime! 3. Bump 'n' Jump Hidden Gems: 1. Thin Ice! 2. Thunder Castle 3. Tower of Doom
  3. This looks amazing, I am definitely down for 1 copy.
  4. This is really useful info for anyone who might want to take on a project to create a drop-in replacement package for the RA-3-9600... Would revive quite a few dead Intys. - J
  5. Quite normal, as the power supply board with its voltage regulators and heatsinks is in the top left corner.
  6. Very interesting stuff here! So the RA-3-9600-1 could work as a drop-in replacement for NTSC systems, but not PAL due to the slightly higher CPU/bus clock? And the RA-3-9600A should work as a drop-in replacement on both? The SRAM is such a common failure I always wondered if a modern RAM chip could be adapted to fit the RA-3-9600 pinout with a small adapter board. It may need some logic for the buffering registers, and address bus logic, but can't imagine it being too hard. The STIC chips (CCIR and NTSC) and CP-1610 CPU would be good candidates for replacement with a FPGA drop-in replacement. This would be an interesting project for someone... - James
  7. I won my Intellivision (with Star Strike pack in!) in a Streets Paddle Pop ice cream "Lick a Prize" competition when I was little. I mailed away a competition entry for 2nd chance draw, and they told me I'd won a bicycle... but the Intellivision turned up instead. It was the only game console I had as a kid.
  8. Not including homebrew: AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin Thin Ice Thunder Castle Just missing out... Burgertime Bump 'n' Jump AD&D: Cloudy Mountain (the game that I remember most vividly being used to display an Intellivision at a Grace Bros department store back in the early 80s)
  9. I'm not really interested in the Amico at all, I cannot see it succeeding long term unfortunately. I am more likely to support projects that push the original Intellivision hardware to its limits, I find that far more impressive. - J
  10. Seriously impressive! I am definitely keen to support this. - J
  11. Speaking of the RA-3-9600... In my experience this is the most common failure, it would be really good to develop some sort of adapter PCB so that a modern RAM chip could be used as a replacement. Similar for the EXEC PROM/SROM/GROM chip adapter boards, allowing replacement with newer flash EPROM. This would have the side effect of enabling things such as custom firmware and graphics mods. - J
  12. Yes that definitely looks like a version of the composite kit produced by retro_mood (eBay name) in Turkey. Good reliable kit, compatible with PAL and NTSC. As for other options for composite kits, here are the ones that come to mind... Has anyone tried the Retrofixes kit? Here: https://store.retrofixes.com/products/intellivision-composite-upgrade-amp-kit-coming-soon Otherwise, there are schematics by Solarfox for a simple AV mod, I've heard varying results with this mod (from good results, to jailbars/dark picture). It wouldn't be too difficult to lay out PCB's and have them printed for this mod. Here: http://solarfox.triluminary.net/hwh_intvav_p4.php - J
  13. One of the membrane keypad buttons might be stuck down. When this happens, it can "lock out" the disc control and other key pad buttons. As suggested, disconnecting one or the other controller can help check this. - J
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