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  1. I just wanted to share with you my current project. I modified a Donkey Kong 2600 rom to look more like the arcade version. I'm fond with how it's turning out, especially Mario's sprite. I hope you enjoy playing the rom! (Note: There is a glitch with Mario's hat if he jumps at the top of the first level. I hope someone can try to fix that). DK.bin
  2. I've noticed that the maze colors are off. I made a rom with more acurate colors, and made some minor graphic changes. I've attached it to this post, along with a pic that compares the arcade PacMan with the homebrew and to my hack of it. pacman4k.bin
  3. I've been wondering on how the 2600 Congo Bongo was able to make more than 2 colored backgrounds on the first level.
  4. Pretty good. I'd love to help implement physics, although I have no idea how to, but that's probably because I've never tried batari BASIC before. Although, I DO know how to edit graphics and palettes.
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