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  1. i noticed that the .cof file of Fallenangels is ~900kb and if i upload it to skunkboard (standardsettings GUI) v3 then it doesnt flash??? does it load directly into jaguarram? cause if i restart the jag its gone and the rom i uploaded bevore is still there (bank 1 for example) so does this mean it saves skunkboard flashing resources this way (writecycles on chip)???
  2. awesome job.. great intro.. smooth gameplay.. keep on this way ! just an idea: nice sky/clouds background?? you tested this idea? greetings to all
  3. Your my Heroe.. answering this noobish question.. sorry for that.. after reading a little slower the v8 doc i saw it by myselfe (and couldnt delet this stupide question from forum :-( btw as im now trying getting into the objectlist-refresh mechanism i ask myselfe how much ready the jag is after the standard startup.s in the example the objectlistroutines... can they be used in the rest of a project? maybe small modification of for example "#license" and "#BMP_PHRASES".. just doing it a little more common for other values accessable im asking this because as i saw on the "TESTRGB" demo source there is the identical Subroutine "InitLister" <-> "make_list" just with some other imputvalues like "MY_LISTSIZE" in stead of "LISTSIZE" my goal is to understand the objectpart completly and create a nice and common startup for my further coding greetings and good night
  4. Hi all, can you guys explain me what the "stop object" is for? what it does and is it urgent need? thanks greetings
  5. thanks for your tips.. step by step i have my docs set up but smal question is left: why we do the "logical shift left" in the jaguar.inc? and why we do it this way and not by just declare fixed equ´s ?? O_DEPTH1 EQU (0<<12) ; DEPTH Field for BITMAP objects O_DEPTH2 EQU (1<<12) O_DEPTH4 EQU (2<<12) O_DEPTH8 EQU (3<<12) O_DEPTH16 EQU (4<<12) O_DEPTH32 EQU (5<<12)
  6. smac so far. have no other choice an win 7
  7. hi all, some stupide syntaxquestions for the 68k (because i cant find it in any books or online) what stands this pipe ("|") for and what exactly does it: move.l #(BRANCHOBJ|O_BRLT),d1 (taken from startup.s) what exactly is doing this "<<" in this equeal O_BREQ EQU (0<<14) sorry for noobish question.. but i want to know EVERYTHING greets to all
  8. LOOOOOLLLLL... a "jaguar reference manual" good to know that it exists.. now i can put my crystall ball back to cellar and read the pdf (why the hell this pdf isnt in the DOCS folder of my jagdev windowsenvironment) thx
  9. is there a well documented version of this startup.s? in my opinion a jagcoder should now about every single line of this startup and what happens there and why it is there without.. i think no real programming is possible all the libraries and soundengines are cool, but who should use it without knowing the jag first of all this startup is most important knowing why updating list, what is an objectlist, why its in "phrases" and "dphrases" why there is a "sneaky trick" and how it works, what about ticks, why the image is shown 5 sec, and and and... would be nice to have after each source line 5 lines of description why and what happens !!!! this would help standardcoders much easyer become a jaguar / asm coder greets to all
  10. Send me PM for offers, (also see Marketplace) programmers prefered
  11. I got a second skunkboard (v2) its for sale, let me know your offers via PM (programmers prefered)
  12. why not keep focus on ogg (all coders together) its a compromise and an advance by using uptodate-tools (converting sounds, mp3 etc.) also lot availability of free sounds out there and finaly the result could be merged with some existing soundengine in a library available for all coders.. that would be like worldpeace for jag coders got my skunk now for a day.. setting up env hardware (big 16:9 TV, Jag, PC) took a look at helloworld but i dont like the mix of C and asm :-( took also a look at u-235 but i dont like the use of the old tools now i having my trouble scanning all the tools out there for functionality on uptodate windows machine (win8 eg.) long way till i make any progress.. but will
  13. yes seems ogg doesnt need that much performance as mp3 it has simplyer routine around 40 kb/s would be a really great result for jag (i tested different ogg kb/s quality and from 38 on it sounds okay) how ever.. i will mess around with that stuff @Matthias: do you have anyting of this oggplayer you wrote or can you ask for it?
  14. The idea is to open much more sources of sounds for jag... millions of sound/samples out there are mp3/ogg and mods are really hard to create with old tools or without musik knowledge and and and... maybe a maximal 16kbits and very basic routine would be possible on dsp without using the bus that much and if, it would be unbelivable helpfull on new games i recive my skunk these days and will give it a try bye
  15. Hi all, ever someone tryed to code a simple ogg/mp3 sound engine on the jag? greets
  16. would be interested in the sorcecode
  17. no news for a long time? are they still coding on it?
  18. Otto1980


    im interested in a skunkboard, offers with price please to me greez
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