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  1. Hello, I'm also from Chile and an Atari user (I own an 800XL + many gadgets). I have been living in Australia for the last 32 years though...
  2. Could I have 2 assembled devices, please? Many thanks.
  3. Excellent work! Would it be possible to have some POKEable cheating modes?
  4. Could I have 2 X SIO2BT in a SIO plug, please.
  5. Very sorry to hear about your health issue. My prayers are with you and your family.
  6. I just got my copy! I'll be playing it tonite! Thanks Jacobus!
  7. Try placing DOS 4.5 in the D1: 'drive' of AspeQT. Then boot the Atari. Type DOS to get access to the drive utilities. The best solution I found was to burn SpartaDOS X onto an AtariMax 8mbit flash cartridge, and then boot the Atari with the cartridge inserted. Make sure that the 'discs' you use in AspeQT are compatible with the DOS version you are booting from, otherwise you may not be able to write to them.
  8. I ordered a SIO2PC USB from Lotharek and the package arrived safely and well packed. I emailed Lotharek a couple of times with questions (both before and after buying) and he responded overnight. Excellent service! Excellent product! Thanks Lotharek!
  9. Thanks 1050. I get it. It means I probably should stick to Maxflash Studio for the time being. Thanks again for clarifying the issue.
  10. Thanks Shawn, Centurion and mr-atari for your responses. I didn't know that the menu could be disabled when using the Maxflash Studio software. Also I wasn't aware that the Atarimax cartridges were just like the standard Atari cartridges. BTW, are there any instructions somewhere on how to write programs to a normal Atari cartridge, without using Maxflash Studio?
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