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  1. The TOSEC Project have an Atari/8bits/ section.
  2. You can try the same trick with BASIC: allocate 2 K buffer, get address of this buffer, and calculate the next 1 K barrier within this buffer.
  3. If data are very closed to have sorted, one of the best algorithms is Insertion Sort. For general data, one of the best is Quick Sort.
  4. What is the difference between v4.20 and FTe versions? I test v1.2 cartridge version, but I can't run with 6502C additions. .DS directive are recognize but no INA sentence. None for v4.20...
  5. I recommend you to look this thread: D.K. VCS Source It contain all the .h files. And more.
  6. The solution at 6502.org wiki is... witty.
  7. The problem is to find the right software, of course.
  8. That is possible? http://www.retroarchive.org/cpm/archive/unofficial/gemworld.html
  9. Support for hardware? Today, the new programmers want all languages have SPRITE command, like the olds STOS/AMOS Basic languages for ST/AMIGA. Or framework or game engines like Godot, GDevelopp o Game Maker. Regards from another Perl programmer.
  10. explorer


    Or Ubuntu Edge... $12,814,216 of $32,000,000
  11. From mail: Hey there! Thanks a lot for contacting us! While we are not able to share a lot of technical details on the Ataribox project just yet, you have already guessed it is a hardware platform, and like any great hardware platform its content strategy will be critical. We’ll be releasing more product information in the coming weeks/months, and specifically as we roll out our developer strategy you will be first to know. Thanks again for reaching out, we’ll keep in touch! The Ataribox project. www.ataribox.com
  12. Hi! Two years ago I found a 2600 cartridge program for assembler programming or machine code programming with the Atari 2600 using two keypads controllers. This program have a 99 pages manual. The ROM and pages scans of manual was in AtariAge, but... not anymore! Where is it? Please help!
  13. "La Abadía del Crimen" will be ported by rochete: thread (spanish), video (preview at C64).
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