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  1. As a kid, the Atari 8-bit! As a teenager, the Atari 16-bit! 💪💪💪
  2. Everyone is probably tired of seeing me talking about my Atari PC1... Isn't it a beauty? Well, I don't think that there are any ugly computers...
  3. Thank you for the answer Federico! No disappointment at all... You see, first of all, I am not willing to sell it. However, as I said, my copy is complete in box, even I didn't put everything in the photo. And last, I've got the Atari ST version (I am an Atarian since 1988). The box just says Amiga... p.s. WOW! Great collection you got there!!! Dino
  4. Well, after 5 years, look where Zak is now... I was looking through my games collection and just for fun, I was checking for the prices at ebay, until I came to my wonderful copy of Zak McKracken... We are talking about €400, €700, even over €1000 (I live in Greece). This game also appears in these lists: https://www.lifewire.com/most-valuable-pc-games-813058 https://www.redbull.com/sg-en/rare-pc-games-worth-a-fortune I know this is for the PC version, but I think the same goes for the ST and Amiga versions... BTW here is my CIB copy:
  5. Atari User, Atari Explorer, Page 6, Antic...
  6. My ST Format magazines collection: (with the cover disks)
  7. Here, you can see my collection of brand new sealed 2600 games:
  8. Greetings to all and thanx for the comments The last game I played, was Bombjack on my ST, I think. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to share with my collection. Thanx again!
  9. Hello from a Greek Atari fan since 1986, when my parents bought me my Atari 800XL and later my Atari 520STFM... Here is my hardware collection of Atari Computers and other systems. There is a magazines, handhelds and software collection too which I'll post it in the near future, I hope... Thanks for keeping the Atari spirit alive!
  10. Well, the hosted photos are gone from my original post, so here they are again:
  11. Well, I entered the magic world of computers in 1987 with an Atari 800XL. After 2 years my parents bought me an Atari 520STFM. Here they are, in all their glory: Bonus photo, My ST in 1989, running the Lost Boys' MindBomb Demo:
  12. Thread resurrection! Here is my small collection of Spacevision carts: The one with the Knight, doesn't say anything and it has 2 switches. The one with the cowboy says Mario Bros (!) The one with the formula says Grandprix, Seaquest, River Raid 2 and Enduro And finally, the one with Indy, says Pac Man (!) Hope you find it interesting!
  13. Congratulations!!! It's been a really long time searching!!! Check these answers: http://forums.atari.org/read.php3?num=3&id=20546&loc=0&thread=20546
  14. In the Atari Explorer (Sept/Oct 1988 issue), there was an article named "Unlocking the secrets of computer viruses". There are no specific points telling that there is a virus for the Atari 8-bit, but in general, it says about A virus, that attaches itself to application programs and it was reported in the Portland Atari Connection newsletter.
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