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  1. ralphb

    SDD 99

    I just hope Mercedes will be able to build my new car until October ... 😄
  2. ralphb

    SDD 99

    Sadly, I do have bad news regarding the availability of the final product. 😢 Some days ago, I noticed that I only had three STM32s left, which might be too few for beta testing. But when I tried to order new MCUs, I found that ALL suppliers were sold out. Eventually, I found one that sold some MCUs with a 90% premium, but their stock was also pretty low. Due to the global IC shortage, I'll have to postpone the assembly and release of the final product indefinitely, until STM32s become available again. I have no idea when this will happen. 😧 The upside is that I'll have more time for polishing. I really thought that the shortage would only apply to the big players, but not my little project This has no effect on beta-testing, though, which will happen in July or August.
  3. I think I'll tone it down a bit. 😄
  4. So, to wrap this up, FinalPEB/FlashPEB leads with one vote over SDD 99. I would've hoped for a clear result, but given the almost tie, I'll see what it would mean to change the name to Final/FlashPEB. After all, I'd have to change all the layouts with the name in it. So stay tuned for the final name!
  5. ralphb

    SDD 99

    Yes, and to build on that: There are two cases where we have a device name conflict -- 1.SDD 99 CRU < Disk Controller CRU: You can configure which DSK drives the SDD 99 should "own", i.e., handle. For example, we say DSK1 and DSK3 belong to SDD 99. Then if we use device name DSK2, the entire handling is passed onto the next card, which is eventually the disk controller. 2. Disk Controller CRU < SDD 99 CRU. In that case we will never see device names handled by the disk controller. And I cannot remember if the TIFC claims ownership of, say, DSK3 even when that drive not present. In so, then SDD 99 wouldn't see any DSKn device, which would make the other case the recommended one. If that is not the behavior of TIFC, then it doesn't matter.
  6. Very true ... This speaks against the name "FinalPEB". But then naming the multi-cart FinalGROM was not hubris, but meant tongue-in-cheek, and there was a precedent. 😀
  7. ralphb

    SDD 99

    Well, for peripherals that could conflict with the PEB like the RS232, PIO you could set them to a different CRU address, and they would happily co-exist. Same for the SDD 99 itself, although both SDD and disk controller can be active, you just have to be careful which DSKn you use in the SDD 99. Also, if the PEB has a P-CODE card, you'd need to disable that in the SDD 99, but you wouldn't lose anything. (Or remove the one in the PEB, since disk accesses are faster.) Local peripherals like GIO or mouse cannot interfere with the PEB. The biggest issue is the duplicate memory, but I'd suggest to remove the 32K expansion in the PEB. SAMS/RAMS would also be something that the TIPI might not have (don't know, as I don't own a TIPI). But note that I settled on not passing through any signals from the side port. For cases where it is mounted after the Speech Synth, there is plugin for 5V external power, which must only be used if the side connector doesn't provide 5V, like for the Speech Synth. EDIT: I forgot that I'm planning on a SDD 99 card for the PEB. Everything said here should apply.
  8. ralphb

    SDD 99

    Excellent! Would you need the actual board, or do the gerbers (or even a picture with measurements) work for you? There are two unknowns here, though: 1) How much does the board stick out if I solder an edge connector to the board and then insert it? I've left some room between connection and main board, so you even might ignore this aspect and simply box the rectangular part. 2) The inserted board should remain level, even though the far end has quite some weight and causes the entire board to slope downwards (which puts stress on the edge port). We'd need to figure out the length of any support, as the edge connector puts the board lower than the edge port. Maybe I can speed this up by sending you an empty board with just the connectors soldered in?
  9. ralphb

    SDD 99

    Well, I thought about it, but unfortunately I don't have a 3d printer. Some years ago (ahem) somebody contacted me and offered to design a case, so hopefully he stands by that offer. I even put in 4 (unevenly spaced) holes to aid in mounting. If the case fails, just glue the static bag with the SDD 99 (or whatever we'll call it) still inside to the TI 99. Cat hair solved! 😃 (any hair, actually)
  10. Thanks for your fast answer! Could you please select the appropriate answer above, so it's easier for me to count the votes? 🙃
  11. ralphb

    SDD 99

    Today I received the new SDD 99 boards, hopefully close to the final ones (depends on if there are any bugs). The color is really just an experiment, but I like how that turned out. There's still some software to write before sending out some boards for testing, and I also don't know the yield when soldering the equally small power supply yet. But I do plan to finally go lead-free. I've also opened a poll for the final name of the project, as "SDD 99" is only a part of the entire PEB replacement. There will be another, more technical poll later once I've sent out some boards.
  12. I'd like to ask everybody interested in the SDD 99 what the final name of that board should be. SDD 99 has always been my project name, and might not be the best name as explained in the poll. Thanks for your participation!
  13. Quite weird -- I don't see anything special about that capacitor.
  14. First of all, great find! So basically it wasn't a mechanical problem, but an electrical one? Even if development on the FinalGROM is done, I could still update the instructions and add a section on how to fix your cartridge if anyone should experience similar issues. But you said that it wasn't just the FinalGROM, but also your TIny console? Does the cart now work in the stock console as well? (I've actually learned a lot about capacitors for the SDD 99, so it might be possible that some earlier chosen capacitors on the FinalGROM might "wear out".)
  15. While I don't know about your exact problem, I can report that back in the day, I was testing each FlashROM/FinalGROM cart for function using the same TI 99 console. Eventually, that console no longer was able to recognize the FinalGROM, but other consoles were. My theory was that the cartridge port of that TI went bad. I finally resolved it by using a Widget with three external slots for testing. But you displaced the cart connector, so you probably have a different issue. Do you also have problems if you don't use the reset button (e.g., by power cycling the console)?
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