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  1. Got my Box-Set today as well (Germany) ^^ Many thanks!
  2. Like Eastern and Christmas together, just better 🥰
  3. They are well deserved and I dont have the reputation to say them lightly But the games are really great and I hope to get them all in physical form one day, because they completely deserve it. And I really like the way of pre orders to cover the risk.
  4. Played a few minutes, just til second floor and man, its just incredible again. Such awesome graphics, such great and fluid gameplay. I have to admit that I usw the Arcade Stick made by Grips, I guess it improves the gameplay a lot, but the game is again just amazing. Well done Kai, you are really a gift for the community! Your games are probably the best ever made for this system.
  5. Sorry if the question sounds silly, but how can I pay? ^^
  6. Very late, but not surprising: I definitely support Pre Orders. TNT Cowboy is the best Intellivision game ever made in my Opinion and Kai a godlike programmer. Love to support him and get hands on physical copies of his games, which they so much deserve. So I am in for every single pre order of his games.
  7. Nice, I try to compete from time to time, depending on the games.
  8. Well thanks, still a heck of a deal in my opinion, special place next to my signed Joe Zbiciak Flash-Cart.
  9. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Intellivision-Lives-signiert-von-Blue-Sky-Rangers-NDS-Nintendo-DS-60-Klassische-Spiele-/164279035390?nma=true&si=z82v2l%2FriB47JGmyme01QmEx6bE%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I am completely unsure why no one got interessted in that. Was already online without any bid and even advertised here, feels like a steal tbh, but maybe I value completely different. Of course just if its not fake, but the seller has a good reputation and at least the signings I could find online look pretty legit.
  10. If you are talking about Hover Bovver: You are criticized for threatening to destroy the boxes. I recall that very well, we had to buy two boxes instead of one, but you refused to sell them seperately. So in fact many people were willing to help you to cover the costs, but you just rejected it. And of course you were criticized for insulting your customers again and again. I thought we put that shit behind, but if you bring it back to light please dont change the situations. @intellivotion I am so very sad about this, thought we were best buddies forever @BSRSteve And there again: The publisher who is rather threatening to throw stuf away. You have clearly many people who appreciate your work, sell it to them and make them happy. Just dont sell anything ever to me, instead of punishing a community, because you are not pleased with a single feedback. And it wouldnt be a problem at all, because I am not going to buy anything ever again from your store. There were plenty ways to do it right. Yeah, you have these limited ressources, just make them "first comes, first served" and a "non limited" edition for the follow ups. Even of you just offer cart only it would be something I'll skip, but at least a chance for people who are wanting the games. No special shells needed, just use available ones. Or take pre orders, make a fair calculation to get your profit and sell more with more profit. Just dont be like a bee and rip the people off. Yes, I am pissed off by these releases again and again. Our market is small, but its not as small as 24 and with releases like this you make it hard to impossible for collectors to stay in the game. In fact my goal was to collect all games once upon in time, but man did that goal get nosedived by special release here and there. And I highly doubt that I am the only one who nearly completely stopped collecting, because of the many, many wrong turns the business took over the last couple of years. So I also blame stuff like that (but of course not only by you) which made the already small marked even smaller over the years.
  11. Just saying Overlay Packs. Took forever and many sets were incomplete.
  12. It is very simple: BSRSteve said it himself: Bootleg, first official release. Yeah, there was a release, but he is not shy to remind us, that his is the only legit stuff. And then limits it to that pathetic numbers. I bought the first three releases, even if I had them all already, because I was interessted in buying the "real" stuff. This ended now, since the BSR prooved yes again, that they are not able to work with custumers. Its ridiculous to make such release numbers and the explanation is just awful. Artifical hype and stupid expensive reseller-prices are the result. Worst publisher for this console, and thats a pretty tough achievement. And with that I am out of this thread. So sick of this kind of business.
  13. So yet again an incredible rare item. Count me out, sick of this stuff. Make them available for all people who are interessted, that is fan service. This here is nothing else then artificial hype. Sad to see that the license holders are doing this again and again, nothing learned out of the Blix (or whatever that crap game was called) fiasco.
  14. Amico has not even 20k Followers, we will see how that converts into sales. And Amico is a different story. As a Intellivision Collector I dont care how Amico sells, because its not the Intellivision. To be honest, I dont even know that the heck it is, something like the new Atari VCS? I dont see the market for that, but we will see how it goes in a few month I guess. @mr_me If you are talking about originak Homebrews: Probably pretty bad. And I doubt a publisher will sell them for just 3 bucks, but even if: The Collectors often dont even care about the game, it goes into the shelf and thats it. And for a new console the limitations of a 40 year old system would be pretty terrible to attract customers.
  15. Well, in fact its pretty true. If 10 SNES collectors pass away nothing changes, of 10 Intellivision collectors do so, you will notice the shrinking market. And I said it years before and I stand to my statement: The rising popularity was a curse in disguise. Yeah, we got many games and yes, some were pretty good. Bust many were not and even more could be good, but were rushed out with HUGE flaws and ruined the trust in the market. We also had anough other stuff happens, that ruined trust. The scene seemed to be pretty nice some years ago, easy money for unpolished games. Unfortunately that thinned out the buying potential for awesome games as well, because in the time when everybody and his mother started to release games many people lose their interesst, because it was hard, if not impossible to get hands on all new games. Some even were not in public sale, there were PN groups to get hands on some titles. Some of the publishers did that with honest good intentions, some clearly had a quick moneygrab in mind, but in the end it doesnt even matter, because both harmed market in my opinion. And today we get one shitty overprized release from Italy after another. Its ridiculous, quality is from okay to rubbish, more often the last category. So yeah, I would say there are many factors why the market will die or is already pretty dead. It didnt had a good chance anyway to last forever (INTV will be a damn small niche in a niche), but maybe the greed of some and greenness of others killed it even faster.
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