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  1. I guess its too late to worry, but still I doubt it will be taken care of. So Game Factory just stays a not working piece of plastic in my shelf. Deal, as a serious collector I dont care of the stuff is actually working or not :D
  2. Ask them. But its very good that its Spiker and not Blix, because Spiker is an actual good game and I own it, so my whole point of view has a better ground and doesnt looks like I am trying to legitimate my collection And I am collector and gamer, I dont really care for ROM only releases (so I hope TNT gets a CiB release). As far as I remember our paths crossed already in the HSC area some years ago. So you may have noticed that I am not just interessted in more boxes for my shelf. That is the reason why I stopped to buy all homebrews, because more and more of them just are not good. Rushed out, low quality control. But its fine, because most people dont actual play the games they are paying for, so why bother into making them good.
  3. Yet again your "serious collector" is wrong and arrogant, but the second part is true at least. While I dont know about the licenses for the mentioned games, at least Deep Pockets and King of the Mountain have to be bought in the official version to be in a full set. And if the others are licensed its true for them as well. And here the bummer: Blix. Wasnt that from the BSRs? If yes, there is a very small limit for people who can get a real full set. But its sad that instead of joy about the release of a much overpriced game its just more sad try to protect the status of be something special for owning a old copy. Yeah, feel free to think so, but you will never be the authority to determine who a serious collector is and who not. But to be honest: I never expeted anything else, most of the so called "serious collectors" do not even care about the game, they just buy it for display.
  4. Yes and no. In this case its not even a definition thing, its just a fact: The Re-Release is licensed and official. There is no discussion about that. Its pretty disrespectful towards BSR if you pretend its less worth or not a real deal. It is a real deal, deal with it if you have a 1k bucks game in the shelf which you could have get for a lot less now Personally I hope the price of Spiker plummets.
  5. Fun fact: If you dont count Re-Releases you have no complete collection of you have Super Series Big League Baseball as your only variation of the game. I think that underlines why this makes no sense. Edit: And as I said some time ago: The official and legitimate Re-Release of Spiker will be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more rare than the Release back then. So as a real collector I like rare things more than expensive things. And please dont forget, I own the old Spiker, so I am not biased to be a "real" collector with the Re-Release, nor I am considering to trade the old for the new one, I will put both in my shelf.
  6. Thats just your opinion and I dont think you are the collectors authority. For me statements like that are elitist nonsense. @Intymike I really dont care and if I read here that some people really try to exclude Intellivision Inc versions the whole "real collector" thing reached a new level of ridiculousness
  7. If we count out Re-Releases, I wonder how many Platinum Member would be left, because some may (I am for sure) have the 125 with INTV Inc versions and they are also Re-Releases.
  8. If its too hot my try a ride on the Arctic Bus!
  9. Hopefully its not there out of nowhere with a time frame of maybe a day to order ^^ If its open for order for a month its all I need to be sure to get them.
  10. This June seems to have a very long middle part
  11. I am really excited about the price tag, or did I miss an announcement?
  12. It clearly qualifies to be in the 125 "Club". The club was created for people who have all official released games CiB. That is the platinum level. There is no "variation" Level, so you do not need the rarest version of the game, just an official version. This release is official. Its from the owners of the trademark. So if you are currently at 124 go for it and feel complete. No need to think otherwise. And I am technically member of the 125 Platinum Club, pics are all online just never submitted to Rev, so its no wishful thinking to sneak in, its my honest opinion. Edit: And fun fact: The new release is probably much more rare than the original one
  13. Nuremberg isnt Germany, its Bavaria. Please dont mix these two countries all together
  14. As far as I know KotM will be complete and the first official release. As a gamer it would be wasting money to overpay for the Intelligentvision Version right now.
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