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  1. I am from Germany and here is my point of view: I also had to go to the customs, but thats the deal I accept when I import stuff. It doesnt matter what you write on the label, sometimes you have to go to the office and proof your purchase. If you can not handle that there are two options: Quit importing stuff, oder paying DHL to do the paperwork for you. Second option means a bit delay and extra costs, but it spares you time and the way to the office. So I would prefer if nothing get changed, because its not worth to put thoughts into a random controlling system.
  2. Hm, so I am not 100% sure if I get it right: If I have a cart I could get the rest next year, so far so good, but because the carts are not longer sold: Will there be a complete version post Portland available? Because I have no cart and if the train left the station to get my hands on a boxed copy it would be a bit sad.
  3. Got the game today, but I was just able to start it a bit, not really getting how to play it. It really looks amazing, many nice graphics and even animated fire!
  4. The problem is: I dont want to spend money on shipping for a cart and again money on shipping the box. So I would definitely buy a CiB Copy of TNT Cowboy and probably also of the other two games (but just 90%). If Elektronite would say definitely "there are no boxes" and that would stand as a final word I also would buy a cart only, better than nothing, but I really would appreciate a boxed version. The situation is pretty unlucky for both sides: You are waiting for sales and I am waiting on a final word about the future of the stuff and I am really not comfortable with buying my games in pieces. Importing stuff costs money, time and risk of damage every time. It would be great if there would be a better solution, so maybe... pre orders? I totally get why sellers are not very happy with that, but Elektronite made its name as trustable, so for me the situation is completely different and as a customer I would prefer a CiB pre order instead of buying in chunks. Edit: And to be honest: If the "final word" would say "no boxes", I buy the game and out of nowhere there would be boxes, because the game sold well, I would also not be happy with it, because of all the reasons above I rather have a clear and honest information than getting wrong information to get me into buying someting.
  5. This is the Key-Sentence. No secondary market needed, just patience. Its okay for me to wait, I have no Facebook, so I hope I get the news in time next time.
  6. I am confused, is this just the first batch and more are coming later, or is the sale done with 35 copies?
  7. Not interessted. I dont think Intellivision Sounds are that good to stand alone as a nice music. But thats just my opinion, make a limited release with serials and you sure find some buyers.
  8. Got my three games today, thank you very much! Short question about the silver sticker ob the back: Is that the serial? All of my games say "BSR-120", so I have #120 for each of them? I am not sure if that is the correct interpretation, because it was the first batch and as far as I know it was a lot less then 120 copies ^^
  9. Funny Idea: If you write in your "PM sent" message the stuff you are interessted in it would be obvious for everybody what a PM is useful for and what is already gone away
  10. I think the only legitimate games are the ones that came with your console, so the games that were bundled. All the rest is just not the real deal and completely fake
  11. Not original, just released by the copyright holders and licensed. Wait... I wonder why we call anything Post Mattel original then, may we should shrink the official collection just to the Mattel branded games. Edit: The funny part is: If the BSR would have released that stuff in the mid 90s, before the whole "platinum club" became a thing, everyone here would say "yay, re-release, just like many other games" and we would talk about 127 official releases at least.
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