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  1. Got the ROM on my LTO today, but I have just played a few minutes. As Usual I am using Grips Arcade-Stick and its really a pleasure, fluid gameplay with a nice controller. I cant tell much about the game so far, besides the graphics are still way above average, but I liked the art style of TNT Cowboy more. I am not a programmer, so I have no idea if its more ore less impressive, I just think ot fits better to the capability of the console. Gameplay felt on point, very smooth controls.


    Only minor thing: I would have liked of the buildings in the village had signs like "Potion Store" or "Inn". Its no big deal, because after a few visits you sure can tell. but it would be nice at the biginning and also seems quite normal that a shop has some kind of advertisement to show that its no private house.


    Hopefully I find time to go deeper in the game the next days. I like that fall damage is a thing, even if I got my first one in the village, not able to reproduce it somehow. I made a swordattack while I was in air and landed on a villager and somehow took damage. I first thought he attacked me, but he wasnt hostile and did not hit me again, despite I tried to slash him to death.

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  2. Regarding shipping box and cart on different times: I dont think its a good way, cause it probably causes a lot of more work for Kai_Magazine. Shipping is a time consuming process. I dont know how many got sold, but I guess its a number you actually need hours to pack all the games. And you also have to buy the materials and either bring them to the postal service, or organize that they pick the parcels up (which may isnt even possible in some countries/regions).


    As a customer I would consider this option, depending on the additional costs, but I would like to safe Kai this work, because he doesnt really get anything out of it. So I am completely fine if he doesnt offer that.


    The idea with making a price for the ROM and asking the paid pre orders if they would accept that price in the worst case of a refund crossed my mind as well. That said, is there any way to ensure the ROM is not spreaded for free? Because to be honest, even in the smallest projects you always have some black sheep to spit in the face of the developer. I was supporter of many NON PROFIT projects and not a single one hadnt at least a few dumbasses who resold the stuff for insanely high prices. That is the reason I did not mentioned this idea, cause I did not intended to cause any pressure. Because in the first moment the idea sounds easy and logical, but if there is no way to secure the copyright its Pandoras box and I'll be honest: I highly doubt it will stay closed.

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  3. Yeah, I also have no problems to wait. That said, its a pretty sad situation. I dont know anything about the communication and the problems, but its kind of heartbreaking that the best developers this console ever saw get stopped by something like that. Hopefully it solves out and we will get more Kai Magazine games in the future, cause as someone who really plays the games he buys I can not say it often enough: These are by far the best ones. There is nothing comparable, neither in the original 125, nor in any of the other new games.

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  4. Disclaimer: I ship from Germany. The price actually does include insured Shipping to the USA. If you are from the EU shipping might be a lot cheaper, just ask for a price. If you are from other countries, like China, it might be a bit more expensive, so I might have to add a few dollars. That said, the price does not include Custom fees or taxes, so keep that in mind, because I will declare the actual paid price on the parcel to avoid any problems in case it gets lost.


    Due to Covid and the oversea shipping I cant give you any arrival date of course, but you'll receive the tracking ID. Payment is through PayPal Family and Friends only. 


    Here are pictures of the actual game for sell. It looks decent due to its age. It comes with the box, the inner tray, the manuel and the catalogue. I testet it today (17th of September) and it works perfect. The label of the cart is slightly peeling off due to bad glueing, its a common issue with Parker Releases. 


    Price: 160$, feel free to make reasonable offers. 



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  5. I as inspired by that RGB Mod thread, but did not want to hijack it. I found some guy in a german board, who make me a sweet mod as well. Its RGB + Controller Ports.




    I am a complete scrub, so may laugh but what impresses me the most is, that the original controllers are still 100% functional, despite the ports to connect Grips Arcade-Stick. Love it ♥

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  6. Hello @Kai_Magazine


    I contaced you via mail, you responded me quickly, thanks :) And I have to say some words to the upcoming concerns:


    I cant really say that I know Joe, but if I had to deal with him he was awesome and generous and as we all know he has done incredible things for the Intellivision Community. I get that Kai_Magazine has to move on, they explained it very well and as a business you sometimes have to make descisions some may not like. So I completely get their point and wish them all the best, hopefully the situation solves soon and may we see us again in the future. I really would like it, because the games had extraordinary quality in my opinion and were always top notch.


    But have not the slightest of fear in this situation as a customer. I am sure Joe will deliver, but sometimes real life is a bitch and especially in this pandemic situation it gets harder and harder for thousands of unforeseen reasons. I wish Joe all the best, but I have no doubt he will do his job. All the details in the background between Kai and Joe are nothing I concern, just not my business.


    I hope I made clear what I wanted to say, English is not my first language and so it sometimes twists the sense a bit in the wrong direction xD

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  7. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Space-Hawk-for-Intellivision-Signed/303799987034?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=603015873592&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649


    Well... I love signed stuff :lol: And I really wondered if I saw it very early, or if thats really a niche no one else likes, because imo its a complete steal for that price... but I thought it much more when I bought the signed Intellivision Lives, which had a lot of signings on it from many different people, including Keith.

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  8. On 11/2/2020 at 11:56 PM, BiffMan said:

    For Sharp Shot, can I get a ruling on whether we need to see a "zero" on the other player's score, or if I'm allowed to pound on the 2nd player fire button to help with the respawn rate?  I seem to be getting higher scores when doing the latter.


    Edit - Looks like in prior seasons, folks were just doing single player (zero for the other score) and high scores are perfectly possible.

    Maze high score appears to be 48 by Ignorama in season 9, by the way


    In fact it seems that I hold three of the four records :) Maze 48, Battleship 44 and Space 83. And as far as I remember the game was a RNG festival. So my advice: If a run starts bad, just reset. Not worth the time. But I think (!) maze was a bit different. Unfortunately I dont have time at the moment, but I think I remember that you could "manipulare" the RNG by shooting very early. This spawned more bugs... or whatever you are killing in this game.

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