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  1. Its not just me, I shared the info about the game on a german board and even not Intellivision-Fans are impressed, really impressed. https://www.nexgam.de/forum/thread/92511-intv-tnt-cowbay-aka-holy-shit-sieht-das-geil-aus-o/?postID=2399048#post2399049 For example this comment: The translation is: It looks better than some NES games. And that is so true, if I just watch the video I really never have guessed its Intellivision. I am really hyped, the first time for some years. Just great work and I really love your passion for details, like the shadow on the character sprite when he walks under a roof. And on the other board somebody mentioned that the text-screens are like the ones from old silent films, I missed that part until he pointed that out. So thank you very, very much for a really well made and with passion made game for the Intellivision. I lost my passion to buy homebrews the last couple of years, but this beauty got my attention. I am happy to get a copy in April!
  2. Don't know if I posted it here before, but I like this one very much:
  3. Sick graphics, wow. As an action rpg, what is the estimated time for a playthrough and does it come with a safe-function? Anyways... wow. Edit: Skipping the opener doesnt help - "Continue" pretty much answers the question about saving. Rises the wow.
  4. The problem was never that he is not able to finish anything. The problem is that he lied to us for years and now is a proven scammer. If he had refunded the money no one would care anymore, but it seems he has burned the money and may or may not will refund when he is finally able to. Personally, I think GB has mental problems. Its no statement to make fun about him, but his all behaviour shows that he lives in a complete different world and has no sense of responsibility at all. And if thats false, he is just a criminal, dont know which one would be better. But anyway, my strong advise to anyone: If this guy shows up again anytime, do not be naive and invest money in his projects. He is just not trustworthy at all.
  5. How is it ancient, when many people do not have their refund yet?
  6. Never noticed the Igloos. Its like in Tropical Trouble. A bit dissapointing, that they do not show the progress, in TT the symbol changes the color if you completed 10 runs.
  7. This is no one-way road. Also "collectors" bought many copies to sell them to get profit out of the work of others.
  8. If we are looking at prices the "crash" already happened in many cases. There are many games which went down in prices extremely. Whorm Whomper lost about 60-70% of its value, same is true for River Raid and some others. SMB also lost about half of its price, as well as Congo Bongo. Even Spiker, which isnt surprising since its pretty often on Ebay. But its hard to call it crash, because prices were build by a bubble and sadly Atari Age was a huge part of that bubble. People here are pretty lose if they should put a price tag in Intellivision games, ignoring that the fanbase is very slim. So here, many prices "crashed", but just because they were pushed back then. If we are talking about the meaning of a community, the crash was years ago, may we never had one. I think there was a time when everything was allright, but it was long long time ago. Dont get me wrong, there are still awesome people in the Community, I am not ungrateful. Some helped me to build my collection back then. But unfortunately some of them went sour and bitter over the years. Which isnt surprising at all, because we had too many issues which divided the community in two or more camps and if you supported the one side, you were treated like an enemy of not just the other side, but rather everybody who supported them. And I am not namecalling anybody, nor I am referring to one single situation. If you think a bit about it you will find several examples and many, many persons involded into this. And I am totally aware that I am sounding sour and bitter myself. Actually I am not anymore, but I was at some point. It was about the time I decided to stop using Atari Age as an active member. Meanwhile I am resigned. I still love my collection, but I lost my passion to enlarge it. And I am still a bit bitter about the whole market situation, especially the homebrew market. And its about buyers and sellers.
  9. And now the sad truth: The number of topics which went down like this was growing the last couple of years in the Intellivision Community. In many cases I was a huge part off the problem, but its funny too see that the community doesnt need me to be sick of each other And another sad fact: Also the number of rip-off Brews has grown. Melk the cow as quick as possible, because tomorrow its maybe too late.
  10. It was years ago when I played Paddle Party, but if I remember correctly its the game from the right screenshot? If yes: Sorry, but that game is not even close to be as good as Shuffle Puck Cafe is. But to be honest: I can not imagine the fast paced gameplay of Shuffle Puck on the Intellivision. I also doubt the controller would be able to handle that pace. But at least a first person view would be a great start. I played hours of Shuffle Puck on Amiga.
  11. Fun-Fact: In an actual HSC that would be camping and not valid for a entry
  12. But even back than its something you have to criticize. Especially if you consider that some of the games got an update which had AI. Multiplayer only is a bad system in a world without online support to be able to play 24/7. So yeah, if you had a friend/brother to play with you probably hat the most exciting hours back then. But that does not really cover the fact that its unfinished without a single player mode.
  13. Every game with the word "Fun" in it is terrible. I also dislike all multiplayer only games. They are in fact not that bad, but they have no AI and so they are also not that good. Unfortunately its hard to find an opponent in our days, so they turned out to be nearly unplayable. So I rather play DK from Coleco than any Fun-Game and any MP-only Game, which means they are kind of worse than DK :-/
  14. Yes, sure. Its just a quesion when Jack bought his copy. And if you consider the leftover-sales complete or not (personally I would say they are not complete, but may some crazy variant collectors have a different opinion ).
  15. I am pretty sure he sold copies without overlays at some point. This was the reason why I skipped games like Football. If I remember correctly he assembled some copies with the materials he had and unfortunately there were no overlays.
  16. In fact I am thinking the same, but I am too triggered to enjoy it Especially because of he double standards of guys like Rev and DZ. "Contact GB" - Yeah, it worked very well in the past. And also I am not sure: Whats their business here? Its not on them to decide of customers complain here or anywhere else. Everyone who is not refunded yet has the right to tell it here or PM and its not on the GB Defence Force to get them quite. If you think about it they have less business to do here than all the "trolls" and they also dont do anything for getting this thread calm, to the contrary they are heating the topic up as well for years now, blaming everyone else for it. So yeah, its pretty stunning, especially what DZ does. Edit: And to be honest: Its liberating to be not interessted in any homebrews anymore. No fear to get banned because you tell your opinion Some years ago I was a bit more diplomatic (even if I was never able to shup up if something fucks me up), but now: I really dont care anymore.
  17. To be honest: I am completely sick of this shitty behavior of Rev, DZ-Jay and all the others as well. Defending the biggest troll this board has ever seen and calling new members trolls is just disgusting. Of course I am a troll as well, because I am not kissing the ass of somebody who delivered nothing. God was I lucky what he forced me to get a refund a while ago, just look at loyal guys like Mike who wait for month. And thats the point: We are definitely not speaking about thousands of pre-orders and still its taking month over month. Yeah... sure (I guess he is just broke and has to gather the money, which is quite amazing if you think about it) Go ahead and eat my words alive, I couldnt care less. This topic has no topic and GroovyBee is just a bad joke, nothing else.
  18. 5 buttons actually wouldnt work very well at all. Lets explain it with the PlayStation Pad in mind. In fact there are four buttons, gut most players use them as "rows". In pre-analog-stick racing games it is very obvious what I am talking about. You press the X button with the middle of the thumb, while the top end of your thumb is slightly lifted up, ready to brake if its time to do so. A 5th button would ruin the layout and you would press it by accident all the time. So no, the 4-button system is definitely not just because of the SNES controller. It just is proven to be good. @DZ-Jay Or the ultimate hybrid: The arcade stick Its impossible to do that, because it would be freakin expensive, but if you look at Grips Arcade Stick it works very well with classic and modern games. And lets face the truth: The new console wont be anywhere close to be a current gen console, so I dont expect AAA games for it. Just look at the new Atari VCS. And the new Intellivision has a much smaller fanbase, so I do not expect anything to be honest.
  19. Way too many buttons. I count 26 and its just ridiculous. Nobody needs six trigger and five face-buttons
  20. Why is the box a relevant point? Its about the GAME of the year, not the best paperwork of the year. To be honest, the "best box" category was pretty strange anyway, because most boxes are exactly the same.
  21. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Game-by-Intelligent-Television-Body-Slam-Super-Pro-Wrestling/192531903488?hash=item2cd3cbb400:g:0UIAAOSwI4xa48nr Great Price imo
  22. Unusual country, which is always a risk for shipping and a pretty bad seller profile. So I think the price is okay. When you add shipping and fees its not so cheap anymore.
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