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  1. We are shipping already, was just waiting for new shells to change into in stock. However my wife is due any day now so I haven't gotten around on changing the site nor ship current orders, should be able to do it within the next few days.
  2. I'd like to buy all the available ones for Mutant Penguins, and Cybermorph. Please Pm me.
  3. People didn't want it it, so the domain was sold (only domain). I'll check out the video! Thanks!
  4. Well I was asking just in general! 80s, 90s, and early 2000s games that have not been turned into toys yet that you would like to see as figures.
  5. Well I am opening a front store in the office, it would be a general retro video game and toy store!
  6. I woulnd't want to share inside info on those guys really. May be in person I would haha. I will be working on the website during the summer and all our IPs will be listed on the GAMES section (right now there is only 2 from when I was testing the website). Man I got to do thousands of things on the website haha.
  7. Erggg, I've had trouble with Tommo before, won't touch them with a 50ft pole. If that wasn't the case I'd be all over it. May be the Zero Tolerance Characters could be done into action figures. We got a BUNCH of character designs by a very popular Japanese sculptor that did them for Technopop.
  8. Oh Awesome Thanks! Actually Last Rites is super interesting, it only came out in Europe cancelled in the US. And it is an IP I want to explore in Dreamcast, problem is we didn't get the source code, so may be eventually we'll do it by decompressing DOS builds etc. I'd like it to have it also on N64!
  9. Eventually on the website there will be a directory that has all the games we own available, and it will tell you the platforms they are from etc. It is a project I need to start. I started it a long time ago but only added 2 games and stopped lol. But yeah I think it is actually close to 170 now. And working on another large acquisition; after that I will retire from seeking to buy the rights of old games, only will do it if good deals and opportunities present themselves. Also I'd like to apply to a record Guinness then.
  10. Honestly I am going to have to disagree with you; it is specifically made to look like a ToyBiz from the 90s figure. We can do the new style of action figures with like bazillion of articulations, but I don't want to. I want it to feel like it is a toy from the 90s. Dollar Store Kock offs don't sell ABS figures, not PVC figures. They are normally done with plastic used in blow molds (plastic used in water/soda bottles, shampoos and the like). VHS Effect I've done before several time, not 2 years, ago our Jim Power Video on Steam was done Legit with VHS not digital effect. That was 2014. Honestly you and flojo need to move on from Mike hate train. I don't understand your fixation to just keep hating on the guy. Yeah he messed up, he went away from the community and he didn't really scam anyone but himself. Retro Magazine website has more than 6000 readers a month, so I honestly don't see the toxicity, the only toxicity has been brought by you with this comment and Flojo (mostly). That is actually a good point I had not considered (selling packaged figure and open figure) Thanks, I shall consider it, because I open most of the action figures I buy and old stuff that I have sealed, I do buy a open one because I like to actually feel and touch and pose the figures. This would be pretty awesome with Metal Masters! And it could definitely be ported to Jag I think. Primal Rage "Rumor" came from the licensing guy at WB when I was interested in buying the rights of that game. So not sure if they still have plans for it. Checking out that DOS game. And Metal Masters only came out in Europe right? No NA release?
  11. Game wise is bad, not for comics and toys =D.
  12. Unfortunately Duke Nukem 3D was a Sega Genesis only deal. However, I want to launch this modest project to learn the ins and outs of action figure production. And then once we are experts we can license recognizable characters (as normally license owners are very strict and have a lower tolerance for mistakes etc). Anything similar to Transformers or Megazords that we own would be Metal Masters which is a game by Infogrames for the Amiga, Atari ST and Gameboy. Game is pretty awesome actually. Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybAwTqXy0dc Primal Rage would be hard because I know for a fact WB is planning a Movie so Hasbro will be all over that (like with Rampage). Anything closer to Primal Rage would be the beasts you can summon on Brave Battle Sage (completely different type of game, but only similar type of beasts). Or Rise of the Robots (been trying to buy out this IP for a while but I need to wine and dine the owner). Yes, just bought it like 2-3 weeks ago =D. Coming to Steam soon =D.
  13. Thanks! I already paid for a lot of these fees, (well making 1 prototype is what would cover a lot of those). So we just need those funds for the production of the mold and the production run. YES! One of my favorite toy lines is Star Wars. But I didn't really care much about the figures (only 5 articulations including the head) but the Space ships man! Love those. So eventually I'd like to start doing IPs that would have vehicles or ships. I've actually thought of doing a AVGN related Line, where we make figures of games he has reviewed in the past. So Noah' is one. Attack of the Mutant Penguins is another one. I have to go through his videos and see what else we own. The Digital Download is the Genesis version yes =D.
  14. If you need help in any level just let me know. I Q/A'd that game so I know it pretty well!
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