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  1. Video Kid with all new Soundtrack by Barry Leitch!
  2. Thanks American Hero we were able to get a hold of the SC thanks to a AA member called Chris. Seems all footage is there. Caves of Fear I wanted to see whats up. May be it could be a cool side story or something like that for AH. Thanks for the info guys!
  3. I know they are just prototypes, Have anybody played them? I don't have a Jag CD, and I wanted to know if you can play from beginning to end on each? Or at least if they have all footage (even if the game part is not finished). Anybody has tried them? Thanks!
  4. They all don't have engineers or engineering teams and base their operations at the mercy of Chinese factory's innovations and ideas. If you can sell 5000 pieces of a clone UPC you can do their business too.
  5. Yes, and design docs and all the monsters sculptures drawn in some sort of film.
  6. We just launched the KS for the game. Finally after many years. Here is the link: http://kck.st/361a4Pv If you want more background info, check out the story in the campaign. If you still have any questions, let me know. I'll be checking and updating this thread periodically. Thanks!
  7. Meh I rather not bother or bother Rebecca to be honest, If the community is going to be acting like that.
  8. PC release may happen in just emulated version, Then a major remaster sort of what we did with Super 3D Noah's ark but also for other platforms.
  9. Wolfenstein lol. Zero Tolerance is more of a Doom kind of engine. But that's only my 2 cents.
  10. I got full source code, but don't know if anyone wants to take the challenge. May be Rebecca Heineman, She has said she'd work for us on the Jag.
  11. We may be will do Jim Power, nothing concrete now. We have a 100% version of Video Kid with a whole new soundtrack made by Barry Leitch. Will be released probably Holiday 2020.
  12. Hey Guys, I work in the gaming industry and my company buys the rights of old games. We just bought out all the 2D games by Gaelco, and are working on other Arcade catalogs. One of them is the Unico Catalog, which includes Master's Fury (undumped and hard to find the PCB) and Goori Goori (same case). Goori Goori I'm not sure if we are going to buy out because it has nudity on it. However, any members both regular and commercial arcade operators would be interested in full size cabinets of such games? Im not talking about Multigame like the Atgames new one. But Single title dedicated and branded for a particular game. What about stuff by Gaelco, I don't think their cabinets reached North America. Titles like Big Karnak, Thunderhoop, etc are pretty awesome. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Eli
  13. Digicon Games Released Street Hoops on Steam for 5 bucks. It is 15% off now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1189520/Street_Hoop/
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