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  1. Cases like plastic clam shells or actual cartridge cases? We have a bunch of newly produce cartridge cases.
  2. We are making games actually :). Finished up a Switch one a little a go, and finishing up 2 commissioned projects as we speak.
  3. Hey Tommy, are you still signing up developers? Never heard back from you after our initial talk. 2.5D is something we want to do in the future. And now we have over 200 video game IPs to pick from.
  4. I guess you are very familiar with the situation and know all the things that normally happen. So what's the point of sharing my experience. Is not like we own 200 game IPs with many unreleased titles.
  5. Depends on the paperwork of the liquidation sale. If it specifically says they are getting a copy of the prototype only then yes. But that would be a major slip up from the Trustee and probably would never happen, as they normally try to squeeze as much money as possible from the assets to liquidate.
  6. I agree but now you are moving the goal posts. if the prototype was bought at a bankruptcy sale, such collector should have paperwork of what was included and based on that either the collector owns the IP or just the board that the software is on (like Tanookie said). but yeah I love this hypothetical scenarios keep them coming.
  7. It is illegal because it is a trade secret. That software should not be in his hand at all. Even if the company went bankrupt, there is a lawyer, trustee, creditors or another entity that has all right on that property. Is like saying that you own reals estate of someone that went bankrupt/died because you are squatting on it. Someone somewhere has ownership of that property and it is not you because you found it.
  8. There is plenty of ways to bury people in legalities etc. Unfair competition, piracy, Robbery etc. Doesn't mean you will get all of them to stick. But at least will make an unwilling party play ball.
  9. Thats why we put bounties in protos. but some people raise the price ten fold because they know someone wants it. That is being a dick and thats what makes other people be a dick back and sue you basically what Im saying.
  10. Well if you offer them money and they do not want to sell it or are being difficult (there is proof you tried a reasonable means to acquire that prototype), a prototype is Illegal to sell. It is even against ebay and other marketplaces TOS. I don't think I would lose, and I would be ready any time to prove anybody wrong.
  11. This, and if somehow that collector's version is better/more finished we'd probably offer more money to get our hands on it.
  12. Exactly Asset protection, is not being dicks, and everybody gets paid anyways. If they behave like a jerk and won't play ball, then yeah legal time!
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