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  1. PC6001VW Disable FDD drives, Tape only! PC-6001mkII Mode 5,Pages 2 MON R-0 GDD74
  2. These SGM games are working with ColEm 4.4 Hardware > Super Game Module enabled?
  3. This is a pity. AdamEm SDL 1.8 (not SDL 1.81) is the only version which is working on my Vista 32-bit OS. I do not know the difference between AdamEm SDL 1.8 and higher SDL version.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! It will be great to support the process name "DosBox" See Virtual Adam Where can I download the AdamEm SDL version 2.0?
  5. Adam_Paste works with CoolCV and AdamEM SDL 1.8 With AdamEM DOS 1.81 + DOSBox it does not work. AdamEM 1.9 for Windows not exist. .
  6. Funny joke! I have the same result with the last MAME/MESS version.
  7. Squish 'Em Sam 1. Do you can hear the voice on MAME/MESS? 2. The voice is correct on CoolCV The programer of vgmgr is working on a fix.
  8. Try to contact Team Pixelboy. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273502-team-pixelboy-news-bulletin-december-25th-2017/ http://www.teampixelboy.com/ Good to see I am not alone with the problem. https://twitter.com/AnnaWu_/status/974512701165658113
  9. vdmgr v0.1.8 Full SGM support Bug fix: ・ Fix ROM / RAM bank switching ・ Initialize SGM expansion RAM http://www.geocities.jp/g_lsluk/
  10. The problem with Thexder(SGM) is now solved. A new version (vdmgr) is coming soon.
  11. It seems all games (Christmas present) are working on vdmgr, except Thexder(SGM). The Programmer is working to solve the problem.
  12. Thank you for the nice Christmas present. Just for info, the multi-system emulator called vdmgr 0.1.7 (Windows) support ROMs that require the Super Game Module too. Language (GUI): English, French, German and Japanese http://www.geocities.jp/g_lsluk/
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