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  1. Yes sorry I didn't see any where so I put it here. Where should I post it?
  2. Got the 64dd today. Trying to use the console the game pulled up to the press start screen. I keep hitting start button on controller not working. Also I watched a video of another game boot up and the light above the slot on the drive kept blinking. Mine as soon as it hits the press start button option stops blinking and making noises.
  3. All prices include shipping if you buy more than 1 item I may be able to discount items. I accept PayPal, Bitcoins, or cash pickup in Xenia, Ohio 45385. Everything was tested by the people I bought stuff from if anything doesn't work you can return it for a full refund. Consoles: Red wii $20.00 (Sold) Xbox 360 arcade 20gb $45.00 Xbox original $35.00 Ps1 $18.00 (Sold) Ps1 $18.00 (Sold) Ps2 $32.00 (Sold) Controllers: Xbox 360 blue wired $11.00 Ps1 non dual $7.25 (Sold) Xbox 360 black wireless no bat cov $12.50 Ps2 intec purple $13.00 Xbox original blue no b cable $8.00 Xbox original blue no b cable $8.00 Wii chuck $5.00 Wii intec chuck (not in pictures) $5.00 Ps2 blue dual s $9.00 Xbox original black no b cable $9.00 Accessories: Wii tennis attach $6.00 Wii sleeve $5.00 Wii sleeve $5.00 Rock band microphone $8.00 Rock band microphone $8.00 Rock band microphone $8.00 Konami microphone Xbox original $12.00 PS3 eye $5.00 Ps2 network adapter $9.50 Microsoft camera red and black $10.00 Wii fit board $30.00 DJ hero wii $20.00 Ps2 V3 racing wheel 2 $30.00 Ps2 Guitar hero 3 guitar in box box a little rough with game $42.00 Cables: Sony 8.5v $6.00 Wii sensor $5.00 Wii power $6.00 Xbox 360 AV $5.00 PlayStation rf $6.00 PlayStation performance rf $5.50
  4. You can buy a $10 cable on eBay use that and a flash drive to load all the emulators and games you want.
  5. Price drop to $60 still includes GameStop controller with breakaway cable. Also AV cable, power cable, and moded Xbox.
  6. I just found a GameStop controller I can throw in with a breakaway cable.
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