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  1. AtariVCS101


  2. i think I'm gonna go play some 2600. Cya guys later :D

    1. Atari5200Fan


      lol this is my old account XD I forgot the password...


  3. Could anyone provide links to basic tutorials on 2600 programming? Thanx!
  4. If it was me I would make a game for the 2600 because I do not have a 7800 but I think you should try for the 7800
  5. Long time no see, lol. Who's been playing their 2600 lately besides me? :)

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    2. AtariVCS101


      I really want a 7800 as a backup since it can play 2600 games :P

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I have!! On my 7800 :) Skiing by Activision lately, and River Raid

    4. AtariVCS101


      7800 ftw!!! lol XD

  6. I dont know wuts on my mind.

  7. I know this aint a kill screen but the programmer's name in adventure. =D
  8. I started this topic because of Slender The eight pages computer game. It's made on the unity engine and its about the Slender Man who is stalking you through the woods while you go through different places like oil tanks and a building looking for 8 pages while not getting caught by the Slender Man. In total there are 10 possible locatio0ns for pages - Big rocks, Scary Tree, bathroom building, oil truck, truck and mobile home, cross walls, silo, tunnel, oil tank field, and the cut down trees. Its REALLY scary and I say that it is about for people at least 12 or older to play. Resond below about the game. Here's the game's download link- http://www.parsecproductions.net/slender/
  9. Gonna go shoppin later for some books and crap.

  10. So lately I've been playing crap like Wii and Minecraft but now I'm leaving Minecraft behind and not gonna play wii so much and instead I'm gonna get out the 2600 and play my games again cuz I haven't played them in a FEW MONTHS. I'm also gonna have to play donkey Kong on my 2600 cuz I got it in June and STILL haven't played it (which is pretty sad .) That's all for now so SEE YA!
  11. You should get the woodgrain 4 switch.
  12. Yeah its the original model that can be easily modded but they have system updates when you get certain games for the first time and the updates check for mods and if there are mods the mods will be wiped off of the Wii.
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