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  1. No, Mad Bodies (the "Work") was not legitimately released as a download. It has been released as a download without our authorization which is copyrighted work in accordance with Title 17 of the U.S. code.
  2. Not everything on the Jaguar needs to cost $80 + S&H
  3. Excellent game for the Jaguar. No, it is not to much.
  4. For the record, GORF CD (discontinued) supports the Memory Track.
  5. Developers and programmers don't need this tool, they can just write one themselves. Right! Anyway, how many people have a flash cart Or source code for games completed or not completed like the famous NATIVE. It will be used mostly to dump ROMS only.
  6. Absolutely. I think it's a good point to make, that none of these guys (steven, scott, tererance, carl, etc etc) owe us ANYTHING. The fact that they spent years and years on projects for the community...the one thing we have invested in all of this is anticipation! I've been away from the 'scene' for quite a while, and was pleased to hear a new game Mad Bodies see an official release (although I haven't picked it up yet!) It's also very hard to believe some of these games have been slowly but surly in the works for over 10 years.. I remember seeing a PC demo of Gorf 3D back at JagFest '98! Updates are always welcome on projects as any indication that the plug has not been pulled however. I've waited this long already, I can wait longer! I'll be the first to buy Gorf Pluz aka Earth God Troopers aka God Earth Troopers,.......
  7. That's it I found the perfect place for this new guy in MightyFrog!
  8. Ok, I will help you little cusses out so stay tune!
  9. I'm being nice that's an awesome score for 0 continues! It was more like a hint! THANKS!
  10. Ha! you should have that score before you even get to stage 5.
  11. Ha! It doesn't help to much does it! When I design MB, I thought about those Rapid Fire Controllers (weak cheat controllers)! MB cripples them with the detection code, mahaha... It's all right to get !
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