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  1. macOS 10.15 no longer supports running 32-bit programs, which is the reason why the application won't launch. In an effort to keep support for really old versions of mac OS (10.7 and later), I have to use tools that are only capable of creating 32-bit mac applications. I've had a 64-bit version building for some time on a development machine, and knew this day may come … but it's woefully undertested. Supporting macOS older than 10.9, and Windows older than Windows 7, is either insane or a noble quest of "because I can!" that has its costs.
  2. Existing versions of the LTO Flash! User Interface Software for macOS will not run on the latest macOS update (version 10.15, a.k.a. Catalina). You can download a version that mostly works here. Known issues: No splash screen so there's no entertainment while you wait for the UI to load Does not display correctly in "dark mode" (note: this currently means it forces light mode for the app only, you should be able to keep dark mode on in your OS) Does not include a copy of jzintv When you download, just unzip it, then right click and choose "open" to launch (at least the first time). Thanks to @ColecoJoe for reminding me of this and being a guinea pig testing things out!
  3. Nice! Been meaning to give Blix & Chocolate Mine some play time but life has been interfering a lot lately.
  4. Not yet. I've been occasionally giving some oxygen to a GTK-based version of the LTO Flash! UI software (LUI) the past couple years. At present, it's got much of the core functionality needed to communicate with LTO Flash! implemented, with plenty of gaps in some of the more advanced UI features. LUI on Mac / Windows does have integration to support launching jzintv for ROMs tracked in the UI. The parts that are missing in the experimental GTK version are the settings and the UI to point LUI to your jzintv and "system" ROMs. The most recent updates to that branch of the code removed using gconf for settings storage.
  5. So... you're saying I need to find some time and actually populate the Bandai part of the site that's been empty for... forever? *sigh*
  6. Yep... I.I. box for Locomotion has yet to be found. Same for Word Fun. I.I. Word Fun manual is one of the very toughest to find. And how in the world could I forget I.I. Backgammon? SNAFU is another one - though it seems the cart / manual are easier to find than the box.
  7. No idea about values. As to "rarity" be cautious about the comments on the site - those may reflect the author's own opinion at the time of acquiring the variant. Super Series Big League Baseball (World Series Major League Baseball) is certainly really tough to get generally. Locomotion is tough, too. I'm sure the usual round of suspects will chime in soon enough. @JasonlikesINTV seeks the largest unique set of "double-labeled" carts - those white labels slapped over the originals @Humblejack has a great list of the white label variants and the website is probably still missing entries for some of them @cmart604 probably has all of them 12 times somewhere in his secret underground lair, if only he could find them @Rev has probably given away or tossed out hundreds of them, just to spite cmart @intellivotion @Spadafermo51 and @Intymike probably sent me scans 15 years ago that are still in the Outlook Express inbox on the machine I first used to start the website
  8. Sweet stuff! Prototypes for the Intellivoice? The main speech synthesis chip (SP-0256) is on each one of them. That reminds me of something...
  9. Weird. That looks like something in the guts of the Windows installer system complaining there. Some applications may have install phases that have to run when the system restarts and poke magic bits into the Windows Registry to do that... Or at least in the mid-late 90s installers used to do that sometimes.... Not sure about those details these days.
  10. … and here I thought you were going to say they'd be available … wait for it … In the spring. <rimshot/>
  11. Awesome that a 52'+ sign ships for free! Don't know about you, but that might not fit on an office shelf. Maybe designed specifically for @cmart604.
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