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  1. I had the Hover Force shirt. Sadly when I was moving one summer in college it went missing.
  2. Hey @Humblejack and @KylJoy - do you mind if I use images you posted here on my website? I'd be cropping them to show the most interesting bits.
  3. It'd be really cool for that (or a boxing game) to have players use _two_ controllers -- one in each hand -- to throw punches. Too gimmicky? Dunno, but it _would_ be pretty cool! (Who's been writing too much markdown recently? Yeah. This guy. )
  4. Close. Pistachio tort. Loved it ever since my great aunt made it for me as a wee lad.
  5. I've thought about what it would take to make a collection tracker for people to use for themselves based on my website. Then I realize I can't even keep up with simple content updates in the shrinking free time I have. 😕
  6. Happy Birthday! (And thanks! Though by birthday isn't today -- guess I should have been more clear. It happens to coincide with the Special Event coming soon! )
  7. You'll be happy to know the raphnet Adapters work fine on Macs, too. Just a couple months back was helping my brother get set up and tested these out. Hope nothing burins between macOS 10.13 and 10.15. 😛
  8. Some games also may indicate that they use the ECS. There is a behavior that such games launched from the GUI may enable the ECS key mapping. I don't recall the command line switch at the moment. In the LTO Flash GUI you can right click on the ROM and see what the command line is. That said you can switch key mappings using function keys. As mr_me says that info is in the jzintv.txt file.
  9. Hi @bslatky and welcome to our little corner of the web! I don't have any personal experience running OpenEMU, but I'm curious what version of jzIntv you're using. Just recently, a new release was announced, and is available here. You'll definitely want the 64-bit downloads, as newer Macs won't allow 32-bit apps to run any more. You may also need to get the appropriate version of SDL onto your system. As to why the ROM won't load in OpenEMU, a few questions come to mind... Generally, Intellivision ROMs are distributed in two formats (there are variations of them, and another out there, but let's set that aside). The two are .rom (a single-file format), and .bin format, which almost always also requires a companion .cfg file. (Other file extensions have been used in place of .bin as well.) So -- which format is that ROM in? Furthermore, Intellivision emulators require two "OS" ROMs as well -- delivered as EXEC.bin and GROM.bin. These can only be obtained legally by owning one of the various ROM collections sold by Blue Sky Rangers, Inc. (nee Intellivision Productions) - though *cough* *cough* there are places that have them for download. Some emulators include a public domain version of those two ROMs, which are incomplete reproductions. It's usually pretty obvious because the standard font in the traditional title screens will look different. If you attach a screen shot from OpenEMU it will be obvious if the "mini-EXEC" and "mini-GROM" are in use. Hope you find success in getting SuperChef BT going - it's a really fun expansion of the already incredible original.
  10. It works great, too! In fact, you an order an old Zune cable - they work perfectly.
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