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  1. I’m traveling and cannot easily try to replicate what you describe. Which platform are you using? Mac or Windows? There is an option to preview what will change that uses icons to show what will be added, removed, or changed. Additions show a green plus icon, removals show a red x, changes a yellow triangle. Recall that the cartridge can ‘remember’ where you started your last game from so when you start on the console you may be in a subdirectory, and the UI does not show that. Also when you connect the cart to the UI software it may show an icon if it recognizes differences between the cart and the UI. It depends on preferences that you can change. Also, the UI is not a “live” view of the cart. If you make changes from more than one computer then there will be “drift” between the computers. A photo and / or screen shot can help. PM me if that’s preferable. Please understand I’m traveling with intermittent connectivity.
  2. I’ll add that I too am using unmodded consoles.
  3. The best results I had were using a cheap TV Terminator from K-World back when Windows xp was new. I don’t think it’s supported or available any more. More recently i got a cheap USB stick that can do an ok job. Can’t get to the specifics at the moment but it was literally the cheapest one I could find. It has aliasing issues in some cases with games that flicker and is a royal pain to switch between PAL and NTSC. As the PAL units I have seen to have trouble on both the rigs I either have bad info on tuning frequencies or they’re not in the best shape. I also got a Hauppauge plugin card but unfortunately overlooked that it doesn’t have an RF input.
  4. W00t! Wonder if a win8.x update hosed something. The virtual machines I use when testing have so many variables I tend to lose track of when driver install is needed or not. Glad you stuck with it and got it working.
  5. As to software installation, the GUI software does not install any drivers, so it would not impact the ability of the machine to detect the COM port. Installing the FTDI driver might make a difference. Maybe an OS update changed something.
  6. To somewhat answer my own question.... Using the [ code ] [ / code ] tag does work. I guess then natural follow-up question is: Is there a simple way to see the supported tags?
  7. I was trying to use the 'Code' format block to just insert a block of text that was formatted that way. It always inserts at the top of the post. Am I doing something wrong? I was looking for the old 'BBEdit' style "low-level" editor mode but couldn't find it. (goes to see if there's another post about all the changes to the forum software...)
  8. In the RealTerm software, about the only thing I didn't circle was the 'Port' setting.... I.e. are there ports listed? If you then disconnect the cart (and restart RealTerm just to be sure), does that list of ports change? Also, after making the changes, you need to click the 'Change' button. I usually toggle the 'Open' button as well. About once a second, that 'LOCUTUS' beacon is sent. If the settings aren't right, then at best you might see 'LF' show up periodically. At worst you might not see anything. An even simpler test (should have thought of this first) is to open 'cmd.exe' (command prompt) and use the 'mode' command. WITHOUT the cart connected when you type 'mode' and then <enter> you see: Status for device CON: ---------------------- Lines: 300 Columns: 80 Keyboard rate: 31 Keyboard delay: 1 Code page: 437 WITH the cart connected the same command produces: Status for device COM5: ----------------------- Baud: 1200 Parity: None Data Bits: 7 Stop Bits: 1 Timeout: OFF XON/XOFF: OFF CTS handshaking: OFF DSR handshaking: OFF DSR sensitivity: OFF DTR circuit: ON RTS circuit: ON Status for device CON: ---------------------- Lines: 300 Columns: 80 Keyboard rate: 31 Keyboard delay: 1 Code page: 437 The exact settings don't really matter -- we're just interested in seeing that it's present as a COM port.
  9. If you have a separate program to independently check out your COM port, we can see if basic device communication works. I've used RealTerm ( https://realterm.sourceforge.io/ ) to do this kind of thing in the past. Below is a screen shot using RealTerm. In this case on the test machine the cart shows up as COM5. You have to configure the baud rate to 2000000, 8, N, 1, with hardware RTS/CTS control. Whenever the cart is connected and not busy, it broadcasts a 'beacon' as you see in the image below. Be sure not to have any programs running that may want to use the serial port if you run a test like this.
  10. Hmm.... Not sure if that's normal in Windows 8... If you right click on that USB Serial Port and look at Properties, do you see things like this? The first image is really basic. The 'Details' part is the trickier one. You'll need to poke around a bit to see that part. I'm on the road and can't access a Windows 8 setup to see if things are different, but if memory serves, the old fashioned Device Manager hasn't changed much even in Windows 10. If you have another program that lets you examine the serial ports on your system, it would be good to know if it can "see" the port. Just a wild question, but you don't have other programs running that might be using serial ports, do you?
  11. The link takes you to this page: https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm That page has numerous links to different drivers. Depending on if you're running 32-bit or 64-bit windows, there are different things you would download. There are various links there. Regarding the DeviceManager, I don't have access to Windows 8 right now, but here's a sample screen grab similar to what you might see -- you'll need to be sure you see a 'COM' in the name. I *think* it still looks that way in Windows 8. If it doesn't have a 'COMxxx' name then there's something else going on. Before we get too far in the weeds though ... Do you have your cart in the console at the same time? If so, you need to be sure the console is powered off when you want to add files.
  12. Have you checked Device Manager to see if your cart shows up as a COM (serial) port? It sounds like you’ve tried different USB cables but it can’t hurt to make sure the cable works for data transfer. Some cables only support charging. Have you tested the cable to be sure it supports data transfer like copying pictures from a phone?
  13. So that's actually on their site's main page? Cool! $DAY_JOB blocks that site - bad cert and possibly "offensive content". Because you know all the 9-year-olds we employ in the data mines may see a naughty word or something. :eyeroll:
  14. I can't recall if the prototype had the 'harvest the chainsaw teeth from the baby seals' mini-game that you played on the controller in it or not. Do you remember?
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