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  1. That's an awesome item to find in a lot by accident! But like cmart says, w/o the dust cover / box / manual it's hard to know what people are willing to pay.
  2. A couple of months back I was repairing an Intellivision that had a weird problem. It looked like this: <snark>Yeah, I see the problem! Donkey Kong?! WTF.</snark> The real issue turned out to be bad SRAM. Do you have an LTO Flash! cartridge? @intvnut helped me pin down the problem with a little test program that exercises the RAM and sure enough, it noticed a problem. As @mr_me indicated thought - there are several potential root causes. Ultimately the most reliable debugging of chips is to have a "known good" system and swap out parts. It's too bad that the Intellivision is a bit of a pain to open up and investigate.
  3. Still not a grid but here it goes: https://intvfunhouse.com/games/variants.php?show_images=on&page=1&perpage=100&part=overlay Individual game vendors usually have a grid page. It’s an area of the site I haven’t changed in a long time.
  4. Just think of the fun with the customs agents at the ports!
  5. @decle here on these very forums has written an emulator (that runs ON YOUR INTELLIVISION) for the RCA Studio II. I'm too lazy to find the awesome thread that covers it - but it's pretty amazing. There's a closer relationship between the Studio II and the original Intellivision than many may suspect. EDIT: OK, only too lazy to look up the link before posting. Here is the thread about the emulator.
  6. Thanks for the info! They looked intriguing but sad to hear they didn’t hit the sweet spot.
  7. I totally missed the reimagined Gen2 Astrosmash and Shark! Shark! that came out a few years ago. Did night stalker gen2 ever get released, and did these act as inspirations for these new versions wrt power ups, etc.?
  8. Cool. Do you have SNAFU? The “hissing” sound can cause interference, too. I’ve seen static appear when certain sounds play and the games I’ve mentioned do it most noticeably. RF modulators from Intv it: http://leftturnonly.info/rf_modulators.html
  9. If the issue is solely that connector and the integrity of the main outer shell isn’t compromised, it sure would be easier and cheaper to only replace the connector. The picture is clean otherwise? A game like Buzz Bombers or Astrosmash Has been known to show interference on the screen - at least in several cases I’ve seen. if you do end up replacing the entire Modulator be sure to get a good supply of desoldering braid if you don’t have access to a desoldering station. Those things used a lot of solder.
  10. Looks like you're in luck: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ASTEC-UM1285-8-VHF-Intercarrier-Vestigial-Sideband-Modulator/183862312802?epid=19035260679&hash=item2acf0c3f62:g:OdIAAOSwRjVdFAD~ intvnut may have some on his site still -- not sure. LMK if neither of those work out for you.
  11. I use one like this. In fact just back in December I replaced RF modulator on a 2609 and it worked beautifully. https://www.tequipment.net/WellerWES51.html?/?utm_content=weller wes51&utm_term=WES51&utm_campaign=Part Numbers&utm_source=Bing_Yahoo&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=e3f688b5a3bc16415c8fd69adeade450
  12. Which model of Intellivision are you repairing?
  13. Well PayPal says I bought something but haven’t received word from I.E. yet.
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