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  1. Occam's razor does indeed apply here! This appears to be an error in the database. It will be remedied shortly. Sorry about the snipe hunt!
  2. Gonna have to go dig in the stacks to see if I still have it... though my notes say the bottom flap has a sticker. @BSRSteve's image doesn't appear to be a sticker... … even harder to find? :gulp:
  3. Ah, the old KayBee. Bought a lot of stuff there. I remember they had stacks of Intellivision II, ECSs, and Synthesizers there and I always meant to get... But they disappeared before I got around to it.... The $1.99 and $2.99 bins of games burned up the pocket money I had in those days... I remember there was a deal - send in the bottom flaps from 5 games and you'd get 5 in the mail. IIRC, my Mind Strike from Kay Bee was an I.I. copy, and some of the games were international ones w/ other language manuals on the back.... Some were the French Canadian dual-language ones, since we were in the upper Midwest. Yeah, I 'member!
  4. I intend to get to this tonight. My schedule's been a bit hectic lately.
  5. To do this, you'll likely need to connect to the flashback over the network and copy the files - but whether that's possible or not depends on your flashback setup. Not sure if you can power it all off, take out the SD card and locate the ROMs on it from another computer.
  6. The UI supports .bin, .rom, and other formats. In the past, there have been times when, with file extensions hidden, it turns out people were trying to add .zip files rather than the .bin + .cfg files to their system. I'll contact you via PM. We'll figure this out.
  7. Always wondered what was up w/ those. Yet another subcollection! lol
  8. I think there was a discount for orders over $200 USD
  9. Hmm... Got order confirmation on 25 October 2020, but that's it. No other updates. No tracking number on the order history.
  10. I have no idea if mine has shipped or not lol! It's been that cray-cray.
  11. Would be cool if some physical Amico releases had some sort of Evercade-compatible version of the game... E.g. a physical release that had an Evercade cart that had a "classic" version of the game and the <whatever magic thing it is> that gets you the Amico release, too. If you don't have an Evercade, oh well - you still got a "feelie" release and the Amico game. If you DO have an Evercade, then bonus! You got a two-fer! Of course, that would put the onus on someone to make a "classic mode" version of the game I suppose.
  12. Hi... I think I have a few of the Intellivision ones... if only I could remember where now...
  13. I'm certain somewhere on this forum you can find a bunch of them. But, did you know that the manual reader on your cart does a pretty darn good job already, even without that? @intvnut did a stellar job on implementing a decent word-wrapping algorithm in the manual reader on the cart, so in a pinch, even a non-bespoke text version of the manual should display reasonably well.
  14. Yeah, that's unfortunate. Before "real life" threw a spanner in the spokes, I started a project intending to seamlessly integrate support for archive file types into the UI. It's still WIP and not ready for public consumption though. Most importantly: There are upper limits on the total number of folders supported on the cartridge file system. My recommendation is to organize your ROMs in some fashion, rather than every ROM in its own folder, which IIRC is what some ROM sites will ultimately produce when you unpack everything. Probably the most common organization method I've seen is via publisher, with Mattel often broken down into the classic "Game Networks" (Action, Space, etc.).
  15. I'll chime in to say that the BSR sets are absolutely a good purchase, too! At one point, I think they even had a page with the images expressly meant to download and print for yourself - just not for selling of course! That said, those are focused on the Flashback games. If you want other games you'll have to scrounge around to find them.
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