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  1. Wow! Just... Wow! Congratulations! I gave up on flea markets when I started having kids, and after finding nothing for years. Persistence pays off!
  2. Poor guy. Probably hungry and scared.
  3. Well, the KC does have a microphone. I may have … embellished a little bit of the rest there. But, _not a joke_ - I think the microphone was intended to be used to record your voice for the Conversational French to check pronunciation. The cassette supported four tracks - two digital, two audio, one read-only (digital and audio) one read/write (digital and audio).
  4. I think the Intelli-talk cassette was an expansion to Physical Conditioning cassette, and it used the KC microphone. When you combined that with your PlayCable unit and your KC, it all formed a primitive sort of Peloton setup, but for jumping jacks, pushups, and situps kind of activities. The trickiest part was that you had to manually sync up when you and your instructor started. That was one of the features the microphone was used for. Those Intellivision guys really thought of pretty much everything over 40 years ago!
  5. I agree. Looks like it could be an early test market version.
  6. I've known Hankster for 20 years or more. Always fair, fast, and honorable. The best!
  7. IIRC the Intellivision boots checking certain addresses in a certain order. I don't recall the exact order. Certain peripherals map to certain memory addresses IIRC. Poking through the jzintv source probably reveals all those "secrets". I think certain hardware like Keyboard Component and PlayCable map to some of those memory locations, establishing the order of precedence when multiple peripherals are connected together. Think of how a PC boots as an example. It's more advanced, because you can alter the order it checks. For example, in the olden days, a boot check sequence might have been: 5.25" floppy (A:) 3.5" floppy (B:) CD-ROM (D:) Hard Disk (C:) Network (some IP address or other identifier) That's kind of what happens when Intellivision boots.
  8. Yeah, it is simplest if they're already on disk in a way that matches how you'd like them on the cart.
  9. Vectron dedicated some of its ROM space to defining the graphics for the characters it wanted to draw. Tron Solar Sailer did that, too, and probably a couple other games. Many of the new homebrews do, too.
  10. The first concern is accessing the cart from your PC. Not sure how familiar you are with Windows 10. If need be, PM me. The short version is: Does a COM port appear in Device Manager when you plug the cartridge in? Double-check the cable supports data transfer - over the past few years, it's become alarmingly frequent that cables only support power, not data It also appears that more recent Windows 10 seems to require installing the FTDI serial port drivers - a link to their website is in the menu, or here - you probably would use the 64-bit Windows driver On the menu layout side... If your cart has ROMs on it, they got there somehow. You can rearrange your menu layout in the UI software. It's been a long-time regret (just look up this thread), but the Windows version does not support rearranging multiple items in the menu layout (right hand side) - you have to rearrange one at a time. The general approach is to create the folders in the UI, as @carlsson mentions, then drag the ROMs into the appropriate folder. When that's all done, connect the cart, click 'Send to LTO Flash!'. You won't need to reformat the entire cart. Since you set up the cart somehow, then it is easiest to do the menu rearrangement on the machine that you used to put the ROMs onto the cart, as that's a "known good". Feel free to contact me via PM and we can go over things in more detail as needed.
  11. Well I finally got around to opening mine! Do I get a prize? lol Question about this release: Are we supposed to get two copies of each of three different overlays, or one of each? Unless they are really stuck together, it appears the one I received has three overlays - I think each is different but will have to double-check.
  12. For quite a while you could get various games by special order from Radio Shack. IIRC many stores had a binder that listed inventory and you could try your luck. Not sure what places like Toys R Us and Kay Bee did. wow. Every single one of those places is gone now. Definitely feeling old.
  13. I have a couple of the blue ones. The brown one sure is classy!
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