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  1. I didn't know anyone got nasty about them. I do recall them getting messed up in the mail, and people wanting them for almost free. That's part of the catch 22 with Atari ere collecting. NES collectors are used to getting screwed but Atari collectors are used to the buddy system. Newbies then expect stuff for free as if it's just the norm. Off topic a bit but I sold an AV modded 2600 cheap on the forum here because I didn't need it and wanted to help a newbie get started. they never even posted feedback and probably just flipped it on ebay.
  2. Bought a few games from him. Prompt and careful shipping, no problems at all.
  3. I get that it won't be super simple but I seem to recall that up to a certain speed most CDroms were compatible with older computer systems. Maybe it was 4x. That was when the drives were harder to install software wise also. It seems more like a hardware issue. Like overclocking the CPU can be done pretty easily so can't you do something similar. Have the CD read at a higher speed and let the memory read be the bottle neck. Anyway, I admit it's probably much more difficult but in the days of people making combo systems, overclocking, adding different video formats etc I think the problem is more a lack of love for the Neo Geo Cd than anything else. Sorry for the off topic rant but the thread is winding down anyway, right?
  4. I still don't understand why that's not possible. Some posts on NeoGaf (I think that was the site) mentioned a mod using modern PC parts but the poster vanished. I don't see why it isn't possible though. It's a CD rom after all and the system can cache it faster hence the CDz. So in theory why can't you put a better reader in it. Something like an 8 speed CD rom system.
  5. mkiker2089


    I didn't realize Ghostbusters went for so much. I checked ebay prices and changed the offer. If anyone has a copy to sell and a copy of either Combat or Tank Plus I'm still looking. I know finding Combat should be easy. I'd rather do business here before resorting to ebay.
  6. mkiker2089


    I'm looking for someone who has a copy of Tank Plus and Ghostbusters. I don't care about the label condition since I'm going to put custom labels on them with a picture. If you have Ghostbusters and a worn copy of Combat that will do because I think the only difference is the label. The reason I'm trying to find them cheap is to keep shipping down. Both games are fairly common so I hate to order them online and pay more in shipping than what they are worth. Please remember that the label condition is not important. I don't want to destroy a mint copy just to slap my cheesy custom label on it. I know someone here must have both. I live in the 28081 zip code and will be paying via paypal. I'm thinking 15 dollars shipped would be fair but if my pricing is off let me know.
  7. It would be nice if you could pair with someone to offer a full controller. I realize the market might be small but Vectrex owners are generous and willing to collect things they don't really need. I'm dreaming of a controller like the Genesis pad but with the Vextrex joystick coming out, and a 4th button of course.
  8. I'm a little out of me experience here but you have 3 choices. 1 is original hardware specs and no one does this, probably can't. Then you have hardware emulation which is was the RVGS hinted at, then contradicted, then re-hinted. I would think this is some between hardware and software emulation. They haven't said that it will be a droid / linux OS. Mike was actually pretty big on not having a real OS at all, but he didn't seem to know what he was talking about. Is it possible that they are using a custom built emulator for Colleco games? Have they even promised it will play older games? The releases I've read have been very vague.
  9. Isn't the Retron 5 and Neo Geo X just emulation machines? As for the name, luckily name recognition is becoming less prevalent. We've gotten used to seeing Polaroid on so many strange things that many consumers know classic names often mean cheap crap that no real company wanted to be a party to. Of course there will always be suckers. I for one am still a little hopeful for them though. Perhaps that makes me the sucker.
  10. They can't close it as long as it's pledged, right? So when I see the money get real low I'll pledge 1 dollar just to keep it open.
  11. Don't scrape the games unless it's a last case scenario. There are options out there to mod both tyes of NES. I use a modded top loader but it's because I had the top loader. I got it new and kept it all these years. Modding them can be tough because the picture has to be adjusted to reduce jailbars. A cheaper option would be a 72 pin connector that doesn't bend. The ZIFF design is flawed. Blinking Light Win is a new mod that just got kickstarted but there are cheaper options.
  12. It seems like a lot of people don't understand how feedback works. Ebay rates people based on feedback, not transactions. Buyers who don't leave positive feedback are almost as bad as those who leave a lot of unwarranted negs and should also be blocked. Also, ebay sends automatic emails asking for feedback so many times the seller isn't even aware they are sent. I think can sellers can block their items from showing up on them, but I'm not sure. I personally wouldn't negative someone because the USPS crushed them. Games cartridges should be fine in a padded envelope and it's not their fault the item was crushed. If you get your money back you really have no need to neg. Beyond that, did you offer to pay extra for the box and postage? When you agreed to the auction terms you agreed to a set shipping method as well. Changing the terms should change the price as well.
  13. Does anyone know how to contact Vectrex Roli? He collects Lynx stuff for his channel.
  14. Forgive the self plug but I've decided to change the way I store my carts. I put this on ebay for only 5 bucks with free shipping. I'd like for it to go for a little more because I think I paid 30 for it. I've never even opened the shrink wrap and the box looks great I'm having trouble getting the ebay tags to work so I'll post the link also. Mods please fix this if you can figure out what I've done wrong http://www.ebay.com/itm/231539537615?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 231539537615 eBay Seller: guydaigochi
  15. Can we get a photo of the chrome style cart? Is it a regular cart from Kelly?
  16. I use a 9v DC power brick with mine. I was advised by people smarter than me that the AC bricks of the time were time bombs that waste power. Getting a modern switching DC brick saves money and the AC ones fail soon enough anyway. Since changing my system has worked fine. Most aftermarket bricks for the NES are DC also, for the same reason. Yes, they are interchangeable. The general rule is that most computer devices use DC inside since microchips almost always require that. This means the device at some point changes the AC to DC and also means that giving it DC sooner is safe. There may be exceptions but it's almost always correct with things like game consoles. I'm not sure why they gave them 9v AC bricks at all actually.
  17. Actually commercialization is a good point. If you make a game but don't sell it or profit in any way then it's hard to get actual damages. Damages are usually based on money that someone made by using the material. So if I paint custom Smurf ash trays and give them to people Peyo would have little precedence to go on regarding damages to the brand. I have the legal right to paint for my own use whatever I want to, the law just says I can't sell it. In the past people used trickery to get past this. The homebrew market in particular will say that you are paying for material costs only and since most games are flat rate based on chips they slide by. Others have been busted on that. There was a site (can't recall the name) that sold copyrighted DVD cover scans. They claimed the cost was to cover bandwidth but the higher courts were not too concerned and said all money regardless of expense counts as damages. What I'm saying in short is that the bounty hunter (let's stop calling them a lawyer as they aren't) has no legs to stand on in court. Then again we've already established that. Why people insist on poo-pooing in this thread I don't know. A man made a game for his own amusement and shared it for free. Legally speaking he's in the clear. If you feel he should have changed it then bite me.
  18. He's been added to the Hall of Shame and people have been warned off. I don't know why. I emailed him about a game and it took six months to get a response. I bought it elsewhere in the meantime.
  19. You could do SHARKtorNADO with the tor being real small. Or maybe label it like Shark torNado again with the tor being small print.
  20. Wasn't the Gemini built with easy to find parts from other common electronics items? That's what cost Atari the lawsuit against clone makers anyway. I'd think fixing a Gemini would then be easier that a real Atari. I'm no expert however.
  21. Since it's been resurrected, I'd also vote for the Gemini. We all love the Atari but to be fair the woodgrain one is too common. It's overdone. I'd get a Jr or Gemini if I didn't already have something better.
  22. I've played Veccy Bird and Creepy Bird (SNES) and both are good. Then again these games are more of a collection than something I'd play all the time. Veccy Bird is free (I think) so I have it on my flash cart and Creepy Bird was cheap enough. I may get the Atari version soon as well. I've been kind of holding off until Albert got the new molds and carts made but we don't know when that will be.
  23. I'd be in for a cart release. The carts are blue? That's interesting.
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