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  1. I have about a hundred (possibly more) of these instruction sheets for the 2600, left over from an old business. Would anyone want these? Maybe like, 50¢ a piece. I'll cross out the old business info. If not, in the recycling they go
  2. Removed the sold items and added a couple new things.
  3. Your possibility #2 is most accurate. I can tell you with certainty that's not a release cabinet, either Midway or bootleg Namco cut ties with Midway in '84, so Midway couldn't produce any more Pac-Man series games even if they wanted to. That marquee art looks like it came off an original cabaret/mini style cabinet, with the top and bottom bends shaved off and sandwiched into the generic marquee area, which definitely doesn't make sense for an actual release. Willis was a company that made 3rd party replacement art with alternate designs to avoid copyright issues, so that wouldn't make sense either I don't believe that cabinet was manufactured by Midway, but indeed it's probably a generic that operators could plug whatever JAMMA game boards they had into. (JAMMA is the wiring standard for most post-1985 games). I'm curious what board/wiring are inside it. Ms. Pac original boards don't have the JAMMA pinout, but some later bootlegs do. Edit: Dang it! Totally missed the guy above said exactly what I did.
  4. It's funny— I always felt that fast arcade Pac was way too easy with its predictable AI. Ms. Pac could go either way and be fair since it's harder. But Jr. Pac is so slow and big and difficult that the fast mod is practically a necessity.
  5. You have no idea how much this is appreciated. Thank you ☺️
  6. Added a VCS box, free just pay shipping. Will also be adding a couple more refurbed VCS systems in the coming week!
  7. Finally added photos of the 600XL. See, it exists!
  8. I want to give huge props to AtariAge for keeping the form fluid and updated with modern features. A huge and very nice contrast to a lot of the other communities I'm in... I'm looking at you, KLOV 😅

  9. I've owned probably around 12 VCS and this is the only one I've seen that had that specific case. Nonetheless it's not like I'm selling it as any kind of rare proto console or anything, just a cool note about it my bad! I went out of town last week and ended up not snapping a pic before I left. I'll update sometime in the next few days. I promise it exists LOL
  10. Well... I also listed a pristing 130XE for sale Just reversed in my head which one was actually new.
  11. A few things sold, and a few more controllers added
  12. As I'm in college and no longer have the time or space for all of these things, it's time to finally unload the majority of my collection Prices do not include shipping. Please PM with what you are interested in and your address. Hardware: Reconditioned 2600 4-switch #1: Clean inside and out, with shiny polished switches and repainted orange bezel. Has a replacement (4 foot) RF cable and replacement dust washers. Tested and works well. Console only, no cables/controller included. Asking $40 + s/h Reconditioned 2600 4-switch #2: Clean inside and out, with shiny polished switches and repainted orange bezel. Tested and works well. **The "Paddle A" pin in the second controller port is broken. Joysticks (and probably Driving controllers?) still work. Fun notes about this console: Store display 4-switch consoles had unique chrome switches. The Game Select switch on this console was transplanted from one of these display models. Also has an NOS replacement TV Type switch. Console only, no cables/controller included. Asking $40 + s/h 1030 Modem: I can't test this, but it seems to be in good shape. Unfortunately has a silver Atari logo painted on top. Asking $30 + s/h. Games: Almost all have had their contacts cleaned. Prices negotiable if you buy several. 2600 and 7800 carts: All are clean and in good condition. Prices as follows: Porky's - $10 Cookie Monster Munch - $6 Sorcerer's Apprentice - $15 Combat - $2 Choplifter - $6 Moon Patrol - $6 Stargate - $6 Phoenix - $6 Joust - $6 Crystal Castles - $6 Pac-Man - $4 Dodge 'Em - $6 Combat - $2 Tele-Games 4 Pinball - $6 Tele-Games 27 Target Fun - $6 Take all the above for $60 PAL 2600 carts: All are clean and in good condition. These are PAL games, for non-NTSC systems! Asking $10 each. Missile Command, Combat, Pac-Man. NES carts: Roger Rabbit - $4 Wheel of Fortune - $4 Top Gun - $4 Baseball Simulator 1000 - $4 Ice Hockey - $4 Tiger Heli - $4 Mach Rider - $4 Gyromite (five screw) - $4 Take all the above for $25 Metroid (mint condition, with sleeve) - $17 Genesis carts: Ghostbusters - Cartridge and case, no manual. The paper insert has an unfortunate section (1" x 1") cut out of the back. $50 Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II - Complete with manual, case, cartridge in great shape. $20 Sonic Spinball - $6 Game Gear carts: World Series Baseball - $5 Shinobi (in plastic case and bag) - $17 Controllers: Flashback 2 controller: Missing the rubber base thing but works. Asking $5. Suncom Mothership Controller Enhancer: This is an arcade stick that you slide an NES controller into. It's weird, but works! Asking $8. Genesis 3-button controller: I lost the pic for this but it works and is in decent shape. Asking $7. Still available The Boneyard Odds and ends that have piled up. Would prefer you take these things along with a regular item, but it's not the end of the world Pinball for the TRS-80. Asking $5. Genesis Games: FREE, just pay shipping. Please take these off my hands NCAA Football, Summer Challenge, World Cup USA '94 CX-40 casing: No internals. Asking $6. CX-40 PCBs: The switches seem clicky enough. Untested. Asking $4 each or take all for $16. 7800 Pro Controller Buttons: No picture but have the L and R buttons for a 7800 Pro Controller. One is missing the middle pin that the spring fits around. Free, just pay shipping. RF Switch Boxes: Untested. Free, just pay shipping. The one on the right has been claimed, other two still available. Sega Genesis power supply MK-213: Untested. I think this is for a model 2? Asking $5. Sonic The Hedgehog instruction manual. Good condition. Asking $3. Sold! Fat blob creature who kept getting in my way taking photos. Good condition. $Priceless.
  13. Thanks guys Turns out I'm a dummy who remembered wrong. It isn't the 130XE that's new, it's a 600XL. Goes to show I shouldn't post at 1AM without thinking LOL I'm guessing that changes things. 600XLs seem to be worth a bit more from sold listings on eBay, does that sound accurate? Do they have the same potential keyboard membrane issues? A bit hesitant to unwrap it given how long it's been sealed and its historical value.
  14. Hey guys, I've had an 130XE laying around years that I presume is new. It doesn't have the box, but has the lower styrofoam insert and everything that goes in it. Including a flawless system still in the factory bag and tape, power cable, video cable, modulator, and I believe also the manual. Could anyone let me know what this might be worth? I'll try and snap some pics soon.
  15. I've got a few incomplete 2600s I started restoring over the years and never finished. Would like to finally complete em and pass em on to people who can enjoy them So as the title says... I need at least one RF cable for 2600 (with that short end that plugs into the RF modulator). Thanks!
  16. Whoops... Didn't mean to disappear from AA for over a year again 😅

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      Glad you're ok...  Happy New Year!

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      Time flies when you're having fun!

  17. JrPac

    Baby Pac-Man

    I haven't been this excited for a homebrew in years! Glad to see you're still at it PMP (and great work Kurt!)
  18. Joined the boards as a ten year old, now in my second year of college. How time flies.

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      Sheldon Cooper graduated from college at the age of 14. :)

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      Time flies like the wind...

      Fruit flies like bananas.

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      Ha! Pretty Funny DZ-Jay! And definitely Time Flies! And seems to go quicker as ya get older (Just like everyone says ;)

  19. Although I am not very active here any more, I thought I'd share this. Over the past few years, I have been working on recreating a full cabinet of the mysterious prototype Crazy Otto, reverse-engineering Ms. Pac-Man code as well as designing a full set of artwork. Essentially, it's a recreation of what Crazy Otto would have been if it had come to market. I was recruited to give a presentation at the California Extreme Arcade & Pinball convention regarding my classic games collecting and Crazy Otto, also paired up with one of the original programmers: Steve Golson. The game was out on the show floor for all to play. AtariAge gets a mention The local newspaper has done an article on the subject as well, http://www.goldenstatenewspapers.com/tracy_press/teen-builds-lost-video-game/article_34affc3e-2c0f-11e5-9b09-8fb35dd3931f.html And even VICE wrote an article on preservation of classic games. I'm in the second half. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/passing-the-arcade-torch Pretty exciting
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