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  1. He is long gone,along with a couple guys here that defended his actions up to their last posts. Thankfully,on the last part meaning the couples guys that are gone. The lack of refunds is of course inexcusable.
  2. I am really neutral on whatever happens as far as what games we choose or 1 per week or even the overlapping game system is good. I would like to start after New Years so everyone is more focused and available to play. Heck,afterall that's only a couple weeks away!
  3. I finished the game,I am guessing I put in between 15-20 hours of time to do it. It takes a great game to get my attention and interest for that long. I hope someday there is a sequel made for this,thanks to all for the excellent experience! 👍
  4. I couldn't agree with you more! I purchased the neo geo Christmas mini last year,and I love it. It looks fantastic on my big screen,certainly not as blurry or whatever people were complaining about..it looks great to me.👍
  5. Downloaded,play tested and loved the demo! Glad the app is up,very exciting times these are for a long time intellivision fan!😀
  6. Whatever you gotta do,health family etc.as you know always come first! I hope all is well,best wishes to you!👍
  7. Like this controller? Nurmix sold this to me 3 years ago at PRGE,a controller where you can run and fire at the same time! Oh yeah,and he is working with Amico so hopefully they implement the run and shoot simultaneously ability with their controllers. 😀👍 **** please note I have not tested this controller or removed it from the package!😄
  8. Super Impulse has listed two more of each micro arcade and mini tabletop arcade games on their website. The hard part is finding who has them for purchase!
  9. Sure,but before most people get the game? Everyone waited almost a year for the surprise and you couldn't wait a couple weeks?
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