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  1. I like the darker one,though I am an Intellivision guy. I still dont own an Atari 7800,though I should by now!
  2. When you find out the Pandemic is over then you can find out for sure. I can only tell you that your vacation is in 2022.
  3. Great post Papy! Agreed on all of this.👍
  4. I liked your joke,it wasnt wasted on everybody! 👍
  5. This is an eye opener and a shock for me,as I know you have been a very positive and supportive person in Tommy's Amico thread for a long time. Knowing that you have a lot of business experience and I have zero with running or starting a company,I will continue to pay very close attention on what happens going forward. With that being said as I have preordered 2 Founders editions,$200. dollars for my deposits is still a small amount of money to hold my place in line regardless if the system is a success or not. I imagine even if the system never sees the light of day,which I still believe it will,my deposits will still be refunded regardless.
  6. Happy Trails to me! I really need to get better than 10k before I quit on this one. Accidentally loaded the picture twice. I better stay away from technology and stick to retro video games. 8,994
  7. Nah,I'm not selling anything. That's just a trick I use so other people will sell their stuff. But you are right,C-mart will probably beat me to buying it all anyway! 😄 (Sorry C-mart,your collecting over the years makes you an easy joke target).
  8. Let's see if it sells for that price. It will make me start wondering if it's time to start selling stuff off, if it does!😮
  9. Just a joke my friend,that's it!😄
  10. I think Ataribill has 1 and so does Humblejack. Scalpel has 2 and C-mart has 3. That's all to be known in existence.
  11. Is Slappy Marsden known as CurlyQ also? He makes great stuff!👍
  12. I had an Intellivision friend from Washington state ask me how many of the Amico games will be one player because he will be playing his Amico by himself mostly. He preordered a Founders edition. I probably missed the info here,but I was hoping Intellivision Master orTommy could answer that again? Thank you for any help! 👍
  13. Yeah,the system is an easy choice for me just because of the little Skiing footage I have seen. Skiing has always been a top 5 Intellivision game for me, and always been a favorite with all my friends throughout the years!
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