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  1. Great news. I will buy two either in Portland if I make it,or whenever they are available after that. Looks outstanding! 🙂
  2. You have me stumped on this. I am looking through logos of all the Atari vector games with no luck. I am also looking at pictures of a bunch of other games too,nothing yet. keep me posted,kinda fun trying to figure it out!
  3. Thats a nice display,be proud of it! I need to do something like that with mine,thanks for the inspiration!😀
  4. I am purchasing all 6 available roms and a friend of mine is going to order a couple also. Thank you Elektronite,all these games look great!🙂
  5. I like your entire response to the 125 status,everything was summed up by you very well.🙂
  6. I actually may end up loving that idea.....I will know when I get home later and test all the helpful hints.
  7. I will try that too,with my handy diagnostic cart spudger!😃
  8. Ok thanks for the info M-crew,I will try that!
  9. I felt like I am going to crack the cart or system trying to get it in.Rev,were you serious about trying sandpaper?
  10. I found the shell for this game does not fit in an Intellivision 2. Has anyone else noticed this,and is it ok in an Intellivision 1 system?
  11. All said,collecting is for fun and this will make collecting for the Intellivision fun for a lot more people. And help some complete there collection which for many was probably not going to happen! Therefore it is a good thing.😊
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