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  1. These look incredible,best Intellivision boxes ever! Glossy on the outside and inside with nice extra touches like a hologram on the back cover and the Intellivision Revolution insignia on the inside cover. Box art is very retro 80s Intellivision style. Whoever purchased these is going to be very happy because the games are awesome too!!👍
  2. These awesome looking games showed up at my house today! The boxes are top rate gatefold boxes that are glossy on the outside and the inside. The artwork on the boxes has a 1980s Intellivision and retro style look which is fantastic. I also like the nice extra touchs of the Intellivision Revolution logo printed on the inside color and the little hologram sticker on the back cover of the box that says genuine. Very cool!👍 Seeing Intellivania and playing it on the Intellivision was almost too good to be true or believe. Wow!!! Loved the fluid controls for that as well as on HELI and.....that's all I am going to say as I dont want to spoil anything for anyone. 😄 The Pacman coasters in the picture were not included with the games,but I do want to share the inspirational words on my mouse pad with everyone. Enjoy the games!
  3. If you haven't already,check out Good Deal Games as well. They may have a couple homebrews you missed out on. If I think of anywhere else,I will let you know!
  4. Oh wow,after Jason was kind enough to post the Intellivision Revolution link I realized you may not have even have known of the websites existence because you haven't been collecting for so long. Was that the case?
  5. I have been playing Fantasy Puzzle like crazy and I took pictures on different game levels-Tortoise,Hare and free play of my high scores. I was under the impression there may be some sort of competition coming up,or is it ok for me to just post pictures of my scores and see how they stack up(Ha! Ha!) against other scores. Tanuki,what do you say?🤔
  6. That's really cool,thank you for sharing that with everyone!👍
  7. I really like this message,because that is how I feel. Though I will probably never win a single game competition,its so much fun playing different forgotten games and even surprising myself with a score I didnt think I would reach. All of that makes the HSC fun and fulfilling enough for me!👍😊
  8. I am glad I held off on those until now, because I promised back in November that I would order my future cartridges from Songbird as my US Evercade cartridge supplier. Thank you!👍
  9. I may do better later.....I think this game is fun and challenging.
  10. Its funny,I noticed all the dog references. I have 3 cats,have always owned cats,and if the family intellivision shirts had a cat on them I would already own one. But instead it had the much preferred family pet,a dog on it. Which of course is perfect for dog owners!😺
  11. Level 3 x 10,000 + 6,900=36,900. Fun game,those devils with the pitchforks are super fast and really come after you!!!
  12. I am looking forward to both games! Heman I never really ever played until the last HSC,and I discovered I love it. Great game! Zaxxon I loved in the 80s in the Arcade and on Colecovision. I must have hated the Coleco conversion to the Intellivision because I dont even remember ever playing it. So,now is my chance!👍 Thanks guys!!!
  13. Welcome to the forum! ,sir! No,you haven't missed anything yet.😊
  14. There sure appears to be a recurring theme where you have met various guys in multiple cities in underground parking structures. What exactly does this mean? Wait,I just realized the first time I met you was in a Casino,those are pretty shady too!!!😄
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