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  1. Cool sign! Thanks for returning to the scene with your excellent quality craftsmanship. Looking forward to this one and any future sign products you make.👍😊
  2. I played all 4 games for a while yesterday and had the most fun with the Football challenge. Thanks for bringing this forgotten game to my attention.
  3. I am going to play this today and take the football challenge! 😀
  4. Shark Shark! 2,coming soon too!👍😀
  5. Man,for $30. That's a great pickup I actually like the picture for the games on my big screen just fine. Plenty of great games on the machine at that price!👍 Great price on the micro arcades too. I just purchased the new 3 series 3 games and spent $60. If I could wait.....
  6. You guys keep choosing games I am bad at! That pretty much excludes any game if I have a say..... Carry on.
  7. I hope I win a glacier white system,it will go well with the 2 woodgrain FE and my purple Gamestop exclusive one I preordered. 1 for each TV in my house!
  8. It's only for those that purchased merchandise from their store and then that golden ticket was entered in the raffle,not for a system purchase.
  9. I am in for couple,I love all the previous signs you made. It's great for everyone to have you back,you are a huge asset to the Intellivision collecting community. The wall of signs in your picture looks great too! Thank you.👍😊
  10. Maybe that's why we are choosing and voting between the games Tommy posted in here?
  11. On an intellivision collectible related note,a friend of mine is making an INTV mirror-sign that he has posted in the Atariage Intellivision forum. Please check it out! He has made other great signs for the Intellivision folks in the past,and I just asked if he could possibly make a running man version in the same style. Fingers crossed for that!🤞😀
  12. The Super Impuse website has a picture of an Oregon Bound micro arcade coming to us sometime. When? I dont know.🤔
  13. Well, at least you know the tracking works and where your package ended up.😄
  14. Boy,that statement sure covers a lot of real territory. Oh sorry,you were just referring to the video game.
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