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  1. Rev,I hope you and Artrag continue to work together in the future to produce more great,quality games for us. Thank you both!👍😃
  2. Exactly my thoughts! Thanks for writing all that for me!😄👍
  3. I cant watch that video,it makes me feel like a collecting slacker and wanna be.
  4. Dr. Ports,when do some of these games set sail for arrival at our home destinations?
  5. I hope Sega does announce a Saturn and Dreamcast mini units. It's a great way to play a bunch of games for systems I didnt collect for. Like my Neo-geo and Turbo grafx minis. Same idea!👍
  6. Therefore,all luck may be deserved as well! My glass half full rather than half empty view....👍
  7. That is freakin' amazing!😮 Incredible collecting work,congratulations!👍
  8. You may end up being a very valuable source and distribution center for a lot of great Intellivision related things,I hope! Thank you for your time and effort,much appreciated.👍😊
  9. You just posted this and didnt even talk about the games.😄 Just pointing out and agreeing that's how far off topic it has become here. Sorry,back to the games!👍
  10. I love puzzle games and this one looks fun! Keep up the great work.👍
  11. I would never use this info to scam anyone,but if I can make a couple extra bucks.... Joking of course!
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