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  1. I have been an avid mini arcade supporter from the Arcade Classics,My Arcade,New Wave Toys,Tiny Arcade etc. I have reached the overload point especially with the very basic game selections such as repeated Pacman,Dig Dug and Pong. This one and the fact Arcade Classics just released their 4th Pacman version has put a solid "no" into my mini collecting vocabulary. Just too late to the party,for me at least.
  2. Only if you have nothing better to do with $30.k. I have that same game shrinkwrapped and in the same condition I am sure,but not graded. I cant imagine mine being worth more than $200. US Dollars,just as a guess.
  3. Sorry Mark, my apologies for the confusion,definitely not intentional. 👍
  4. These were all made for the Intellivision. Now I am looking forward to playing them Amico style!👍😃
  5. That's what I was trying to say,thanks.
  6. I only thought they said the 3rd edition was the same as the 2nd edition,which was a smaller box version of the original one,which is in the big box. Whew!!!
  7. I recieved my Maria 3rd edition today. It is really cool because the box is a different size than a regular Intellivision game and much different than the 1st and second edition. So I wanted to post a couple pictures. I generally dont collect variants,but I am glad I purchased the 2 different versions of this game. Thanks Cote Gamers,high grade given for originality.👍😊
  8. I mentioned your offer,which is beyond generous to one of the Virtual Expo organizers and hopefully someone sends you a message. I am only a visitor and attendee of the event so from myself,I thank you!
  9. I only meant being shut down in regards to having a specific Virtual Expo Intellivision shirt and hat. Like I said it's all good and I understand the reasoning. Thanks Tommy!👍
  10. I was just pointing out how unfortunate it is that we,the small fish who are all backers,supporters and lovers of the Intellivision/Amico brand are being shut down. As stated,the shirt and hat made for the Intellivision virtual Expo were made as non profit items just to add to the fun of the Expo. As guys who just collect,play and follow the Intellivision as hobbyists for 40 years and 20 years here on Atariage its unfortunate. From a business perspective we understand your position completely. As you mentioned it's a necessary evil and something that needs to be done as part of the bigger picture. It's all good,no worries!😊
  11. They sold out of the 500 limited edition beat up and cigarette burned editions of Asteroids in 2 days. Apparently lots of people want those,I am glad I passed!
  12. Yes,there are some companies out there that are trying to reach a much larger audience of Intellivision merchandise purchasers than say,20 guys who have followed the Intellivision for 40 years who just want a specific shirt and hat to enjoy with a tiny virtual expo. And,as an Amico investor and supporter who has already committed $1200. to that endeavor it kinda sucks for us major intellivision enthusiasts to be singled out as copyright violators. It is what it is I suppose.
  13. I love puzzle games,and I also enjoy all the extras you folks include as well. Ordered,thank you very much Tanuki!👍😃
  14. I actually liked the blue trim look but the machine wear and cigarette burns look were a no go for me. Even though I was a smoker back in the 80's I personally would have NEVER put a burning cigarette on a nice arcade machine. I do collect and like the New Wave Toys machines so I ordered the regular,new non damaged version. Asteroids is a game i never played much because it was frustrating to me and quarters were limited when I was a kid,so I played a lot of Pacman and Space Invaders. The battle worn version is numbered and limited to 500 numbered units and is almost sold out,go figure!. It wouldn't have looked good next to my other units because I like to keep my stuff in collector shape. At least now I will have a machine I can play and practice Asteroids on for hours and hopefully enjoy and get good at the game.
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