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  1. Do you still happen to have a couple homebrew games in the works to be released at a future date? That would be super cool! 👍
  2. Great pickup on that,I almost went for it because I have wanted to upgrade my reasonably crummy boxed Turbo for years. Well done!👍
  3. I think its wonderful that Elektronite is going to include CDs with some of their games. That's awesome!!!👍
  4. That's great! I really want those Kai boxes!!!👍
  5. What a great game is right!!!👍 Both those hits,the grand slam and walk off single were both with two outs.
  6. Great list,I would only swap out Asteroids for Baseball for mine.⚾️👍
  7. How much are you asking for this item?
  8. That's what I thought,you cant possibly stop at just owning the systems! I ordered 3 Amicos so I am on the hook myself and on purpose.👍
  9. I see you being an Amico physical media collector in the future..... I am probably going to be as well!
  10. Which brings up the question,what will you or are you collecting next? Maybe the Evercade and its cartridges or the Amico and whatever form of boxed physical media they have for that? Somehow,someway you gotta finish that Wii collection. I think that would be an outstanding feat for sure! And even though I know the value of my stuff has mostly gone up significantly in the last 20 years,that's not why I collect either. Its the joy of playing the games,appreciating all the artwork and design, and video games are just plain cool in general to me.
  11. I did not know that,though I should of by now! Thanks for the help.👍 I am going to be on board for this mini system for certain,though I probably wont buy a couple of hundred dollars worth of accessories for it. But it looks great and I love my Astro City mini as well as my Replicades from New Wave Toys,SNES and NES mini etc. Now is not the time for me to stop collecting! 😄 I will keep an eye out here to find out when a preorder is happening.
  12. Your recession comment is interesting, because it made me realize it depends on where anyone is at as far as collecting status. Do you have more things you already own that you would like to go up in value,or are there still more items you are seeking to purchase that you want to go down in price first? For me personally I am more done collecting already than actively seeking to add more stuff. I now want to see things go up in price and value!😄 It's an interesting topic that would make it's own great thread to see which side of collecting anyone is at right now in their lives.
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