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    Music mostly. I've enjoyed working of a few game releases. With one success down. Piggy Bank. Always looking for people to partner with. I've got 900 common Intellivision carts to use for games. LOL
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  1. I was a young father at the time. I had two young boys. My mom worked for GTE/Lenkurt in San Carlos California. She got a GTE/Sylvania for Christmas in, it think 1980. They were offering a generous discount to employees. She kept it at her house for the grandkids...so she was assured frequent visits. I could not afford one at that time but about 9 months later we got one for our house. Ours was a standard Mattel unit. It is one of my oldest son's best childhood memories. Sometime around 2008 he started collecting games...now we do it together. We have a pretty damn good collection at this point. So that GTE/Sylvania morhped into something special for us. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums
  2. The Cuttle Cart worked fine. Yes a bit archaic in the software but it always worked. LTO is more modern and offers up great features as well, both me and my son have one. As to the Cuttle Cart - It's a good trade...
  3. I will also trade a NIB LTO flash for Cuttle Cart. :-)
  4. Very cool!!! Never seen this. It a company VideoPlexor.
  5. Thanks for this. I messaged through your website.
  6. Copies would be great to have! Are you going to Ebay the lot or sell here on AA? Consider me interested.
  7. Collection starts on page 29 and then goes on a while... https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page29
  8. I would be interested in one if you choose to sell...
  9. From Houston...it could have been from Spring? More software just showed up in Texas too...
  10. Not sure. I am guessing more PlayCables than KC's. I don't have a PlayCable...maybe CMart will trade me one for my second set of Tapes. :-)
  11. Just let me know the serial number...if it matches...we'll talk. I won't give it back but we'll talk.
  12. My goal is to have it working...I won't know until I get home. I'm on a road trip...
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