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    Music mostly. I've enjoyed working of a few game releases. With one success down. Piggy Bank. Always looking for people to partner with. I've got 900 common Intellivision carts to use for games. LOL
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  1. The first one we got was early on. Fellow AA member Lathelost the bid on it due to a "Snipe" malfunction and after a quick meeting in the Garage at PRGE I passed it on to him. (Ok that is not how it happened!) Two years later we found the other one...and now the CIB with the Cover. It only took 7 years to get this. LOL
  2. So this arrived today from a Buy It Now listing... We had one CIS (Complete in Styrofoam) now we have a genuine CIB! We will be posting for sale or offering our first one for Trade soon...
  3. If you have stuff to trade I do have a nice (non-reproduction) LF 2 Box.
  4. Take two - Amon the road will order and pay tonight.🙏
  5. Still looking to finish off my sealed Sears set. I have all of the more common ones sealed.
  6. Trying to order two of each but can't get the website to work. Granted I've been under mandatory fire evacuation for 11 days so I may not be functioning well. - Oh wait... I found it. It was just not a click add to cart kinda thing.... Never-mind! Sigh
  7. Hummer, having trouble. I want two. It might be a Safari issue.
  8. So much violence. Why can't we all just get along! :-)
  9. Buck Rodgers and the Planet of Zoom is nearing Completion. Not on the list but a cool retro-arcade classic.
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