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    Music mostly. I've enjoyed working of a few game releases. With one success down. Piggy Bank. Always looking for people to partner with. I've got 900 common Intellivision carts to use for games. LOL
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  1. Plus it was pressed upside-down so it is even more rare!
  2. $119 cost? PayPal fees, listing fees, Ebay fee. $150 seems like a reasonable ask.
  3. All of the above. I'm a guilty man! I am already thickening my skin for my next game releases.
  4. If there is anything I have learned, it is not to let the outrage of this forum beat you down too much. Shit happens. I personally have bigger things to worry about.
  5. I ordered one. I plan to leave it sealed in the box and sell it on eBay in 20 years for $300.00 and make a buck.
  6. He is selling a shrink wrap machine too. So watch out for "sealed" items.
  7. Joel, what you got to trade? We may have had this discussion before. LOL
  8. Sorry, sort of. I didn't know who was bidding. It was actually my son who picked it up. I have an extra Sears CIB if you don't have one.
  9. Yeah, the Naked PlayCable just was over the top. What I would have paid was likely over the top. LOL In the end we get what we get and the most cash takes it.
  10. I'm not a cheap collector but $2500 for an un-boxed Playcable with just one bit having started at $1000 is foolish or bogus. As to the $500+ dollars for Ghost Busters... a brand new release... there are times when I freakin' hate this hobby.
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