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    Music mostly. I've enjoyed working of a few game releases. With one success down. Piggy Bank. Always looking for people to partner with. I've got 900 common Intellivision carts to use for games. LOL
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  1. No, you save the misprints and sell them for $25 as a rare misprint.
  2. Will trade a CIB Sears Supervideo Arcade Replacement Controller for a CIB Wico Command Controller for Intellivision. Complete in box only.
  3. I could not find these on the website to order.
  4. Contact Rev on this board he may have more.
  5. I may have one with jacked controller disks from someone using Skil Six and breaking them off. LOL Let me pull it out. Message me if you want. It may even have a box with matching serial numbers...
  6. Rev has some on eBay right now. I believe all 5 sets.
  7. Understood, but with copyrights the situation is similar. If you open up "unsolicited" material or ideas of inventions or improvements to patents you own. the risk of litigation is increased. So if you were working on a feature already and someone sends you that "idea" it could be an issue in their mind that you stole the idea.. That is all I'm was saying.
  8. This has been a music industry standard for a long time. You never open an unsolicited demo. That is the doorway to a lawsuit of someone saying "I sent in that idea, it's "my song"...it would be the same way with a game concept or scenario.
  9. LMAO - My reputation follows me where ever I go...
  10. If I bring the gummy's that I use, I will be very popular. :-)
  11. Sto solo tenendo la bocca chiusa, quindi le mosche non entreranno.
  12. But then someone will release the cart, someone else a box...then overlays...then instructions by someone else. sigh
  13. It is Quilted Mahogany from "The Tree" as it is call in the luthier world. Mostly used in the custom guitar wood it is so rare. It is dense and sounds like Brazilian Rosewood in an acoustic guitar. I just happen to have a large stash of this stuff. Only one Mahogany tree was ever found with this figure. It was a mutant, much like me.
  14. Maybe we can use the rarest wood in the world for a "real" wood grain?
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