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    Music mostly. I've enjoyed working of a few game releases. With one success down. Piggy Bank. Always looking for people to partner with. I've got 900 common Intellivision carts to use for games. LOL
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    More like currently testing hardware for PRGE...and soon some game testing.
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  1. So much violence. Why can't we all just get along! :-)
  2. Buck Rodgers and the Planet of Zoom is nearing Completion. Not on the list but a cool retro-arcade classic.
  3. No but carts can be found...
  4. Kind of both...I see stuff and ask questions...it was not advertised for sale anywhere.
  5. Nice pick up of this baby...a nice box upgrade from average to NEW. It seems I have a my other LF 2 box available for a trade now. n
  6. If we didn't have two of the first addition we might have gotten the Second. I agree making releases different can annoy some of us who battle with CCD (Complete Collection Disorder).
  7. I have to say the Happy Trails is a very addictive game! I don't think people give it enough love.
  8. I know, I would have paid that...I just did not want to chum the water beforehand. You got a good deal.
  9. Of course. I should have put a snipe on it. LOL I got busy.
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