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  1. I'm in. I'll review the thread to order...I missed the last board only upgrade...
  2. Never seen one of these before. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Intellivision-Konsole-mit-RGB-und-Stereo-Umbau-im-Holzdesign-HDMI-Scaler/254237816522?hash=item3b31c136ca:g:2MsAAOSwyhVfUS6J
  3. Got notice mine would ship today... YAY!
  4. Which Version of 4-Tris. I am interested in that as well.
  5. Oh man. I'll miss those debilitating "negotiations" in the parking garage with Lathe and CMart! But it gives my body another year to heal!
  6. Good to know that, thanks! I wasn't sure when they arrived! We have Nova Blast NIB with white tray as well.
  7. Anyone know which Imagic games were released in White (Not Black) plastic trays inside the box? I have 3 Shrink-wrapped. 1) Demon Attack 2) Atlantis 3) Beauty and the Beast. 4) Nova Blast (Just found this it the Intellivision vault! I need to look at stuff more often.) I have two Demon Attack (NIB) in white trays, if someone wants to trade for one I don't have.
  8. Yes and Activision towards the end did not Shrink-wrap. Our personal criteria for INTV games sealed. is that while they were not sealed...some stores did shrink-wrap to avoid little bastards that would take the cart out of the box and pocket them...So I have may shrink-wrapped with Toys R Us stickers and a few other stores as well. Nice Ideas games were shrink-wrapped as were Interplay, Atari, Imagic and and Parker Brothers. Parker Brothers had at least one hang tag release of Q*Bert that was not shrink-wrapped. There could be others I have not seen. Congo Bongo (Sega) was not. Coleco were not but CBS "Coleco" games in Europe were. I don't think Digiplay versions were but that is a Rabbit Hole I climbed out of once...
  9. Now that we are almost done with domestic releases and variants we are on to the Foreign Games. Right now we are at about 120 sealed foreign games....and growing by 3 or 4 a week it seems.
  10. Nice...Sealed is a horrid affliction...which my son and I suffer from as well. Condolences!
  11. Very basic thermal printer. Not good for much but it did work. They may still work if you can find rolls of thermal paper...anything printed in 1983 on it is bound to be unreadable now...they notoriously fade.
  12. I saw that and hesitated...now gone. Oh well...
  13. New study say's bees love Hemp and Cannabis! We all need to start growing and save the bees.
  14. Anything involving Rev and Nude will lead to something other than "tasteful"!
  15. Thank you. I am very happy to hear the games/software will work without internet hook up and doesn't need a server someone else controls to play. Thank you for the clarification! Go Amico!
  16. It the console becomes worthless because you can't play the games without Intellivision Servers gatekeeping them, that sucks.
  17. I'll see what I have...I have some systems that need parting out. They are in storage however....along with 1000 cart only commons. LOL
  18. Selling one of our Compro Videoplexers for Intellivision. You don't see them come up too often. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Compro-Videoplexer-for-Intellivision-8-Cart-Selector-M800-Tested/324439724458?hash=item4b8a1d51aa:g:8YQAAOSwSdFf66J0
  19. So cool. This is a hole I have just stepped into! Not sure where it is going to take me. LOL
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