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  1. No but carts can be found...
  2. Kind of both...I see stuff and ask questions...it was not advertised for sale anywhere.
  3. Nice pick up of this baby...a nice box upgrade from average to NEW. It seems I have a my other LF 2 box available for a trade now. n
  4. If we didn't have two of the first addition we might have gotten the Second. I agree making releases different can annoy some of us who battle with CCD (Complete Collection Disorder).
  5. I have to say the Happy Trails is a very addictive game! I don't think people give it enough love.
  6. I know, I would have paid that...I just did not want to chum the water beforehand. You got a good deal.
  7. Of course. I should have put a snipe on it. LOL I got busy.
  8. Nice to have friends in other countries!
  9. Good to know. I'm not sure they ever did ship to the US from personal experience. :-)
  10. Yes it is just a storage box. Just odd. I do love a few of the Intellivision boxes from Brazil. I have had bad luck with dealing with Brazil both buying and selling.
  11. Weird to get out of North American/Euro Intellivision search routine sometimes. I was just checking for some ShockVision stuff and found this? https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1168626415-caixa-vazia-para-console-intellivision-de-madeira-mdf-_JM?quantity=1#position=4&type=item&tracking_id=8c898f9e-e92f-4c5e-99ac-85f1033ef99d
  12. Or a Backgammon! We are serious slackers. I do have to say that Backgammon is clean though. LOL
  13. OK we only took photos of our sealed Sears games. Most of what we are showing are NIB or Shrink-wrapped. We have decided to fill the Sears section with photos of all of them. Thanks for pointing that out. We have over 2500 photos in the library. LOL
  14. Yes I did. Don't know where they are. I'll check... that Buck Rogers may be useful sometime. LOL Damn. Now we have to dig.
  15. I'll check. We have two copies of Sears Checkers. So if anyone needs one...
  16. Thought I'd share our collection after a major reorganization. My son and I have been 125 Platinum for years...however we keep going down upgrade rabbit holes and variants. "The Wavier Wire" are things available to trade only. We don't want to sell those. We may have other games we don't consider part of our collection...I hope you enjoy. https://www.flickr.com/photos/13839114@N00/albums/with/72157714428838177
  17. I would pay well for a CBS Turbo shrink-wrapped! Any version.
  18. Actually against Ebay policy to sell these...
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